Has anyone used this service?

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  • @jamkar  Mar 11

    Remote recording with an orchestra sounds pretty cool.

  • @ustaknow Mar 25


  • @mysza111 May 12

    Great idea

  • @dzd  May 12

    awwww.....where are those out of work folks now?
    frhetorical....living off trust funds etc...bitching about how hard this virus is because it surpasses "medical knowlege".......see definition of virus....been forewarned....not happy to see it scare so many people

  • @dzd  May 12

    but no...haven't used that service.....looks like a scam to me

  • @paulhenry  2 weeks

    It's an interesting idea, but the website doesn't look finished. There's lots of marketing language, but very little real information. Where's the information on rates? It wants my email address for a waiting list, with no explanation. II'd contact them first with some questions, and whether they seem legit would depend on the professionalism and clarity of their responses.

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