All these, many, - "you wanna do CV-19 songwriting asks/groups"?

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  • @ustaknow Mar 29

    This may be rhetorical, that'll be interesting to observe if/not; however, anyone else notice for almost a month/30 (+-) daze now (and no I didn't actually count) there was (+-)
    - wanna extend FAWM?
    - wanna MAWM or other
    - wanna keep populating the still open Rocktover forum (Vocktober 😀 )
    - anyone do a CV-19 song? (several on FB)
    - several complaints about doing CV-19 songs 😀
    - the professionally outraged and hate speech folks came out and were the only ones, - taking about "it" (were showing therselvs as "the" hatespeech source; I love when that happens 😀 )
    - two Corona challenges "here" (I got allot of those, combined as one for myself)
    - other sources of, "wanna do... " 😀 (not FAWMers it seems)
    - and looks like still more coming
    - oh, and the very subtle, but actually coming out, for "profit" "Host" of a challenge where no spam will be allowed, very strickt and all about the music - but, oh, buy this from "me" 😀 ... artful, very artful... (masters of Marketing, - ya, I read those books b4 some of them were born 😉 krappe then and krappe now, "gorilla marketing" and etc.; make the wrong folks "annoyed" and you could be infor a surpise with those, fyi.)

    And, then, well how to put it briefly 😉 and then,
    - "no one's commenting/c o m m u n i c a t i n g" "complaints", polite observations here and there, and et alia and etcetera... 😀

    Or not:
    For discussion only, or not. Or, just rhetorically laugh with me and put your "mocking"/astute observations here, - politely of course, politely, intelligently, not nastily, not as more of "the problem", or as a football for the pro-outraged hate speakers (the source, 100% of the time, -- ever notice that?). Awe heck, you go for it girl/boy! Show ya ashes! and WTFantastics! 😀

    Well, derUgo! 😀

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