FAWM to Vinyl & more: Kickstarter

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  • @thetambourinepeople Jul 10

    This was my first FAWM, and it came at a really good time as it was in a really bad time for me - so I think that informed the songwriting & concept of the album. In a good way. So now we have something I am very proud of, and I am looking to put it out as if we were a real sunshine pop group from the late 1960s - meaning that in addition to the usual 21st Century music outlets, we're trying to get it pressed on vinyl and also get cassettes and a few 8 tracks and reel to reels made!! Potentially for the audio hipsters, or just anyone who appreciates classic audio formats. Please take a look, and if you're so inclined, please make a pledge & spread the word, would really appreciate it. Many thanks!

    Chris from The Tambourine People.

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