EP containing FAWM songs

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  • @celineellis  Jun 27

    So this year was my first FAWM. I’ve previously never done anything like it before and had not written songs for a decent while before doing it. It was in fact a suggestion from a friend and I thought it would help me get my writing mojo back. And it did. And I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the community during February! Alas I didn’t muster the whole ‘album’ but what I did muster is the enjoyment of songwriting again.

    During lockdown I put my time into learning how to record on a DAW and using plugins and what not. I’d previously only ever recorded using various 4/8/16 track recording decks. I set about a 5 track EP project on my Mac where I did almost all the instrumentation myself (I worked out how to collaborate with a bass player and share stems for a couple of tracks) as well as watching YouTube to learn as I went.

    I am really pleased with the results and wanted to share them with you. 3 of the songs I recorded were written during FAWM. The title track was the first FAWM song I wrote which was significant for me in so many ways. A new milestone if you will.

    I’d really love your feedback if you have some free time to take a listen


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