One of my 2020 FAWM songs recorded in a Facebook-Corona project.

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  • @alboe Apr 24

    Wow this is so nice. A friend of mine started a FB project with chain-bands.
    People can submit lyrics, music or both and then the files get sent to the next collaborator and so on until the song is finished.
    I have already played bass on some songs but also entered two of my own FAWM songs from this year. One of them got finished today (with me on bass of course, there was no escaping) and Iā€™m so proud of how it turned out.
    If anybody is interested, here are the links to the YouTube channel and the Facebook page (in Dutch)
    My original demo is of course here within FAWM.

    Stay safe everybody.

  • @sunnymae  Apr 24

    Wow!!!! This is amazing. Great arrangement. You must be thrilled with this. Great job everyone, seriously!

  • @jonmeta  Apr 24

    Oh Man! First Class all around. It's so brilliant to hear your song developed to this level. The production, playing, mix, are superb and it all brings out how good the writing is. Congratulations!

  • @dzd  Apr 26

    Nice stuff.....hope pretentiousness doesnt run too rampant šŸ˜‰

  • @zecoop  Apr 28

    @alboe - VERY cool... I checked out the original and then the new one. What a great song! Congrats!!

  • @ustaknow Apr 30

    @alboe - well done, enjoyed it.

    - Good thing you posted the YouTube link as well since folks like me, and there are many, who don't use FaceBook would not be able to see it otherwise.

    Don't forget a nice, free (until you sell), bandcamp .com upload! Well, I like it.

    Again, good stuff! I didn't know I spoke dutch... wow, learn something new daily! šŸ˜‰

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