Music Pandemic [game]

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  • @leepat  Mar 19

    Here's a game -
    in your social media of choice, post the following rules and see what happens:
    Let's play Music Pandemic
    In the comments share the work of an artist you love.
    Tag them and a few friends so they can keep the game going.
    Share this post to start your own pandemic.
    Make your joy contagious!
    Since we mostly do this here anyway (sharing favourite songs and fawmers who need ears and support), we can do a variation in this thread by writing quatrains ending with "music pandemic".

    Then again, you can share any interesting online events (FB lives, etc.) by artists you admire and support.

    Your turn -->

  • @ceilidh  Mar 22

    For those who have NOT seen the entire "We Can Beat the Virus" parody:

    Hong Kong English language parody below (I about fell over laughing when she starts on how the store only has white people food and where the hell's the rice, bok choy and toilet paper...!):

    Stay safe!

  • @kanareczek Mar 23

    Thanks for that!
    Keep well too guys!

  • @kapustek Mar 23

    Nice try 😀
    I'll post songs on my fb

  • @margott94 Mar 23

    I'll try it too 😀

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