Military Cadence, Public Domain - rewrites?

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  • @ustaknow May 5

    I was looking at some stuff and this came up and kept reading.

    So, what occurred to me is that it was/is,
    - Public Domain (generally speakng, and there's a page on that with this somewhere)
    - It is Call and Response
    - Some great "Rock" ditties got wrote from them, "Black Betty" 18th Century Cadence origins, et alia

    So, while I may not post it/my work here, myself in this thread, and get/risk being ID'd as a "Lyric/Song Dump"(?); nevertheless figured -- others here in our National Context, may like to consider this page for something other to do/think about:
    (One of the better sources, explains, -- if even a "wiki" for the wiki-haters, -- maybe not.)

    Likely some may be tired with the other challenges in vogue now and some really fun stuff can be had with the Cadences, redundant as they are, and rework into something, -- if even for later.

    So, have at it, if need inspiration for/from PubDom, Call'nResponse and go see what was done with a fav of mine, "Black Betty"...,
    -- is it about a Musket, a Wiskey Bottle, a Whip, a Transport Car, a Syphillus'd Prostitute? -- who knows, -- no one! 😀

    However, it's a gud'n! 😀 ain't it! I think so! 😉 😀

    -- Mabe I'll post a short one as a starter; in case "don't get it"?

    === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

  • @ustaknow May 5

    So, there's some really good and even controversial ones, - per their comment (down page); -- this one below at the beginning, not so much. So, first from that page, the Source, and then my very quick, 5 sec rewrite! It'll be a Hit, Nashville Charts I am sure!!!

    Orig w/Mod in the [Brackets] easier that way for a 5 sec re-write!:

    Songwrite Cadence Lament (c) 2020 ustaknow (alias)

    Superman was the man of steel,
    but he aint no match for a Navy [FAWM Grade Zeal] Seal.

    Chief and Supe got in a fight;
    Chief hit Supe with [Lock That Thread Tight!] kryptonite. 😉

    Supe fell to his knees in pain.
    Now Chief's dating [No Lyrics Pain!] Louis Lane

    Well Chief and Batman had one too,
    Chief hit him in the head with [What You Do'in Fool!] his shoe.

    Hit him in the temple with his left heel,
    Now Chief's driving the [Bad Lyric Peel] Batmobile.

    (c) 2020 ustaknow (alias), all rights reserved, - indeed, indeed 😀

  • @dzd  May 6

    Hahahah good one for sure! Destined for the radio 😀 I usually use nursery rhymes, hadnt even ever thought about all the cadences....theres some good ones I've heard/overheard/ heard of, that were great writes in their own right.....always very PC 😀
    For sure worth checking out if looking for some inspiration of one kind or the other 😉

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