My Nostalgic Music/Film Project

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  • @atam94 Jul 10

    Hey, it’s been several months since I’ve been active here on the forums, but I wanted to come back to share a music/short film project that I worked on over the last two days. I’m most comfortable writing ambient guitar music, and this time (for better or worse) I added two verses that I wanted to sing in order to progress the story and make the footage that I chose more relevant. My short nostalgic video reflects on my trip with two of my high school friends to Glacier National Park 3 summers ago, and then the second verse is about my year overseas in Japan, and it ends with the last part of the song and some home movie style vertical phone footage that’s a bit more intimate and wraps up the video in a way that I think is pretty nice.

    I’ll leave the link here if you’d like to watch. I hope everyone is doing well, and I’ll try to be a little more active here on the forums throughout the year and not just in February.

    “Through the Years” Short Film/Composition -

    Anyway, it’s after 1 am here so I'm off to bed… Thanks for reading/watching!


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