Who Wants Me to Listen ?

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  • @ajna1960 Apr 1

    I am only just starting my FAWMily listening now, and so as well as returning all the favours (comments) that have been given to me and my songs, I'd like to listen to some from folks who don't have many listens ? Or maybe you have loads and you think I'd enjoy a listen šŸ˜€
    All genres, demos or no demos (lyrics only ok), whatever šŸ˜€
    Throw them at me !

  • @chipwithrow  Apr 1

    Good idea for a thread, @ajna1960! I don't need any more listens, but I'm happy to listen to and comment on others' songs!

  • @ajna1960 Apr 1

    Thank you @chipwithrow šŸ˜€ Hopefully some folks will add their songs/names šŸ˜€
    Meanwhile I'm going to have a listen/read of some of yours šŸ˜€

  • @gubna Apr 1

    Sure! Iā€™d love to!

  • @ajna1960 Apr 1

    Cool @gubna

  • @zecoop  Apr 2

    I always enjoy hearing from you @ajna1960, but listen to those in need first. I need to make my way over to you as well. šŸ˜€

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