My FAWM 2020 Album Being Rolled Out over March

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  • @boyatheart Mar 8

    Hi everybody.
    A big thank you to everyone who has listened to my music this year. This community keeps me motivated and inspired to keep writing every year.

    My new album is entitled "Something Big is Coming" and is currently on pre-order at Bandcamp. So far the first track is completed and available immediately with pre-order and can also be played without having to buy or download as well.

    While I was committed to posting finished songs this year I was still aware that I would have to revisit them and tweak the mixes to make them release-ready and it turned out that quite a lot of tweaks were required!

    March is turning out to be another marathon month finishing off my "finished" songs... At least the actual writing and arrangement is fully complete, just the mixes are being improved.

    The entire album will be done and available by the 31st of March.

    I'm still here in between mixing sessions and I have a lot of people to listen to that have already been kind enough to leave comments on my songs.
    I haven't forgotten and will listen to at least one more song from every one who has. Thank you again.

  • @boyatheart Mar 12

    I did a teaser video to give a little insight into how I'm going about polishing up my mixes for release. It's along similar lines to an Ebook I wrote a few years ago called "Kooking with Sound", which I'm thinking about making available again.
    I hope it's not too boring to watch.

  • @boyatheart Mar 21

    Album is ready to launch within the next few days.
    Seeing as all my work got cancelled this month and next month at least (well everyone I know too actually) I have had the time to knuckle down and get it finished ahead of schedule.
    The whole album can now be streamed from my homepage and pre-ordered. Official release will probably be Monday, maybe tomorrow... and a big thank you to those who already have shown your support!
    It means a lot, especially during this crazy time.

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