Czech Republic - Prague

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  • @lilylouche Apr 26

    Hi farmers, I've just joined - being awe-inspired by the songs on one of your fawmers' listings. Amazed by the level of collaboration and the high-quality of the songs, arrangements, performances and audio quality.

    I am based in the heart of Europe, and write songs on ukulele usually. My strength is lyrics writing. I'd love to collaborate with others, including singers, instrumentalists and recorders. My songs tend to have a Sunday afternoon laid-back feel, with jazzy / folky/ bluesy overtones.

    Thank you.

  • @sph  Apr 26

    Hi Lily, welcome to FAWM. Around this time of the year it's very quiet here. Have a look at the 5090 site - it's the sibling site of this and runs from July to September.

  • @dzd  Apr 26

    Still around and still trying to make noise, for what its worth from me...a warm welcome @lilylouche

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