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  • @coolparadiso  May 25

    Hi there, i have sent messages out to many of you and an keen for it to get to everyone. Here is my announcement.


    Hi mate, I have attached standard document about a new podcast i am shortly starting. It will be for all original music
    I would love to have you on board in any way that you would like. Have a read and let me know. The information will be going out publicly this week!


    Hi there

    I am starting a podcast shortly titled. Songwriters and original songs.
    It will be roughly an hour show that will play all original songs, introducing musicians, songwriters to the world. I currently work with multiple groups of people around the world in groups like Fawm, songwrite Inn , 50/90, 100 days of songwriting, 100/180, songwriting university, just the lyrics, song fancy 5 in 5, fearless songwriter, Writeaway magazine, ukulele songwriter alliance and many more places were original songs pop up.

    Each Podcast I will play a number of of original songs and mention each artist. There will be a segment about songwriting and a segment that introduces one artist through an interview and a few of their songs. I anticipate the podcast being fortnightly, but it all depends on available material.

    I am looking for commitments by people to provide songs and or prepare a short segment on some aspect of songwriting and or be a featured artist.

    The whole process will be supported by a web page, where artist and other relevant information can be stored. I am also available at Coolparadeeso@gmail.com

    I have already done a trial cast and set up distribution line for most platforms, so we are very close to ready.

    I am very happy for this request to be shared with any colleagues the more people involved the better - ask people to send info preferably to the email address Coolparadeeso@gmail.com or through messenger.

    Please let me know asap if you are interested and in what capacity.

    Thx in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  • @coolparadiso  Jun 11

    The podcast is now available lots of the usual suspects here! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1149539/40...

  • @billwhite51 Jun 11

    excellet job..well worth several listenings. discovered many new songs here. the wealth of undiscovered original songs in this world is amazing. we are expriencing an excplosion of creative activity like never before in human history, yet very little of it receives attention from the media/

  • @ustaknow Jun 11

    SAPIENT A++, I kept looking for a match to set mine off 😉 hahhh!, -- next time I'll keep my Zippo handy. (He's from "here", gonna have to have a look when get a chance.)

    Well, thank God for the 30 sec advance feature, or might'a missed'em (Sapient end of session). I tend to fade after 15-20 mins, -- must be the years of TV programming breaks 😉 makes my attention drift.

    -- Only one track edging toward political, anti- implication song... (I wasn't sure, Uno?!)
    -- The intro/outro music was "Hot", -- blew my Headphones off my head, in/out, otherwise great job as pod-jockey 😉 seqways were clean. Maybe consider a fade in, and to half that dB? What's it like on your end. (Not saying to Normalise it with that Tool, but, just nearly krapped my pants when hit play 😉 😀 )

  • @cairobraga Jun 13

    I love this and am up for taking part! KUDOS!

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