Best Songs of Most Hated Genre?

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  • @ustaknow May 3

    Watching a "Big Interview" with Paul Shaffer got me thinking about "songwriting" and status quo which makes up 99% of the music industry and songwriting, "puppy see, puppy do"...

    It seems as with this first song I'll start with below in this, the most hated songs by the most hated folks, in the most hated genre (???'s); however, possess the two elements *required, -- talent and tenacity are the "ones", eventually. See his interview with Dan as you can for the back story on that.

    - Genre:Name:Commentary

    - And U?

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  • @ustaknow May 3

    "Disco": It's Raining Men: above

  • @dzd  May 3

    The verve - the drugs dont work

    Irony is a bitch I know πŸ˜€

  • @dzd  May 4

    Dont wanna kill a great thread idea
    ......I never have any commentary

  • @ustaknow May 4

    @dzd -- not a problem. However, if only you and me "get this" why risk another thread lock?

    If you get an inspiring irony, post it and comment all you like, or not.

    I thought the Paul interview had a lesson to learn in it, -- the most hated, and the only song he ever wrote per Paul... -- remember, the person you krappe on today, maybe the one intervieing you tomorrow... how life works, I've seen it πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    So, derUgo!

    I only had the one at the moment. Great idea though, aye!! πŸ˜€

    Everyone hates disco, so to speak (no me, TLTR for here πŸ˜€ ) and many prior to release hated that song. So, he said phuchit, formed the band "two tons of fun" -- yeehawww and history was made,

    Curriculum elements, lesson, pedagogy? (songwriting elements, in "Free For All" forum basis):
    1) Talent, like me
    2) Tenacity, like me too! πŸ˜€

    and you!? πŸ˜‰

  • @dzd  May 4

    Dick in Dixie
    Hank III

  • @ustaknow May 5

    @dzd oh my I like that one, and in my old neighborhood too. You know how to pick'em! "Ah, phuck'em..." πŸ˜€ all "you phuck'in outlaws"... yeehaww.

    Yeah, the area tried to get into the 21st century and developed a "Music Center" in the area - ish. Not there when I was in that area... no, during my time, -- just rednecks, hillbillies and a wholelotta corrupt, everyone πŸ˜€ So, probably what all the songs are wrote about now! πŸ˜€ -- so "all good things, - aye!" πŸ˜‰

    (Wow, quite a band he has there, -- that's uptown stuff, store bought instruments and everything! I like how he speaks NY Yahkee at the begining!)

  • @ustaknow May 5

    Oh and in that area, how I know he's (Hank's) not a local πŸ˜€ ... they don't wear "cowboy" hats in that area. Only in Texas, (OKee?), and the NJ Shore, you know ... πŸ˜€

  • @candle  May 5

    OK, I'll play (if I'm understanding this right)

    Rap: Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke or even Bring The Noise

    Love those songs & love Public Enemy - though I can't say I'm a huge fan of rap - especially after it went "gangsta" sometime in the mid-90's 😞

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @candle  May 5

    And yes, I know about the Bring The Noise version with Anthrax πŸ˜‰ Probably the best Rap/Metal crossover song ever, IMHO…

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @sbs2018 May 6

    Oh no! I love disco and β€œRaining Men.” It was also the title of my novella. πŸ˜€

  • @ustaknow May 6

    @candle - you get it πŸ˜€

    If you think there's an irony, or lesson, -- then yeah; that's the game.

    For me, unless one see's the Paul Schaffer "big int"... they won't get it because, the lesson is, ALL he shopped it too, HATED it. But what did they do? And, what happened? It's a great snippet, lesson.

    For that one, (your's above), -- I actually love, original era Rap... and believe that's the only kind. Any that follow, πŸ˜€ , is the "disco" of the soul/rock/funk fusion that preceeded it, imnho πŸ˜‰ Where I was at the time, living (not musically situated πŸ˜€ ) , I was a white sand kernel on a beach of lava rock sand... and no, not greyed out by the volume in that context, -- if get my drift. That and orig era break dancing was a true new art form... don't see that anymore! (Scratching...! wow, whodathought!).

    Oh, back tracking, - if Raining Men had been taken up as originally shopped around, hahhh, that great YMCA video would never have existed. -- Unintended consequences, aye! Hahhh. AmeriKan culture... it's a weird soup, but my favorite menu item. πŸ˜‰

  • @dzd  May 6

    @candle @ustaknow

    He cracked me up once here in Oklahoma(diamond ballroom, beautiful place I may of forgot to mention, hah), "if you came for (country)thanks, now get out!"

    I had given up even listening to any newish "rap" long ago, probably about when 2pac/biggie were gaining "fame" actually quite recently gotten back into it thanks to some folks still around "off in the shadows" Its still somewhat sad, I dont think a lot of them are old enough/have done enough listening to remember some of the original progenitors of what was a truly original and truly great slice of American music. Human beatboxing..breakdance...etc, yeah even scratching seems to have gone the way of the dodo....people too precious with their "vinyls" now hahah.

  • @dzd  May 6

    Medeski, martin, and Wood
    End of the world party(just in case)

  • @dzd  May 6

    Hmmm, just(fully dawned on me)
    Guess I just hate it once it gets a "genre" hahah

    Christian Rock
    Collective Soul

  • @chipwithrow  May 6

    @dzd - This is an interesting discussion. Thought I'd join the fray! Been a while since I've been around these forums.
    I tried really hard back in the 90s to get Medeski, Martin, and Wood. Kind of felt like I was supposed to like them because of their connection to other improv-type bands.
    (In fact, though I like the broad genre, I hate the term "jam bands.")
    I do really like that Collective Soul song you mention. They had one other big hit, too, that I liked. Kind of forgot they have that Christian rock connection.
    I can't think of a genre I truly dislike. Well, maybe kitschy country pop. So I'll add:

    Kitschy Country Pop
    Billy Ray Cyrus
    "Achy Breaky Heart"

  • @candle  May 6

    @dzd, I guess people don't understand that you're supposed to go to the "Bargin Bin" of your local record store & buy the pre-scratched vinyl to scratch with. Now-a-days there's VSTi's that will imitate scratching, but it's not quite the same. Sort of like recording to Analogue Tape vs. recording Digitally. Sure digital is real easy, but Analogue Tape has such a warmth that gets lost in the 1's & 0's of the digital mediums. But that's a whole other discussion…

    OK, my next entry:

    Country Music
    But I love The Man In Black. His version of Soundgarden's Rusty Chains is better than the original. Same too with his version of NIN's Hurt. Well, maybe not better than the NIN version, but definately just as good. And the song he did with U2 (The Wanderer), probably one of my fav U2 songs of all time.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @dzd  May 6


  • @dzd  May 6

    Ugh @chipwithrow what do you mean that's hard core country hahahah

  • @dzd  May 6


    Record stores? What're those? Hahah

    I dont think I'd heard his version of Rusty Chains, yeah I'd agree it's at least as good, I always did like his version of Hurt better, but then Ive never heard NIN bang it out acoustically either

    Hank III again
    All my country heroes

  • @ustaknow May 7

    Oh my, an irony of ironies... just realised, (from this discussion),
    -- "Christian Rock", -- I don't like any! Oh well. (No fav, of it, but commentary follows πŸ˜€ ... go figure πŸ˜‰ )

    The irony is, I was embedded in that "stuff", surrounded by the "talent" and worked at an FM for it. I think that's why I dislike it and why I don't have a favorite. As far as radio goes, a weird environment anyway, - it was even weirderer... πŸ˜‰

    What happened and no one talks about it, is, as was my experience,
    -- it, in my region, took over many "churches" as *Venues*, seen as stepping stones as a "way" to launch a career, notta Congregation.

    The dislike, -- hard for some to "get" is that, many Praise and Worship folk, "old" (so to speak, -not old) hippie type Christians (?) P&W leaders and members got displaced, their music (see any spiritual re-write or old hymn, or what I did with it, e.g., and others as to what "went away").

    -- Yah... we brought in "Drum Kits" and made many unhappy, but not with 10 cymbals and etc. I even had ~ hardcore ~ Primitive Methodist, "OK" with me. Yet walked out of any other if had more than a Piano/Organ. If that can be a measure.

    But, the pure, insane πŸ˜€ pop-rocker, poser, gonna be a star type saw a way... not, The Way, a way and folks LOVE a show in hi-fidelity.

    Oh and the words were very easy... Pick any 3, "I Love You God" and repeat it for 4 minutes while trying to levitate as well, -- so to speak.

    I also fault that shift to the Revelation speak of "Luke Warm" that's spoke of coming, in the End Times we live in, in this warm up phase to the "Left", "Behinds" πŸ˜€ -- indeed πŸ˜‰ and other ironic I see from non-Christians about "Fake" ones... indeed.

    I think Casting Crowns had one or two initially like,
    -- "I Can Only Imagine" (good stuff, imnho)

    We brought'em into one of NJ's largest stadiums for that, and then... it went how it went.

  • @dzd  May 7

    @ustaknow yup that's the genre that has no problem selling out the monster venues here, and then will have the cojones to "pass the plate" ask for donations on top of it, but only if it's very very biab "christian rock" hahah I love god repeat for 4 minutes pretty much nails it.

  • @dzd  May 9

    Is radio music a genre?

    Radio Music
    Modest Mouse
    Float On

    I get it, if you want to make a "decent" living doing it you need a tune that everyone likes. That didnt used to be a big issue, good music would find it's own way.....anyway, this is one of the most recent mass appeal "singles" I've heard that I dont think they or them as a band held any of their vision back, even if getting mass attention was their vision hahah

  • @dzd  May 9

    alternative or seattle rock
    Local H
    Eddie Vedder

  • @ustaknow May 9

    @dzd Both great tunes, glad to have a listen.

    Actually "Float On" reminds me a bit of your sound in some of your demos, as I remember hearing them. (Like CC in that one vid, vocals.)

    "Local H" with that track, -- nice heavyish grind which I like. In some ways I hope I capture some of that, as one may in a demo; if get what I mean.

  • @ustaknow May 9

    Hahhh, -- is "radio music" a genre @dzd -- interesting question. I think I'd error on the side of think that it is! I get your meaning but don't think I could explain it since any "genre" could fit, so to speak πŸ˜€ hahhh!

  • @dzd  May 12

    I'd put it into a sold soul for dollars category πŸ˜€ but that's just me haha.
    and I can't help it.....I "worked" with both of those asshole bands......asshole used lovingly πŸ˜€ should quit getting things
    and come smell some red dirt....or not...might be better for ya hahahah

  • @dzd  May 12

    funny thing is.....I now wanna go appalacia hillfolk πŸ˜€.........neither here nor there

    Cuntry again
    Garth Brooks
    Friends In Low Places


  • @dzd  May 12

    re: local H.... you somewhat do sir......from other than fawm listenings I've done.....never did a 50/90 it's just an angst but still know what a I V IV is heh..........

    I almost spit In Garths face today πŸ˜€

  • @ustaknow May 12

    @dzd the one that seemed big in that area, and had all the girls bouncing in their seats, not matter the age, generation-gap, -- "achey breaky heart" πŸ˜€ hahhh! (For what it is, I guess it is a good song, can't rob it of that, -- look what it did. However, I'd run out of the room, setting my hair on fire if heard it again.)

    I hope someone gets it as an ear worm -- gud4yah πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ hahhh!!

    So, you got red dirt there too? It's all we had unless in the hills. I was surprise what'd grow... tatters, korn, peanuts, great strawberries. I guess if that's all one had to start with, - red sand clay has allot of good stuff in it for growing.

    -- Ironic factoid πŸ˜€ ... I had to get a book about "dirt" when got there and was from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden NY ("yankee land" as I was skooled) ... so me standing in the middle of NO where... said to the redneck owner in the wide spot in the road... -- you allow books like there here?! πŸ˜‰ as I pointed to where from, "Brooklyn, NY". He almost didn't get it, as he spat his mouth of chaw to answer me... "uhhh huhhh" πŸ˜€

    Then his dauthter, -- stunning, beautiful girl in coveralls walks out with an 80 lb bag of cement on her shoulders as her blonde hair waved and bukled the rooms air... smelling of wild flowers... said, "where you want it"... I could not run to my truck fast enough. She broke my heart as she walked back in, done with the favor.

    πŸ˜€ Nice load of krappe aye! But, a *true moment/story. I loved that area.

  • @dzd  May 12

    @ustaknow you got that red dirt from the dust bowl hahah it blew all over the continent when okies started "farming"
    and why I won't/can't listen to achey brakey heart....but it did spawn a monster or three πŸ˜€ .....truth hurts hahah

  • @dzd  May 12

    Okie music
    Toby Keith
    solo red cup

    Don't know the origins of that song, but I know things........he didn't write that, but its still a good tune

  • @ustaknow May 13

    @dzd πŸ˜€ hahhh... that's 4 mins of my life I'll never get back πŸ˜€ hahhh! Heck, no glass, no red-solo, I drink right from the keg pump... in these times of CV19, guarantees my good share of it πŸ˜‰

    That is an interesting song... - it's gotta be a "pub domain" type "college" dorm riff he heard and went with it. I don't follow him at all, so, what can I say.

    But the video is interesting in that it is *not a redneck party and more a college dorm type I guess (football team type). Not that I'd know.

    I did get invited to a FB Team party once, -- must have been by accident πŸ˜€ truly... and, it was far worse than any "animal house" vision or this... -- kinda shocking πŸ˜€ actually.
    - Hey, I don't judge, just observe and avoid! ... wow, caused a weird flash back there... hahhh! If I elaborated, it sure would be inappropriate so exercise better wisdodm πŸ˜€

    -- Good one.

    Interesting to see anyone engaging threads here, and this one no less!?!

  • @dzd  May 14

    @ustaknow keg stands are things for a reason πŸ˜€
    knew this guy once....was great at giving them....big fella....took 5 of us to repay the favor hahahah best hacky sack kicker I've ever known....was a wizard on a bicycle as well πŸ˜€

  • @dzd  May 14

    Cuntry again....I apologize

  • @dzd  May 14

    one more country then I'll quit πŸ˜€

  • @dzd  May 18

    what a good thread.....dead as most things are round here...heh
    I hate disco too
    but YMCA was a good tune
    great performance......good write

  • @dzd  May 18
    my last from them.....I promise πŸ˜€
    Edit the Sad Parts.....good stuff

  • @dzd  May 18

    I don't know what you'd classify that?

  • @ustaknow May 18

    @dzd -- I just saw this now πŸ˜€ I'll have a look and get back.
    -- Yes, well, that's what happens with an unjustified, unexplained threadlock occurs for no reason, what's left? The leftovers πŸ˜‰ hahhh... brilliance, well, it just keeps keeping on! (Make no mistake, look, -- look who's still reading every word, o m g...).

  • @ustaknow May 18

    @dzd -- oh my, that's good. But, like in the other place discussion, -- depends on how one defines country. See, by those wide brim, but flat, hats (I like those), well, it ain't country πŸ˜‰ hahhh! No, if not the straw, "cowbow" with wire-rim to do the funky bend (I have those too, in natural and painted robins egg blue, - yeehaw!) ... well, den it ain't kuntry, eh!? πŸ˜€

    Actually, when I have time, that dead south sounds good, -- one could Mix in a distorted humbucker chord accent and not be out of place and let the rockers feel a little bit more at home 'till the budwiser takes greater effect πŸ˜€

  • @ustaknow May 18

    @dzd - modest mouse sounds a tad like Jack White! ... interesting.

    (You gotta let me know to check back here if post πŸ˜‰ ... I can recreate genius elsewhere... but, why copy over what's going away..., well at some point... -- you didn't follow the clube... didn't see what I did? eh? Hey, got any that home made brown liquor left?... I love boiled off beer πŸ˜€ )

  • @ustaknow Sep 29

    Ah, lost tape interviews with animal bands πŸ˜€

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