The Sound of One Hand Clapping?

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  • @ustaknow Mar 16

    So, as I remember the scene, - the Monk asks him, what's the most important thing in life?

    And, gets some poetic, over thought response.

    And then, the Monk walks him over to a large barrel of cool, clean drinking water, grabs the back of his collar and holds his head under water a good few long seconds; pulls him up and asks, what's the most important thing in life?

    Ah, yes, the answer does change, at least in that moment.

    - So, how to set priorities per reality not polity - has any of your perspective changed, - presently? Will it effect your songwriting? How, why, if so/not? Has that ever happened to you, - life grabs you by the back of your neck and? Or you're one of those who've made it this far, "untouched", hmmm, well, then we'll Sea...

    === === ===
    [Me?, nah, - only ever dealt with data/facts, only, and said, not with a tinge of polity! So, - and you?]

  • @siebass  Mar 16

    Child care while remote working;
    people can be Covidiots, hoarding toilet paper and drinking water;
    I can get bored easily locked in the house;
    Family is important;
    Save lives by just staying home and not spreading disease that will overwhelm health care capacity;
    I might be able to host an open mic using Zoom meetings.

    Someone posted on FB: your parents/grandparents were asked to go to war, you are being asked to stay home, (if you are able).

  • @ustaknow Mar 16

    "siebass" good one! Yah, do the Zoom things, - why not! Good for you!

    I was watching "things" 😀 hahhh, I saw from Wholefoods Delivery, Amazon, other, - eggs, milk and chips go out of stock and no deliveries available, and weird stuff like Breadsticks, go up in price - wierd. Breadsticks?

    Here's an interesting? one 😀

    UV-C lights went out of stock briefly on amazon, the larger submersible kind (fish tanks), and the Survivalist - Sip Straws where you can suck curb water during a zombie raid on the run if that thirsty.

    - I tried a month ago or so to comment, due to all the fires globally, even on FB tried to flag a few things, helpful (helpful) 😀 -- a home made air cleaner/sanitiser, or even for a forced air furnace "things to do". Oh well, like Noah with his Boat, 😀 jackass that I am... I've been set for a while now. Shoulda shut down the stuff shut down now 6-8 weeks ago. Ahhh, the unintended consequences of harrassing leadership throwing you a life preserver. How in 20 days does every State but Kentucky go "Red-infected"?

    It's all, so very interesting!

    Well, I'm just sitting here sipping my Corona Lite with Lime and enjoying the CNBC news line feed and watching folks CEMENT in their losses by selling off... so stu-ped, hard to believe.

    Well, happy Monday! March Madness indeed!

  • @timfatchen  Mar 16

    Interesting that we already had Conversations With Death and my attitude and background I already laid bare
    But for has to go back to mountains and mistress, and that seems a pretty good place to sit out of the way, enjoying the alpine autumn and delaying the onset of the plague un til the peak's come and gone and there are beds available in the hospitals for geriatrics like myh wife and me. And doing it before Oz follows Britain and locks up all over 70s and throws the key away for 4 months!!!

  • @ustaknow Mar 17

    @timfatchen ah Tim, that's context, but,

    - "what's the most important thing in life?"

    (Not the inhaling of the water from the ocean that's drowning you?, - so, after "breath", what's the one more thing you forgot to do before leaving; and it can't be, - turn off the stove, who cares if you burn down the reno then 😉 😀 )

    If I shorten your line, does that make mine longer? 😉

  • @berni1954  Mar 17

    Being confined to our homes, as we are at the moment in Catalonia, has made me truly value the simple things in life.... What I wouldn't give to be able to stroll along the beach now without a patrol car stopping me and fining me... or how I would love to wander out into the local hills (as I usually do with a hiking group twice a week) without the fear that on my return through the town I would be stopped and arrested.

  • @ustaknow Mar 17

    "berni1954" that sounds wonderful. Catalonina, wow, nice. Kind of flow of thought here, as I do 😀 Makes me think if 911 of all things. I was going to be in Spain and wish I had been. At that time I am sure I would have had a better time. I was another country, locked out of the US for almost 3 wks, and was a very enlightening experience. Probably not a place I can elaborate on that, but, it does matter where you crash you plane, so to speak 😀 I've got to get over there. I'm the kind who like to land with no plans, rent a van and drive, - I've never regretted that. Actually, the above story/place, - that's what it turned into 😀 hahhh, so much for "plans". As soon as I found the "locals to get things done" 😉 it all went very well.

    Oh and over "here" it seems, for some reason, - folk were hoarding toilet paper and water. There's nothing wrong with the water and we're not in "power/utilities outage" season, so to speak - so that was confusing.

    - saludo, aclamaciones celebran con una bebida?

  • @berni1954  Mar 17

    @ustaknow Once we get over this, if you ever do get the chance to come to Barcelona, get in touch with me. But remember if you do come that for many of us saying Catalonia is part of Spain (it is legally) is a bit like saying to Canadians that they are effectively the 51st state 😉

  • @ustaknow Mar 18

    @berni1954 - yes, you folks made the news here (USA) about separation. I think it was that region? Interesting stuff!

    If I do it, it'll need to be soon. As we get older and loose our cuteness, folks driving around in vans if even with guitars is not always received well 😀 hahhh!

    How often do you folks get confused as an Island off the coast of California, or worse, Italy 😀 hahhh!

  • @calumcarlyle Mar 18

    Living in the moment is always the most important thing. I love that direct zen approach though!

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