thank you . .

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  • @sueawesome Mar 13

    for doing your music thing and sharing it

    I don’t know why music effects me so much . . but it does. during difficult times.. it’s even more incredible to me what a difference it makes. so thank you. endlessly

    (that’s all)

  • @zecoop  Mar 13

    @sueawesome - You truly are amazing and I didn't even get there yet. Before I even read your prose, though, i know I will be moved. Thank YOU for sharing. I'm truly looking forward to digging in. 😀

  • @metalfoot  Mar 13

    I feel badly I didn't end up doing anything with you this FAWM @sueawesome -- I always love working with your lyrics!

  • @adforperu  Mar 13

    @sueawesome collab next year pls

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