My new studio album (6/7 FAWM songs)!

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  • @lastnightilie May 12

    Hey just thought some of you (especially if you listened to any of my FAWM songs) might want to check out my new studio album called Better that came out on Friday. Most common streaming links here:

    It's 7 tracks and the first 6 are all FAWM songs. It was kind of crazy but I literally finished writing/editing these songs by the last week of February and then recorded them in the first week of March, which just happened to be just under the wire before everything got locked down in New Jersey. I rushed it because I wanted to release it in time for touring in May which obviously didn't happen. So the whole experience was weird.

    But anyway, even though it's just an acoustic album I'm proud of the songwriting. Feedback is always welcome!

    Also I'm doing a lot of live streams and looking for people to perform/team up with virtually, so if anyone wants to be friends and we aren't already, just give me a shout!

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