A past FAWMER who was awesome but vanished

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  • @radioovermoscow Apr 24

    A few years ago, I downloaded a demo someone uploaded here, because it was one of the best indie/synth/rock tunes I'd ever heard. Perfect pop, basically. Think early Weezer, Cars, etc.

    The song came on my random play tonight, and I thought, who is this? But there's nothing here on FAWM. The artist's name brings up a few hits in Google, but they're all a decade old and obviously a different person altogether.

    So who is Kato Ninetails? And how could they write a song as good as 'The Bee' and not be famous?

    The evidence I have is it's listed as being from FAWM 2017 in my collection. If anyone knows who they might be - I'm guessing not the electronica artist on Bandcamp from 2010 - I'd love to hear more.

  • @vomvorton  Apr 24

    I have a vague and possibly incorrect memory that @katoninetails had another alter-ego on here but I can't remember if that's true, or who it was if so! I'm pretty sure the synth stuff on bandcamp is the same person though, I'm sure they've proved themselves ridiculously good at various genres over the years! Looks like they're mostly doing visual art these days if you follow the trail but maybe somebody else knows more (if anyone else is still checking the forums!)

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