how will you be recording this year

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  • @wrenarcher  7 weeks

    Well, over the past couple of years or so, I have managed to cobble together some gear that actually seems to be working. Still having a little trouble getting rid of a little background noise and hiss. I think it might be dirty electricity but I am no sound engineer at all so this is me just guessing.

    And one of the buttons on my little mixer acts up now and again but for the most part it seems like this set up might actually work.

    Behold!... my FAWM 2021 set up! Ironically, my tablet is nowhere to be seen in this photo... weird huh. However my beer and popcorn made it in. This sometimes helps in the recording process.

    So how about you? What kind of rig will you be using this year? A giant 48 track mixing board in an isolation booth? Maybe keeping things real and doing lo-fi recording on an old cassette recorder?

  • @elesimo  7 weeks

    I'm using a Tascam Model 12 to record. It's a fantastic interface/mixer with 12 inputs, and I can record each track separately into my DAW or to an SD card.

    And I finally got a nice microphone! After many years with a cheap $10 clone of the SM57 I decided to spend some money and I bought a SM7B. I still have a lot to improve on my vocals, but it's been such a difference!

  • @tseaver  7 weeks

    Beer and popcorn definitely work for me. 😀

    Funny you should ask! I just did a census and figured out that I need to replace strings on fourteen instruments (various electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, tenor and five string banjo, baritone uke, and an electric bass)! I've got extra sets for almost all of them, but that is a solid day's work sometime before February.

    My studio is built around a four-year old mini-tower running UbuntuStudio 20.04, Ardour, and Harrison Mixbus32C.

    I record into that machine through a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 I got used three years back, with an external preamp and cheap-but-nice hardware compressor.

    I bang on an M-Audio Axiom 49 keyboard, mostly into various Pianoteq instruments, as well as some orchestral sample libraries I have added this year (Spitfire's LABS, BBCSO, and Originals, along with the VirtualPlayingOrchestra).

  • @tseaver  7 weeks

    (dodged the 1000 character limit bullet, there...)

    My main mics are a Golden Age ribbon mike, a Shure KSM-32, and a Shure SM57 w/ an inline preamp (which I pop out for high SPL, not that I can crank anything up in here).

    I've got an old Fender Bassman 60 amp and a Peavey Classic 30: both are too loud to use unless wife and daughter aren't home. So, I probably end up playing electric guitar parts in via DI and then slapping effects and amps on them in software.

    I have (but can't really play well) a snare drum, a hihat, a set of bongos, claves, a cowbell, a guiro, a DIY guira (from a pineapple can and a steel hair rake), and various shakers and tambourines. Likewise for the can't-really-play list, I have soprano, alto, and tenor recorders.

  • @steffan  7 weeks

    This will be my fourth year in a little corner suite of an old motel turned storage facility. I use a Presonus Quantum into Logic Pro.

  • @judypie  7 weeks

    Beer and popcorn yas! 😁 Just an iPad with garage band on for me but my partner did buy me a ‘home studio’ for my bday last year so for the first time I have an actual microphone rather than just my Apple earbuds with inline mic! Looking forward to figuring it all out and playing with it 😀

  • @timfatchen  7 weeks

    [double entry. how does one do that?]

  • @timfatchen  7 weeks

    The live recording bit, ignoring instruments and midi controllers, patches, DAW rendering etc.

    Thinkcentre 8GB (old) with M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card (older) also an Audigy card (older still) and occasionally the M-audio 2496s also resident in my usual MIDI controller and second MIDI keyboard.

    I record in Stereo only, with instrument and vocal sound through a Behringer Xenyx 1202 mixer. But all keyboards also record MIDI direct to the computer (through Notation Composer because I work with notated music usually). So if all else fails, as it does, I still have the MIDI recording, as you do.

    Guitars are direct injection into the mixer usually, maybe with a looper or pedal in circuit.

    Vocals: my go to mic is the sturdy, inexpensive and under-rated Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 dynamic. But it doesn;t work well with recorders, tin whistles etc and i was told to use condenser mics there.

    So for wind and acoustic (tam, drum) I bought a BM800 condenser at -$3.20 to try out. yes, that is a minus sign and the decimal point is in the right place--I was buying a throwaway mic to see whether the IDEA of a condenser worked with my tin whistles etc, so i bought a package where the gear included was worth more (if bought individually) than the total price. The mic turns out to be so good I bought a second kit. But that's for non-vocal stuff 'cos as a condenser it picks up EVERYTHING including hungry stomach noises.

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    Audio interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
    Studio One is my DAW
    I picked up a Strymon Iridium earlier this year for recording electric guitar

  • @judypie  7 weeks

    And what’s behind the curtain @oddbod ?!

  • @helenseviltwin  7 weeks

    The room that is usually my studio is currently my gf's work from home office, so we're sharing that. Fortunately, I do most of my music on a Macbook and have a secondary midi controller keyboard so I can do some stuff downstairs too. I have a Behringer cheapo audio interface, and also a Scarlett bigger fancier audio interface which is much less portable.

  • @celineellis  7 weeks

    @helenseviltwin same - my studio has been commandeered to work from home and home school 😁 but we have come to an arrangement regarding the dining room table during Feb!

  • @kanttila  7 weeks

    Yee ol' Kanttila room. I just put my laptop on that table or on the floor when I play drums and move my Blue Yeti around. My guitar amps are on the other side here. My set up is very simple. Note the ever important Salmiakki Ruutu in the basket.

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    @judypie my collection of drag queen outfits 😉

    It's just an old duvet hung up to try deaden the room's reverb but I'm not convinced it actually works

  • @wrenarcher  7 weeks

    *blink blink blink blink*
    Sooooo... wow! Y'all have some pretty involved looking gear. I am REALLY impressed by everyone and feeling equally, if not exponentially inadequate. I mean I'm using decorative pillows as sound dampener's. 😁

    So Helen (@helenseviltwin) and Celine (@celineellis) brought up something that I haven't quite thought all the way through which is space... particularly in these times of more people at home, more often.

    I'm really envious of @steffan's setup and @elesimo I saw the photo of your setup on instagram... super jealous.

    So, this has me thinking I should probably work out my recording space dilemma.

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    @steffan is that a pink trombone?

    .....or are you just glad to see me?

  • @mdavisto  7 weeks

    This is where I heal my hurts.

  • @vomvorton  7 weeks

    Something like this...

    Doubling as home office at the moment though, only one of the laptops gets used when I'm actually recording!

  • @ustaknow 7 weeks

    @wrenarcher - hello, welcome, as what your labeled here on FAWM, "Fawmling", - first timer.

    Me, I have always been able to have a guitar at work, - since, well, I..., so I can. That's changed over time with different jobs, work, but hey, -- lunch time, being in a "tech" lab of sorts and etc., who'd care. No one does. And, so, just to do it that way.

    So, one year I was "anti-tech" (ironic), and only did cellphone recordings, only. Then, sent to soundcloud direct, and then imported to Audacity as I could, if even did.

    I only record, even today, to "remember" the song, not a "Recording" artist, just like to have a "book" of stuff for whatever. It's just something I do. Sometimes, it's public domain (pub dom) "re-writes" of various.

    I can pretty much have any equipment I'd want, or anyone might 😀 but, -- I seek that $10 bottle of wine that beats the $50+, and just drives me. That challenge. Anyone can buy a $3000 guitar, so what.

    I've shifted from various powered mics to only SM57 or a very nice clone Amazon sells for ~$14 ish 😀 hahhh. That tech is pretty much robbed and deployed in any mic in any price range it seems.

    So, to wrap this up, - to be quick about what I do, in context, and now pretty much how I record is to, -- just hit record, write and use the first-pass, one-take (it got ez after so many years, to let go...) and then uber-dub the same and it is what it is. I like the "feel" of that and got good at chunking out gaps, "fishing" and etc. It's a waste of time for me to do more than one take, unless done differently.

    2 SM57's to Yamaha MG10 to USBDualPre by ART to Unix-Laptop to Audacity only, no plug'ins, only manual mixing, or as per native features. (To many buttons send me into a trance and then, never get to "work".) And, a long time ago, I loved the big tape stuff anyway... so, why change now, without it 😀 hahhh!

  • @rshakesp  7 weeks

    Last year - my iPhone, over the air - sing and play guitar and upload - thinking of being more ambitious this year I have a Zoom R24 which is an inexpensive portable studio that allows me to capture up to 8 inputs simultaneously - then I can drop the time coded files onto ProTools which I use as a DAW for mixing, adding keys and fx. I have Ozone for mastering. I might use my guest room this Feb as a temporary studio as I’m not having any guests (lockdown)

  • @zecoop  7 weeks

    I record in the basement bedroom that I claimed as a studio and filled up with guitars, basses, keyboards and other musical fun. I also *kinda-sorta* claim the guest bedroom during February to stack up all my guitar amps and run cables down the hall to play into and mic them (Yes Mrs ZeCoop, there is still a path to get to the bed if guests actually come over!). I use Reaper as my DAW and a Tascam US-1800 interface into my 11 year old computer. I also have my old Ludwig drumset in the unfinished basement with another US-1800 interface that I run into a laptop to record any drum parts that are needed.

    I love to make lots of noise. 😉

  • @rshakesp  7 weeks

    Oh and mics I use a variety- SM57s, sM58beta, rode NT1, rode m5 stereo pair and an old but lovely audio technics MB4000c

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    @mdavisto my, what a lot of screens you have

    @vomvorton I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with plugs, leads and wires getting out of control 😀

  • @chipwithrow  7 weeks

    I'm glad I saw this thread - a reminder to check and make sure all my old gear still works! (It does.)
    Old computer, old version of Mixcraft, and an old man using it.

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    I'm also on the lo-fi side of things using in my computer/guitar room office Garageband and a Blue Yeti USB condenser mic. Sometimes I record a scratch track with the phone.

  • @vomvorton  7 weeks

    @oddbod if I take a picture mid-Feb I'm sure it'll make this look like the tidiest, un-wiriest room in the world!

  • @bradbrubaker  7 weeks

    Nothing too fancy over here: a Zoom H-2 through Garageband.

  • @pipewrench67  7 weeks

    My inability to make notions coalesce will have me, once again, recording with a slipshod patchwork of USB mics, small interfaces (Itchycoo Park) and random samples gathered over the last couple of years. I will try to incorporate as much live playing as I can. Must work in conjuring ability.

  • @bokonon 7 weeks

    Finally have a working setup for the first time since FAWM 2015(!) Behringer umc404hd interface and Studio 1 and mostly an SM57 but I just ordered an audio-technica AT2035 from Thomann so I'm excited to try that on vox and amps and acoustic guitar if it arrives before Feb (thanks Brexit/Covid).

  • @gubna 7 weeks

    I usually do multiple things, but all ending up in the DAW for editing.

    Phone seems to get used even if I try not too.

    Last year I recorded something thru an old rotary phone with a mic on it. Called myself from the other end of the house. It was just words, but maybe I’ll use that method to sing some.

    Also, use a zoom, and cassette recorders.

    This year I’m going to do multi tracking with the cassette recorder. It’s just the basic single tape/single head Walkman variety. This will require laying down a track, dropping it into the DAW, then using headphones to listen while I record the next layer, then drop that into the DAW, and repeat as needed. Likely will keep it minimal, 2 guitar tracks, 2 vocal .

    It may just end up with too much tape hiss, but it’s an experiment, and I encourage anyone else to use it if interested.

    I will also be using as many instruments as I have on one piece, even if it’s totally minimal - just to do it! Perhaps I’ll put a different gui

  • @mdavisto  7 weeks

    @oddbod All the better to see ... err ... things with.

  • @mdavisto  7 weeks

    @oddbod also, my what a lot of keys you have.

  • @nerdjealous  7 weeks

    Minimalist setup (for the most part) here. I've got minimal space so I have a guitarlele, two dictaphone recorders, an ancient intel laptop,. I have a junior mini drumkit somewhere and a bass ukulele too, but I rarely use them. Tend to do one takes and edit if any needs doing in wav file importable flstudio or audacity. Generally use the effects within FL and that does me fine. This time I'm hoping to make more digital music so will be utilizing FL more, and maybe music2000 for the PlayStation. Tbh I'm not a producer I just mess about and make Cr*p art so theres more emphasis on the recording than after effects and editing. I'm thinking I might update my laptop this year and get something slightly newer 😁

  • @jamkar  7 weeks

    Ooo! Just saw this. May be time to upgrade Reaper!

  • @dragondreams  7 weeks

    My usual, ancient 64-bit Windows 7 PC with 8Gb RAM and an AMD 2.51GHz processor running a licensed copy of Reaper. Soundcard is an M-Audio Delta 2496. My studio is a converted bedroom (and the smallest room in the house) but is kitted out with an array of mics into a 20 channel mixer running direct to the soundcard. There's also a selection of custom-built valve amps for the guitars and basses, with a combination of DI into cabinet emulators and live mics in front of either a 2x10 or a 4x12 speaker cabinet, depending on my mood.

  • @stephenwordsmith  7 weeks

    Via a series of collaborators.

  • @steffan  7 weeks

    @stephenwordsmith Outsourcing! It allows us to leverage the unique talents of our global partnerships while keeping our operations nimble and lean!

    (Sorry, I've been working on my resume for the first time in a 10 years.)

  • @steffan  7 weeks

    I'd like to temper the intimidation and inadequacy that some newbies might be feeling looking at these monster setups.

    The law of diminishing returns applies tenfold to recording. My first FAWM was in 2008 and I did the whole damn thing with a single microphone and a mackie mixer in my bedroom. The amount that my recordings have improved after 12 years of practice and too much money spent is embarrassing small.

    Also - this community is lovely. Zero judgement. The criticism is only ever constructive. Everyone just wants to see everyone make art.

    And besides, it's a songwriting challenge, not a song recording challenge.

  • @rshakesp  7 weeks

    @Steffan - I think that makes you a producer?

  • @stephenwordsmith  7 weeks

    @steffan : To be nimble and lean is an asset if you are part of an agile team with a scrum master.

    We're talking about rugby, right?

  • @candle  7 weeks

    I'll be doing my normal M.O. (well, normal is relative, right?). It does keep evolving as I find new toys or new Buzz Machines get released, but I'm essentially doing the same thing I've always done: hit record, start playing, stop playing, hit stop - all with minimal thought before & during.

    The setup as it stands right now (again, always open for evolution): Strat -> DigiTech Grunge Pedal -> Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface -> Jeskola Buzz (DAW) -> my "Live" Buzz Project (I should screen capture that again this year, might help others - or confuse them more). Buzz is being controlled by my FCB-1010 MIDI Footcontroller & my KAwai MS-710 MIDI Keyboard & Concertmate-500 (a Casio SK-1 clone) occationally make appearances.

    Yeah, I should make a graphic/screen capture…

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @dreamscuba  7 weeks

    Some great looking creative spaces here.
    @oddbod nice-looking tele, looking forward to hearing it.
    I will be recording in my home office, where I have spent the last 9 months almost night and day. My home office space is a bit cramped and I have to be careful not to bang my axes on my desk.
    I have had to replace my notebook as my old one wore out.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  7 weeks

    @candle yes you should grab a screen capture. I haven't messed with buzz much since 50/90 but I did learn more deconstructing that track you sent than anything else. It looks more daunting than it is, though it does have limitless potential to be as complex as you want to make it.

    Some electronic drums that are new since 50/90. Then just same cheap mixer/cheap interface/cheap mics/lots of pedals/guitars/amps of various sorts. More than I'm using to having in one location at a time, some of my favorite fawm output has been with just a beat up acoustic and a handheld recorder. We'll see how it goes.

  • @jamkar  7 weeks

    OK technical specs on the hardware. Audio Technica 2020 Cardioid condenser mike., Focusrite 2i2 audio to USB interface, 15 year old Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop with Windows 7, and 32 bit AMD CPU.
    Sennheiser HD 280 mixing headphones. Rockville Studio monitor.

  • @standup  7 weeks

    I'm in the basement of our house, with a lot of gear. I'm an old guy, I've been accumulating crap for years.

    Guitar amps, mics, MOTU recording interface, my wife's drumkit. All in one place. Guitars and basses. Ready to go for FAWM.

  • @airbagtester  7 weeks

    I am going to send all my song ideas telepathically to my cat.
    The cat will render an interpretation at night, when everyone is trying to sleep. If the cat bothers to record any of it, I will ask it to upload it here!

  • @elainedimasi  7 weeks

    I was in the basement of the house, with decades accumulated gear. Now I'm in a 760 square foot apartment, with a keyboard on a stand right alongside my bed and my computer and interface and speakers stacked up on a metro shelf beside them. My DAW is new - I am a Pro Tools girl - but as for that, I agree with the "don't make FAWM look overwhelming" attitude, and I'll use very few of the available things in the FAWM timeframe. You'll hear singing and in most cases, all I'll have time for is to use my digital piano or the synths that come packaged with the DAW; or, you'll hear my ideas handed over to collaborators who can really play their instruments! The DAW is really the instrument I'm most comfortable playing.

  • @candle  7 weeks

    @airbagtester , you will be continuing the long tradition of Cat-Core during FAWM (started by @mojo (RIP) ). I look forward to hearing what your cat might record.

    @dzdandcunfsd & anyone else who is interested, here are some aforementioned diagrams/screenshots:

    A diagram of my hardware signal flow terminating in Jeskola Buzz.

    A screenshot of my current "Live" Jeskola Buzz Project. Signal flows from the Inputs on the top left hand side, through the first Patchbay (8x8); which can then be routed ina variety of ways through the various effects chains (Signal Paths 0-5). These feeds can be mixed with either HG Fortune's Astral Dreamer VSTi (Signal Path 6) &/or HG Fortune's Percumat 2 Drum Machine VSTi. They all get mixed in the Main Mixer which than sends the summed signal through Rymix's 3D Box (a surround sound panning machine that I should use more). This then gets sent to the loopers (either Mobius or Elottronix XL depending on what is selected with that Patchbay) before finally passing through the Mastering Chain & onto Sgorpi's Mulit Track Recorder (marked as M - MTW in the project) & the Master Machine that sends the signal back to the soundcard. It looks complex, but it really is a logical chain, all controlled by my FCB-1010 Foot Controller.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @mdavisto  7 weeks

    @nerdjealous FL is the biz, I've been using it since it was a drumbox called Fruity Loops.

    Its Parametric EQ2 plugin in superb, I use it both as a corrective and as an effect, and I have a convoluted setup in Patcher that lets me use it as a ring killer too, eliminating mic feedback.

    The EQUO plugin is indispensable in my mastering chain. It's got an Analyse function that listens to your track, and then generates an inverse EQ curve that, if applied, would level all the frequencies to a flat line. You then apply just a tiny bit of that curve as an overall corrective, nudging the mix in the right direction. So useful!

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    @dreamscuba Cheers. It's a custom shop and rather than an original 60s Tele (you need a lot of bucks for those) but still a great guitar.

  • @sw1n3flu  7 weeks

    Every year I see this... and say that... pumped up by the excitement of Jan (think: whole MONTH before Xmas vibes)... then do mainly one take improvs and the occasional GarageBand recording. So that's my default... let's see whether I diverge this year?! Whatever happens some songs are always better than none. Happy Fawming everyone!!

  • @w1n  7 weeks

    I have little setup at home for programming and editing. And I share a studio space with some equipment hoarding friends filled with lots of instruments and gear.
    I mainly use Ableton Live and Focusrite soundcards with some 1073 preamps and UA1176 comps.
    Shure SM7B and U87 clone for vocals. Shure SM757, Cascade Fathead Ribbons and modded Oktava MK12 for instruments.
    There is an ok collection of various guitars, basses, drum kits, synths and keyboards in the studio. There's also a lot of other stuff like drum machines, omnichords, theremin, bouzouki, zithers, autoharps, electric sitar, woodwinds, recorders, musical saws and percussion.
    We have several amps but I will probably mostly use a DI and plugins instead.

    While having access to a lot of gear is nice and all, I often feel that during FAWM it can become a distraction where I end up spending more time searching for the "right" sound when I instead just should move on and concentrate on writing and finishing more songs.

  • @atitlan  7 weeks

    For me, other than vocals, all sounds are 'in-the-box'. I record into Presonus Studio One and rely on a battery of VSTs as sound generators. These days I tend to lean heavily on the Arturia collection, but as a past Reason user I can also use the Reason Rack and its selection of synths to offer something a bit different.

    Drum sounds tend to be BFD3 (acoustic) or UVI BeatBox Anthology (drum machines) or just random percussive samples pretending to be drums.

  • @metalfoot  7 weeks

    My recording process will probably be a hybrid. My family doesn't really like it if I take over the livingroom (hello, Brown Couch!) for too long. So I record skirmishes and such minimally-- usually 1-take guitar-and-vocals into the Blue Yeti USB mic, into Audacity (but I'm going to give Reaper a go this year).
    I do have a USB interface and some nicer mics that I can set up for recording and also a 25-key MIDI controller that I really want to learn to use this year. So we'll see. I'm not a producer, though; I'm a singer.

  • @tjeff  7 weeks

    My studio workspace: most of the time record with Cubase, occasionally direct to phone or Ipad.

  • @bitshred  7 weeks

    I'm recording in the corner of an unfinished basement. Using Logic Pro X, and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8.

  • @tawny249  7 weeks

    I bought a real mic!!!'s a budget real mic, but it's a real mic! It is the Samson GO Mic, which is a USB portable mic that actually makes decent recordings. Small, unobtrusive, easy, and not 400 dollars. 😁

  • @jamkar  7 weeks

    @tawny249 I used a Samson for many years, and was always happy with it. I played a little rough though, and then it quit.

  • @tseaver  7 weeks

    @tawny249 I have some Samson mics I still use, even with others at hand: their "bass drum" mic actually sounds better to my ears than the "big name" ones I've since sold, and I use a pair of their small-diaphragm condensers every time I get the urge to record in stereo (once in a blue moon, at this point).

  • @wrenarcher  7 weeks

    Wow!... congrats @tawny249
    I know that feeling when you get yourself a "real" mic. A few years ago I saved my pennies and bought an analog condenser mic. Like yours, a budget mic but still!... a real mic!

    Good for you!

    p.s. LOVE seeing everyone's recording spaces. Really fun to put a profile pic to the recording place.

  • @tseaver  7 weeks

    @wrenarcher Funny you should ask about our setups. In spite of the elaborate inventory I listed above, I will likely actually use one mic (Golden Age ribbon mic), one preamp (Golden Age Pre 73), and one channel of my Scarlett 18i20 to record 99% of all the "organic" tracks for FAWM.

    The external preamp is mostly a vanity / convenience: that mic sounds fine through the interface preamps. I could easily do the whole month with only a Scarlett Solo or 2i2 interface and the one mic (which could equally well be a Shure SM57): everything else is just to let me leave stuff set up between takes.

  • @sw1n3flu  7 weeks

    @tseaver I have the 2i2 - its so versatile for FAWM..... have toyed with more complex kit for years, but I guess in reality most of the time I won't use it anyway!

  • @sw1n3flu  7 weeks

    PS my recording space/office/bedroom is a bomb site. No way I'm taking a photo for now...

  • @tseaver  7 weeks

    From the perspective of an I've-only-been-doing-this-for-three-years n00b:

    The *song* is everything: if you need to sacrifice any production-related bits (bass line, drum kit, guitars, keyboards, whatever) to make the lyrics and music clear, do so *ruthlessly*, without a backward glance (Persephone loses because she dithers).

    All the other crap (multi-tracks, mixing, whatever) only matters if it helps get you into the space where you are inspired to write a great tune, fitting great lyrics.

  • @sph  7 weeks

    I have a Focusrite 18i6 but use it like a 2i2. DAW is Studio One. Mics used will be Aston Origin and a pair of Rode NT5.
    When playing electric guitar I mostly went via a HK RedBox DI in lack of an amp. Bass goes direct into the Focusrite.

  • @spikedirection  7 weeks

    Not sure tbh. Lack of money coupled with a penchant for garage rock means I usually record in manners that would upset most of you 😂
    I have just put in a bid for a couple four track tape decks with minor faults so I can actually afford them. Man, people like me have made those things waaay overpriced.

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    @spikedirection just checked Ebay and woah, those 4 tracks go for far more money than I would have thought possible

  • @w1n  7 weeks

    Finally managed to understood how to add images to forum posts
    This is my room in the studio space, right now we're in a temporary location, an old closed down nursing home. I must admit I was a bit freaked out in the beginning to sit and work in a room where people have died...

  • @sw1n3flu  7 weeks

    Looks awesome (and very organised) @w1n !!!

  • @w1n  7 weeks

    Thanks @sw1n3flu , at least try to keep things organized. Luckily we have a big storage room to hide all the mess.

  • @sw1n3flu  7 weeks


  • @bitshred  7 weeks

    @sph are you plugging your bass right into the 1/4" "instrument" jack of the 2i2? I was doing that for years into my focusrites. but recently plugged into a passive DI first, then XLR to XLR into focusrite, and the difference was night and day, to my ears.

  • @north  7 weeks

    I have a simple setup at home, recording with some mics into sc and daw. Everything set up and ready, so no obstacles. Looking forward to February this year..

  • @bootlegger 7 weeks

    I'm gonna strip back a little this year after some overzealousness the last couple years production wise and focus mainly on songwriting and arrangement. i'm technically doing 2 projects for FAWM so no less ambitious just a slightly different angle.

    I've managed to be able to set up a nice booth with hung blankets to my sides in my office space in my home that serves as a nice backdrop for vocals and acoustic recording. Any electric I might choose to do will be direct in using my pedalboard through my Strymon Iridium for amp tones which I'm a big fan of.
    Everything will go through Presonus Studio One for mixing and my quick/drity masters.

  • @sph  7 weeks

    @bitshred I also have a bass amp with a DI out that I use sometimes. One bass also has a build-in DI. But since FAWM is about composing I often use the 1/4 instrument jack, set to instrument and press record.
    Maybe it's time to invest in some helper devices that are easy to use...

  • @dasbinky  7 weeks

    I have tried minimalism and it just doesn't work for me, so I have embraced maximalism, which may not be a thing.

    My first pandemic project was to build a new custom recording PC from scratch, so now I can run 300 plug-ins on a song and it still plays. I also decided to go legit after a decade of piracy, so now I actually own those 300 plug-ins and Izotope has all of my stimulus money.

    I've got a dedicated studio room with lots of soundproofing and whatnot, including multi-mic live drum setup, and I run Ableton Live though a Scarlett 18i20. Midi through a Axiom 61. Working on setting up all my DAW template shortcuts this month so workflows move fast.

    Lots of guitars sitting around that need new strings, though I've abandoned traditional amps and use my Line6 X3 and HD500X for everything, or record direct and use NI Guitar Rig.

    This mostly supports a series of songs with three chords in them, and sounds absolutely no better than recording into your iPhone. I just love gear.

  • @atitlan  7 weeks

    @dasbinky Maximalism may, or may not, be a thing - wall of sound most definitely is ...

  • @yam655  7 weeks

    All you fancy people with dedicated space and separate rooms and bedrooms. I'm a single parent to two kids and live in a two-bedroom apartment. The bedrooms belong to the kids when they're here. The upstairs neighbor is more noisy this year than in some of my earlier years.

    My usual approach is to grab my H1 and step in to another room -- bathroom if that's all that's available. This year, I'm not sure where my H1 ran off to. I'm not going to fret too much, as I picked up a lapel mic a little while back and I'll just use that.

    My first FAWM was all recorded in to my phone. My normal process is just my voice, my H1, and maybe some plugins in my DAW.

    A few years back I did a 50 track "Not Crapcapella" thing where the goal was to have some sort of instrumental backing for everything. I still don't actually play any instruments, but I think this year may be more like that than some of my others.

    I do _own_ instruments. I just don't know how to play them (yet).

  • @wistah  7 weeks

    I moved to a new house. I will be using a Behringer X18 as an audio interface and an old Mac Mini with Reaper as my DAW. I wish to upgrade both, but plan on waiting until Presonus thunderbolt 3 interfaces play well with Apple silicon. Or I may just switch to Windows.

  • @spikedirection  7 weeks

    @yam655 thats my kinda guy right here!

  • @lute4life  5 weeks

    I'm trying to figure out how to set my equip up for the best workflow. I have gotten into the habit of using voice memos on my iPhone 8. But I was planning on using a beat buddy for drums, possibly a trio pedal, and my guitar and keyboard as well as a mic. I have a used Zoom H4N that I just got, I should be able to multi track on that, or I can just plug in to my macbook. Im trying to figure it out now.

  • @tawalker 5 weeks

    Our Mac is out of action with (I think) a failing or failed HD, so for the first album of my new musical project, I want to record the songs on my TASCAM DP-006 Pocketstudio, and do track-bounces and mixes directly on the machine, and then "mastering" these mixes. (I'm going for an "early Iron & Wine/Elliott Smith" approach here.)

    I can see myself recording 2-3 guitar/ukulele/mandolin parts (then bouncing them down to stereo track 1); harmony vocals (bouncing to stereo track 2), then leaving the two freed mono tracks for lead vocal and lead or other instrument. I think this is how Iron & Wine did things on "The Creek Drank The Cradle", which is a huge favourite album of mine 😀

    However, I may decide to record the FAWM demos (which I hope will produce songs for the album above) even more simply - possibly just instrument/voice direct to stereo - and record them "properly" on the DP-006 later when time is less constrained. If I do, I'll probably use my iPhone 11 and Line6 Sonic Port VX, and maybe run the results through Grand Finale on the iPhone.

  • @jwhanberry  5 weeks

    I'm finally going to retire my 15 yo 😝 machine. Can't update software and it only has 3gb memory. Still works fine but just obsolete. Got all the parts for the new one. Just have to put it together and get it running by next week.
    Let's see if I can make the picture work.

  • @jwhanberry  5 weeks

    @dasbinky we should compare maximalist notes. 😉

  • @phlex 5 weeks

    I have a couple 500 series lunchbox (Aphex 500 USB) thingys - each loaded with 4 preamps (mostly Neve flavoured, but also pair of SSL). they're hooked up via USB2 to a 2013 MacBook running Logic 10.5!

  • @kissinginpublic  5 weeks

    I use Logic. I just got my Korg Minilogue interfaced with it properly using the open source Ctrlr plugin so I can send midi from and too and tweak/save all settings from a VST. I’m looking forward to getting more real analogue sounds on the go this year.

  • @gm7  5 weeks

    I am retired and finally have the space and time to create some music in my basement studio...ya.!!
    My DAW is Studio One Pro running on a new solid state computer my son made for me(fast)with a Steinberg 4i6 with SM57, SM58 and an AT2020. using WAVES and iZotope plugins..

    BUT somedays the gear is good and the music is not.
    BTW: Last FAWM a wonderful song was recorded and mixed on an iPhone..

  • @frozenlonesome  5 weeks

    I use the Behringer UMC1820 audio interface and record my external synths on my 1st generation iPad Pro usually in AUM. Arrangements and mastering are done in AuriaPro. I expect at least half my tracks with IPad only with a couple done in Korg Gadget. For Gadget tracks I usually export the stems to AuriaPro for final arrangements and added fx.

  • @alyxanderjames  5 weeks

    Historically, my FAWM recordings have all been very lo-fi, just straight into my phone's voice memos. Most of this year's tracks will probably be like that, too, at least during FAWM. But I did just pick up a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and a condenser mic and a little acoustic shield thing in the hopes that I can start putting together some nicer home recordings this year. I might test some of that out on the weekends for FAWM. Since @fecknom and I both do this and we're in a one bedroom apartment, there's always a bit of negotiating of space, but honestly, we've been home 99.9% of the time since mid-March last year, so we've mostly got it figured out at this point. 😉 I've got my work-from-home setup that's been my writing desk lately, too, so most of what I do will probably be there.

  • @wrenarcher  5 weeks

    Alyx (@alyxanderjames ) I wish you wouldn't use all that technical jargon like "little acoustic shield thing" and just tell us so we understand. 😁

  • @dzdandcunfsd  5 weeks

    @wrenarcher It's just a sock 😁 or is in my case most times. Though I do recommend using a clean one if doing vocals 😉

  • @side 4 weeks

    I'll be recording in my room late at night with a very old phone

  • @faceofeinstein  4 weeks

    I use an old Macbook I bought in 2010 - I upgraded it to 16GB ram and SSD a couple weeks ago and she flies again actually. I use a combo of an old school version of Garageband, and newer version of FL Studio with an Apogee Duet for my interface.
    I know I've needed to move on from GB for about 10 years but just haven't taken the time to learn a new DAW (or to learn to use FL to it's full potential I suppose).

    Besides that I have an equally old M-Audio Oxygen 8, an Akai MBD218, Pioneer DDJ SB2, a few electric guitars, an acoustic, bass, and Roland drum kit. For mics I have the classic Shure SM58, and a Samson USB condenser - which isn't singing tested, but I figured I'd try it out.

    it's a budget setup, but a couple nice toys. It's all I need really.

  • @dasbinky  4 weeks

    @bitshred @sph Interesting discussion on passive DI boxes for going direct into the interface. I use a Scarlett and go direct with VST reamping about 1/3 of the time, and I've always just plugged the 1/4" right into the interface. Never any issues, but always looking for potential marginal improvements. I might swing by the store and pick one up to try as a last-minute pre-FAWM addition to the workflow.

  • @bitshred  4 weeks

    @dasbinky indeed a DI box isn’t necessary with an interface equipped with an “instrument “ input. It will have DI circuitry built in. I’ve always plugged direct as well, for decades. However the quality of the Scarlett built in DI is questionable, as the transformer is smaller. So a dedicated DI box into the xlr of the interface will retain the original tone better. Is the theory anyway. Anyway, I noticed enough difference on my bass and guitar. I just leave my bass plugged in this way and ready to go. I’m using an iridium for my guitar now. Not sure how I should feed that into the interface, but playing with it.

  • @tseaver  4 weeks

    @bitshred The Iridium docs[1] say:
    Using a DI Box

    Iridium’s LEFT and RIGHT audio outputs are 1/4″ unbalanced buffered outputs. The buffered signal when both engaged or bypassed can handle sending signals over long cable runs. However, in some setups, using a DI may help if you encounter any noise or ground loops when connecting Iridium’s outputs directly to a PA/mixer or require balanced connections.
    I think I'd just treat it as a line level signal into the interface.


  • @loveonamixtape  4 weeks

    I'm in a home office/music studio space combo due to COVID, like a lot of people. Every FAWM before this, I've just recorded using the mic on my tablet or phone and free software, despite having a Presonus AudioBox and Studio One for *coughcough* years that I was too cheap and lazy to ever set up properly. Now I've finally bought a proper-ish mic, cables, stand etc...only to discover (because I waited until the last minute...) that I can't get my AudioBox to record sound. So I've been back and forth with PreSonus support frantically troubleshooting and optimizing my computer, hoping to have it ready before FAWM, but it looks like the first song or so might have to be in my traditional super-lo-fi vein. If I can get even ONE song sounding of decent recorded quality, I'll call that a win over other FAWMs! (lol, and if that isn't quite the self-endorsement for new fans!)

  • @kiffa 4 weeks

    Super behind-the-times as always, I'm going to be giving digital recording a go for the first time this year, with Reaper. At this point, I honestly don't know whether I'll be able to figure it out or not! I fully expect that I'll get instruments set up, start playing, see nothing coming through, and not be able to figure out why. By the time I've read enough or consulted enough friends and FAWMers to get things sorted out, it'll probably be March. Of next year lol.

    Here's hoping I'm wrong!

  • @lvgd09  4 weeks

    @kiffa I feel your pain and can't deal with learning Reaper right now. I have the latest evaluation copy but I have other DAWs that are, uh, better than a 13 meg Reaper Daw.

    I'll mostly be in Ableton Live again this year. I just find it easier to arrange for what I do. I may need Studio One and have that on the back burner for more complex projects.

  • @quork  4 weeks

    I'm using the following:
    - AKG C414 XLS mic
    - Art Pro MPA ii Preamp
    - RME BabyFace Pro Audio Interface
    - iPad Pro
    - Auria Pro or Cubasis 3 DAW

    For some reason my vocal track records only to one side. And my Stereo Drums app (Lumbeat) doesn't record at all. So a few technical difficulties to overcome in the next 48 hours.

  • @looprication  4 weeks

    For DAW, I'll continue to use Ableton for probably 70-80% of my tracks, Reason for the remainder.

    Sadly, this will be the second-to-last year I am able to work with my setup of 12 years which includes the Echo Audio Audiofire8. 8 in / 8 out analog, two preamps on the front which are great for guitar, bass, vox. I've got my outboard synth stuff plugged into the back six inputs.

    The rub is twofold. First, I'm on Windows 8.1, and the end of extended support is January, 2023 (so I'll get one more year out of it if I'm very lucky).

    Second, Echo Audio no longer makes soundcards, so I'm pretty sure this one won't be supported on the next computer I get.

  • @davidbreslin101  4 weeks

    Zoom H2N portable recorder, all the way. Me and technology don't get along too well as a rule, but Zoomy is my friend. Zoomy looks out for me.

  • @feeslip58  4 weeks

    I've been using a Tascam pocket recorder(DP-008EX ) with pretty satisfactory results for the last 2 years. What the heck is a DAW? I just hit record and stand around in the mud and shake my club and spears at it. I do use Audacity to convert the wav files to mp3.

  • @sheamiejay  4 weeks

    I'm keeping it lo-fi this year. I'll be focusing on the writing and uploading videos to YouTube by my phone. Acoustic guitar and maybe some strap-on harmonica. Here's the channel -

  • @eberts0604 4 weeks

    As a couple others have pointed out, the idea is not to "produce" a fully-formed album, but to do demos of possible songs. One year I just used my phone and a high quality WAV app. Put your energy into creating a melody, words and chord structure and worry about the rest later.

  • @alboe 4 weeks

    I'm going to use all these, I hope.

  • @dukemeyer 4 weeks

    At home I use my homerecording studio: many guitars, synths, groove boxes and so on. Recording every part with a Zoom R24 multitracker (when I'm on the road, the Zoom R8 does the job), arranging and mixdown with Acoustica Mixcraft Studio Pro 9 on Win-10-PC (laptop). Tube mike t.bone SCT 700 and a SPL Channel One preamp; Ibanez, Gibson & Fender guitars (on the road: Ibanez AZ226), Ovation, Taylor and Harley Benton acoustic guitars, Samick & Warwick basses (one fretless), and some hardware keyboards: Korg MicroKorg, Behringer Model D, Waldorf Streichfett, Arturia MicroBrute. Drumloops by Toontracks EZ drummer 2 and e-beats with Arturia Drumbrute Impact and Teenage Engineering PO-32 tonic. But the most important thing for me is voice and lyrics.

  • @wrenarcher  4 weeks

    Whoa! @alboe
    That first five string bass of yours... *squints eyes* I think it says Vellette? Is that a semi hollow?

    That!... is a purdy bass guitar.

  • @alboe 4 weeks

    @wrenarcher , just that little top part. I think it's more for weight management but it looks pretty nice indeed I think.

  • @dreamscuba  4 weeks

    @zecoop That sounds like a great setup...taking over the house, one room at a time....

    I have been thinking of the question, "how will you be recording this year" ... part of me wants to say, "wearing a smoking jacket, whilst a seal rides a motorbike around my apartment banging a kipper on his helmet". But then I have to be realistic - my apartment is far too small for anyone to ride a motorbike in it.

  • @jcooper  4 weeks

    My bones made with band in a box, recording lead vocals and harmonies straight into realband using a Rhode something or other mic into a scarlette solo audio interface. Master the final file using ozone and audacity. That’s it...

  • @evolvemysound  4 weeks

    Below is a picture of my workspace.

    I've come a long way since my introduction to a Kaossilator Pro+ and Zoom recorder, and am now recording with an Audient ID14 into Logic Pro. (I mix with headphones that are suitable for my interface.)

    My goal ultimately became to increase my baseline (pun intended), and I think I've done that with the help of a mentor and the Internet.

    Happy 2021 FAWMing everyone!

  • @pooka  4 weeks

    I'm deliberately going lo-fi this year. recording acoustically onto my whizzy new computer via its inbuilt microphone. If it doesn't pick up too well, I'll rig up my standard mike and position it next to my guitar.

    I've also got a headset with a mike, which I'll use to record vocals.

  • @blueone  4 weeks

    Going kinda streamlined this year:

    A dead basic Behringer interface into Logic Pro. SM58 for vocals, electric guitars will be direct input. Will probably do my midi work without a keyboard...

    I also have a SM57 knocking about if I'm feeling fancy and want to mic up an acoustic or an amp.

  • @zecoop  4 weeks

    @dreamscuba - I have no idea what you are talking about. None. 😎🤪😂🤣

  • @cabinmars 4 weeks

    I have a Roland Quad Capture and a Nektar Impact LX49 going into Reaper. I have a pair of Shure SM81s already set up in xy, but I have other mics I can use, depending how much time and effort I want to put into a song.

  • @tseaver  4 weeks

    @dreamscuba I'm definitely with you on the smoking jacket.

  • @atam94  4 weeks

    My recording setup for most of what I'm doing this year is going to be Telecaster -> Volume Pedal -> H4n Pro -> Ableton and all of the effects I've collected over the last few years. I'll be utilizing my eBow often and a slide on occasion. Also, this year I'm recording my songs on the couch in my living room. Gotta be comfortable when I'm recording laidback ambient soundscapes, after all. I'll be adding a visual element to every song, so you'll see part of my setup if you check out any of my upcoming projects. I use a Canon 80D with the Sigma 35mm Art Lens and the 18-135 Canon lens, along with a Mavic 2 Pro for my videos. Sometimes I'll record footage specifically for new songs, and maybe I'll go back to the archives from my vlogging days on occasion. Can't wait to get started and see what everyone else is doing, as well!

  • @aoifedopp 4 weeks

    My setup is a knockoff SM-58, KOMPLETE Audio 2 interface, FL Studio, my acoustic guitar, and a couple of basses. Doesn't feel like much compared to some of the awesome studio setups y'all are posting, but it should be enough for whatever I end up doing (fingers crossed lol)

  • @apophony  4 weeks

    I was considering going completely daw-less this year. But for the sake of time.. Doing it all in software.

  • @scottl 1 week

    I'm looking at getting into recording ready for next year. This year I've just posted lyrics. I am looking at recording electric guitar through an amp and vocals into a DAW to add drums etc, I have been looking at a focusrite scarlett 2i2 studio 3rd gen recording bundle and the Studio One DAW.

    Does this seem sensible? Are there better options? I'm new to all these so looking to lean on people's experience on here.

    I'm open to better suggestions before I spend any money 😀

  • @emkaydeebee  1 week

    The focusrites are brilliant @scottl def recommend 👌

  • @scottl 1 week

    Thanks @emkaydeebee, are there no clipping issues if running through an amp into the Focusrite and into DAW? I read something somewhere but if you believed all the negative reviews you'd never buy anything!

  • @standup  1 week

    @scottl you have to get your levels right. Gain staging. With any interface, you may be able to choose line or mic level, and line level would work better for a line out from an amp. There may be a “pad”, which cuts the incoming level. Of course, if you’re using a mic, you’d use mic level.

  • @quork  1 week

    @scottl Focusrite 3rd gen gets great reviews and seems like a great first audio interface option. Two inputs are nice - i.e. you can leave your guitar plugged in and a mic as well. You have lots of options for recording guitar. plug it in directly and use amp/effects emulations, run a line out from your amp (may need to pay close attention to amp and the focusrite level) or miking the amp directly.

  • @kevo 1 week

    I record through a 2-input M-Audio fasttrack pro into Logic. Guitars used this month have been the strat and the Martin Custom D. Vocals are tracked through an Audio-technica AT2020 (budget friendly SM7B clone).

    @scottl your gear choices will do perfect for a recording start up! To answer your question in regards to clipping, its all about volume and gain control, keep your source signal under 0.0 dB (I aim for a max of -4 dB) and there won't be any clipping. You can control this with the input gain knob on the interface, and you will know when it clips because the signal displays red, if you don't hear the digital clipping first. It also comes down to playing intensity, instrument volume, etc.

  • @dasbinky  1 week

    @scottl I love those Focusrite Scarlett interfaces.

    Depending on your price point, I might recommend the 4i4 over the 2i2. You buy yourself a little room for growth, and you get the MIDI function. It's not an essential add-on, but I'd say it's worth the extra $80 or so.

  • @gm7  1 week

    I'm using a Steinberg 4i6 and Studio One Pro. My go to guitars are Martin D16, Fender Tele and a Squire bass.
    Fender Ultra Chorus amp mic'ed with SM57 and/or SM58. and a Boss ME25 effects pedal and few Danelectros

  • @bitshred  1 week

    @scottl I've recorded a full band with Scarlett interfaces. Loud drums, big tube amps. Like already said, get your levels right and will sound fine. Well, when you say "through an amp", you mean micing the amp with a microphone?

  • @scottl 1 week

    All good advice, thanks @standup @quork @dasbinky @gm7. It sounds like I'm on the right track. @dasbinky I might look at the 4i4 if the price isn't a big jump.

  • @scottl 1 week

    @bitshred I was thinking a line out from an amp, as looking for a new amp too, but is micing better?

  • @bitshred  1 week

    @scottl well, that's a whole different discussion. If recording with a band and have the space, I mic my amp. I have tube amps with cabs loaded with celestions etc.. But in my condo, I'm mainly going direct with my Iridium or using Bias FX amp sim. So, it really depends on what you're doing and situation. Line out can work too if it's some sort of modeling amp or such.

  • @scottl 1 week

    @bitshred I'm just starting out recording and trying to sound half decent so it will be just me recording guitar and vocals.

  • @standup  1 week

    If you’re new to this, keep it simple. Your recording software might have built-in amps, so you could just plug the guitar into the interface and use a software amp.

    If you’re playing acoustic guitar, use whatever mic you use for vocals. Plugged in acoustic guitars don’t usually sound as they do with a mic.

    I have all kinds of gear in my basement, but if you’re new to this I’d say keep it simple for now.

  • @elesimo  1 week

    Adding to what @standup said: you can get impulse responses from amps for free from Then load it into a plugin ( and you have a simulated amp!

  • @scottl 1 week

    Thanks @standup

  • @pipewrench67  1 week

    I want to change my answer to horribly.

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