random jams on youtube!

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  • @burrsettles  4 weeks

    hi all! over the past month i started using my youtube channel to post instrumental jams as a forcing function to make music!


    feel free to share and subscribe to get updates to new videos. i'm going to try and do these weekly(?), and experiment a lot with different sounds and live-looping techniques.

    thanks for listening!

  • @haim  4 weeks

    wow, what a crazy desk. cool instruments and machinery... cool. enjoy your new YouTube journey.

  • @postcardhelicopters  4 weeks

    Those are really nice. I was so busy reading the liner notes on the first track that when the guitar sounds began I thought, "wow! I wonder what Euroack module is making that great guitar sound?" Only to scroll up and see you playing a *real* guitar. Oops!

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