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  • @ustaknow Feb 23


    Ah, yes, there will be those (esp SockPuppets, not cute sock monkeys mind you!), who will:
    "WTF"? 😀 hahhh... however, prior to leaving as many have and will and so it goes...

    On your Icon Profile Button, Third Menu Pick from the bottom is "Archive" (above the often ignored FAQ/Help 😀 )

    Yes, click that, [SaveAs], do it now, -- no Alex can't do it for you.

    SeaU 5090? -- July... ask, if unknow to you, b4 leaving!


  • @ustaknow Mar 2

    Archive Oh Archive (c) 2020 ustaknow (alias) 😉 😀 😀 😀 all rights to knowing all entirely reserved!

    Ah yes, posted "early" 4yah,
    Mocked and often overlooked,
    And then -- the angst and cold sweat comes,
    But it's lost nonetheless 😉 😀

    Oh where, oh were have all my files gone
    Oh were, oh were can they be?
    I had such a good time
    And no I didn't mind
    What that guy ustaknow did say 😉

    -- Well, just say'in, just say'in 😀 what iustaknow, then I can say, told'yaHSo... and derUgo!

  • @ustaknow Mar 6

    Yes indeed, do archive, - that little button above "Log out" 😀
    - I know, who ever logs out! 😉

    Click and Save and Remember where!

  • @ustaknow Mar 16

    === === === === === ===

    Ah, yes, forgot to remember not to forget, - aside from after hitting the Archive button do SAVE it *TOO 😉 and remember WHERE saved,
    I sometimes do a "PRINT" to PDF and then Email it to myself.

    For some the print to PDF may be very large 😀 for me, this time 58 pages, - not to bad. 5090 (forgetting at the moment exactly), but 100-200 ish pages.

    However, remember you may be able to compress it, zip it, - though I have not checked effect. If you know how to do that, - you don't need my help!

    [ When I see folks down the road now, - who've lost their stuff, I'm likely going to giggle like a little girl when still see that nonetheless 😀 ]


    == == == == other == == == ==
    And, big ideas, big ideas 😀 ... :

    - Here's a "Donate", RockHands motivator if Mr. B., others, thinks of stuff like that? After the registrant clicks a "hold harmless" button, best effort thing, run a script that archives the text, content here, Oh My tha'll take a little while to run, -- automatically even, 5 days after ending, Songs with ID's, then compress. The delimiters here are so consistent, - should be a snap to parse that into stripped down text with mixed format tags... - famous last words I know (it's never a snap is it).

    I used to deal with Gigabyte text files, Terabyte even, so this does not seem "weird" to me, and usually compresses well (coredumps to then fish).

    Then, if comes up, "i need'..., if it's there... and etc., even charge a find fee, - that not being any of the so well tuned as-is auto flow of this.

    I suspect the server farm this lives on won't see the difference, but just a guess. I figure a suggestion won't hurt and can put on the long to-do list anyway. Anyway, nice memory for me of krappe I used to do, so comment it 😀 - While hearing over and over and over again that there's a virus out there gonna get us. Anyone else hear that?

  • @sbs2018 Mar 16

    Hey, thanks, for posting this. Unfortunately, I didn’t know this for my first 2 FAWMs. Who reads FAQs, right? And, me a technical writer - lol!

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