Collective School NYC Free Classes?

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  • @ustaknow Apr 21

    Since I’d occasionally engaged them I still get promo’s. This came, actually a week or so ago, but updated again today. About free online classes in the evenings Mon - Fri?

    I am on my phone, not near a PC at the moment and have not vetted this offer. I figure, post it and if anyone’s interested- check it out and let others know. Could be krappe too?

    I knew them when the - “Drum Collective”, and farther down town. They expanded their curriculum and moved “up town” a bit - not always a good signal 😉 hahhh!

    It used to be a place that had unusual opportunities to engage there, musically and then in the eve’s at clubs on the area.

    Anyway, spend 5 mins vetting it - may not be some “gorilla marketing” to past contacts, who knows.

    Now that I posted it, afterward 😉 hahhh! I’ll have to look see myself- just not on a iPhone!

    Ah, this could be my hand hurting problem - thumbyping 😀

  • @ustaknow Apr 21

    Looks like a separate link and kind of an intro demo thing; again, not sure and the links do not copy over like in the email to me from the phone — oh well. Have fun surfing.

  • @ustaknow Apr 21

    Well, I tried.

    - Wow, their hourlys high — I only engaged on weekends and when the other almost famous attended - or to teach.

    Looks like the one link has some free stuff to poke around with.

    Well, best to all in keeping happy in the vmess!

  • @dzd  Apr 21

    Clicked....on PC saw online drum lessons only $75/hr.....guess maybe alright if interested/can't figure out yourself........not going any farther than that heh

  • @ustaknow Apr 21

    @dzd yeah, I kind of pride myself on never having paid for lessons, since no one can teach me anything anyway 😀

    I see the e.g., morning workout for like guitar and the "classes" listed w/o a price. I just have never done one, even free, that's all new to me. Also, I see how they laid out the registration... eh, how it goes, it's free... but me, I'd've put it entirely separate from all other so anyone could just click and register. I get the register part, but I am sure one can use a temp/bogus ID too to stay anonymous (alias) 😀 hahhh!

    You know, if one of the cool kids here had posted this, man, "... O M G, this is just so fabuluous, my head exploded when clicked the link and immediately became embued with talent and love for all..." 😀 or similar. 😀

    Nonetheless, then none, the, less...

    I don't recognise the staff. There used to be a good many "known" names, and they were just "there". No one gave a krappe. I met folks from around the world. The most unusual for me was an Attorney from South America who took 30 mins to explain their Law Structure, "Roman Law", not "English Common Law", -- and was a great drummer. I'm never brave enough to take'em up on "come down some time", - I'd bring a good Ran$some 😀 hahhh; happened with a fellow from Saudi... "come by some time" 😉 yeah, sure, next week.

    Anyway, - hey, I see they have "songwriting", O M G... hahhh...

    Anyway, again..., redundant anyway's - they used to give some high quality weekend long hardcore bootcamps for nearly nothing $; I still remember in detail. Guys working the NYC clubs for 50 years, basically telling you, -- don't do this, even "i" would be out of work 5 days not on the phone booking my ashes... it's not a living at all.

    And so it went, then, anyway... 😀

    Well, again, hope all are having a happy health vmess! Stay safe!

  • @dzd  Apr 23

    Sounds like might still be/at least was a nice place....I usually fall o the too hard headed/too stupid to be taught group as well hahah, and I've usually found anyone that's passionate and actually wants to teach just doesnt want your money if you ask it's harder to get them to quit talking hahahah.

  • @ustaknow Apr 23

    @dzd - wise words... I agree!

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