Can people sign up to this site after February?

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  • @lyricslinger Feb 29

    I have a quick question that someone can hopefully help with.

    If people hear about FAWM and want to take part next year, can they sign up for the site now (or register an interest in some way) or do they need to wait until next year?

    Not sure if there's the ability to request a reminder email or text ahead of next year's challenge so that people don't forget about it and miss out?

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 29

    They can sign up, but I'm not sure there's a reminder email. Certainly I don't think i get one.

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 29

    But there's also that's a similar, longer, challenge July to October

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 29

    There's also a Facebook group that is active the whole year round. Plenty of reminders there!

  • @lyricslinger Feb 29

    @helenseviltwin and @headfirstonly - thanks, that's great to know. And interesting that there is a July to October challenge

  • @calumcarlyle Feb 29

    There really should be* a reminder email in the third week of January as well as a reminder on the first of March each year about sticking around to fill your ears with great music now there's no pressure to write, and these two emails should also both remind all users, by email, that the forums exist and what a great community they are and so on.

    And really pushing it out, a third email in the final week of June reminding the FAWMmunity about 5090 wouldn't go amiss either.

    I know, the FAWM demigods are volunteers, and so on, but imho it wouldn't take all that much extra effort, i would volunteer to do it myself except i'm not sure anybody would want me anywhere near the controls!

    * When i say "should be", i don't mean that's what i expect to happen, what i mean is it doesn't happen and imho it should!

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