Daniel Johnston

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  • @smileymn Mar 18

    My post fawm/quarantine challenge has been to expand my Daniel Johnston cover project. Currently my goal is two covers a day, learn, record and upload them.


    What’s your post fawm/stuck inside project?

  • @bootlegger Mar 18

    I'm polishing the mixes on my fawm album for a hopefully eventual release. About half way through them on a second pass. Hopefully not much more needed.

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 18

    @smileymn - That's a cool project! Listened to a few of the Daniel Johnston songs. Is that harmonium on a couple?
    I've written two new songs, and learned three Grateful Dead covers, all on ukulele. But I haven't recorded any yet - another thought was putting them on Instagram/Facebook.
    My main recording the last few days has been a lot of yoga videos. My wife and I decided to close our studio last Friday, and we went online Saturday. The video classes are actually free to anyone and everyone, not just our members. So if anyone stuck inside wants some yoga in addition to your music-making, let me know.

  • @andygetch  Mar 19

    Increased time for guitar practice, painting, and yoga. Also I want to learn and memorize more songs.

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