Belle & Sebastian "Protecting the Hive" crowd project

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  • @jonmeta  May 1

    B&S crowd-sourced the lyrics to a new song, "Protecting the Hive", and recorded it. They've put up the individual tracks on SoundCloud. Anybody can use any, all (or none) of them to record their own version. The tracks are linked on the home page of their website
    along with instructions how to tag the song when you're done.
    Anybody up for this?

    I've downloaded the tracks and I MAY do something if I can make the time. I'd LOVE to, but this lockdown is surprisingly busy with other projects. 😮
    Not sure who's still around, but if you do something, be sure to link it here!

  • @coolparadiso  May 9

    i will look a fan here!

  • @dzd  May 12

    Still here from time to time.......shit........most days now in honesty 😀 Not a huge fan of theirs...but I will listen....boredom is a bitch 😀

  • @dzd  May 12

    I don't need beyonce to come back from the war 😀.......what tracks? stupid whistles? I really don't know? does this really make money? are they really popular?.........I dunno I'm just some stupid okie where no music gets all this considered good?

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