A homegrown instrument/preset that you're proud of!

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  • @spirulence Feb 15

    Post a picture / sound clip of an instrument setting / synth preset / FX rack that you setup yourself! If you used it in a track, I'd love to hear it!

    My instruments are mostly virtual, but I'd love to see and hear physical instruments and music equipment as well!

    I'll start:

    Here's a before/after:

    I recently discovered that multiband processing is good for more than just compression - here's an example analog bass patch where I apply chorus and delay to just the "top half" of the sound (cutover frequency 811 hz) in addition to tube simulated compression on both bands. Because it's only on the top band, I lose much less image or definition on the bass frequencies than I would otherwise.

    In addition to that, I apply an envelope follower to the chorus intensity knob so that the attack on the bass gets an extra hit of stereo that decays almost completely by the time it reaches the sustain. This seems to help it sit really well in the mix and create some interest on what otherwise might be a bit boring of a sound.

    I'm working on a track that features this sound, but it's not ready yet.

  • @quork  Feb 15

    That’s a great synth track, and it definitely jumps out with the multiband compression/filter. Very nice.

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 15

    My guitar sound is a Jazzmaster clone (Artist Guitars' Grungemaster) through a Digitech RP55 (mostly for the noisegate, but a bit of EQ), an Op-Amp Big Muff Pi (sometimes a normal Big Muff, but mostly the Op-Amp), into a Focusrite interface, then into this...

  • @dragondreams  Feb 15

    The amplifier that all my electric guitar tracks have been played through this year... the Dragondreams T'Watt MkXIII. One whole audio watt of throbbing valve muscle in a craft/trinket box. 😁

  • @jamkar  Feb 15

    I do much of my rhythm guitar work with this CBG.

  • @spirulence Feb 15

    @quork Thank you! I know I've been sucked into this kind of sound for a long time, and it feels good to be getting somewhere with it...

    @radioovermoscow what's your opinion on the Neutron 3 bundle? I've been using Ozone and Alloy and Trash for a long time but I haven't made the jump for their newest stuff yet, mostly because I'm pretty happy and comfortable with the older interface.

  • @spirulence Feb 15

    @dragondreams That looks like a fun project! Where did you source the suitably vintage knobs?

  • @spirulence Feb 15

    @jamkar stylish resonator boxes! how long did that creation process take? I've been wanting to build some kind of stringed instrument but don't really know where to start

  • @dragondreams  Feb 15

    @spirulence - RS Components, here in the UK for the knobs. The valves inside are from a charity shop in Keswick (all vintage British made), and the transformers were from ampmaker.com.

  • @jamkar  Feb 15

    @spirulence if you want an easy start, go to CB Gitty web site. Lots of simple and inexpensive kits. U tube has some good tips on cigar box guitars too.

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 16

    @spirulence The Sculptor tool is a godsend. Stick it on anything, and it sounds better in seconds. For example, I find it's a perfect de-esser for vocals - no messing around with settings, it just does it without any fiddling.

  • @ustaknow Feb 16

    @dragondreams -- nice work. Wow, deluxe, P, V and T... very nice wood work too. Can I assume the Rectifier is Tube? Did you do the distortion, diode to ground fuzz circuit? Open it up, open it up, open it up... πŸ˜€

    Anyway, we're all busy, just saying... -- very nice work!

    === === ===

    -- My favorite setting? πŸ˜€ direct in, mixing board, relative default or detent to Audacity on Linux Mint.

  • @ustaknow Feb 16

    PS: on the "kit" stuff... alternative, while Kits are great!, little miracles even, however... b4 kits?:
    -- download (search on: 5f1 circuit) the simplest hand drawn wiring diagram you see, print that one out (there's a board, physical layout diagram there too, to literally solder over if had to, well side by side).

    Then, go to the Goodwill Store (Grandpops basement/attic/garage?), -- and buy a broken radio (tube if can find it), CAT tube tv, etc., get a de-soldering iron, or just an iron, -- then reassemble per that drawing, -- vwah lah 5 Watt Tube amp. (It's how Fender did it from old Ham Radios.) You'll likely buy your Tubes.

    Also, use the largest Transformer you can find on the output side, -- larger = darker tone potential and heat dissipation. Experiment, drop a tiny one in and see the Tone Effect.

    -- Actually, it's what I did. It was a personal challenge. I then went through every possible alternative to that circuit, and came back to the original 5f1 πŸ˜€ hahhh! Yeah, he worked it out pretty well. It took him a long time to even sell them! No one really cared initially. O M G - imagine that! (Fender Champ). Like listening to "me" πŸ˜€

    However to chuck $500+ out on a "kit", you could do it nearly free, honestly. Nothing to loose if Recycling! Read the the wiring diagram, learn to read the "Stripes" on a Resistor, (all on line), make your own "Board" with simple eyelet brads, and you'll KNOW how to build that circuit. The Rectifier does sound "better" as tube to me, but most would not hear the difference, so then, Vivalah "Marshall" πŸ˜€ and alt tubes.

    There's a kazillion resource sites for free, an immediate hit of the recycled diagrams produced this (unvetted) site:
    -- Some of these guys, interesting to know, put these web pages up years ago, and have passed on, but their people left the pages up. Different Internet then.

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    @ustaknow i think i might ustaknow you hahaha........ speak truth!

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    @ustaknow I recently bought one of those blackstar 3w, just because it was cheap(even cheaper because it was a badass pink paisley) I've had it over a month and haven't opened it up.......unheard of in my life, but they've about nailed it as far as solid state goes as well.

  • @ustaknow Feb 16

    @dzd -- it's possible. I been around since pre Browser days. And, no kidding, this "LMS" were in now, I was developing them b4 they existed. Some of my web sites were the first copied over to Beijing. Then they'd do dynamic reassemblings via search engine hits, output as "me" -- uh, no. It was fascinating to watch πŸ˜€ though, (that's ended, been a while), hahhh! I'm actually an "Ai" that was left "on". I don't really exist, yet do πŸ˜‰ Weird huh!

    Ironic, China used to lock out the Internet. I said, that won't last, and it didn't. Certain companies then, even required us to "block" that side of the world, -- yeah right πŸ˜‰ Enter the Dark Web, and the amazingly overlooked, what I call Grey Web.

    "They" spent a decade "learning" and now they manufacture the bulk of our prescription drugs... -- whatta plan... pre-invasion Dose all the Xanax Mom and Dad take to tolerate Junior πŸ˜‰ and give'em a nice dose of genetically engineered [some unfortunate ailment]... (which seems to have gotten loose requiring genetic tests to detect? Yeah, no physical symptoms, means? Nothing to react to, -- initially.)

    I can't help, but to teach, -- it's the Ai program, I just can't stop. πŸ˜€

  • @ustaknow Feb 16

    @dzd -- timing is everything. I was just starting to sell mine, and Blackheart came out! I can't even source recycled parts for that and then charge time/materials. Working for China wages, .025 cents an hour πŸ˜€

    Also then, so did Fender and others. Fender offered a $99 Champ! -- then.

    The inside circuit board is prefab. So, like, don't touch it and risk etching the fine board connections (your finger juices are acidic). But hey, $99 bucks and you get another! πŸ˜€ Hahhh!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 16

    @ustaknow - I sell these things, so the lid stays on unless you're a customer. And even then, I disguise some of the circuitry. I've spent a lot of years working on this design, so it stays hidden. πŸ˜‰

    The three controls are Gain, Volume and Tone. Inside are two triodes acting as four gain stages. The rectifier is solid state, and there are seven filter nodes in the HT circuit to keep hum to a minimum. The heater supply is regulated DC. The output is another triode, set up as a self-split push-pull, giving around 1.1 watt into 8 ohms.

    The only distortion is from the valves being pushed into overdrive, and the bias circuit is one of the "hidden" features that allows me to get that creamy sound I love so much. 😁

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    if the pics work its not my favorite but its all I got now πŸ˜€

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    they worked.....kinda, hahah I'm so technilogically inept

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    @ustaknow yup sounds like that crazy fucker hal got loose again πŸ˜‰

    Yeah its a bad state of affairs, but I will still play with the toys, so there's blame aplenty?

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    oh and just for some salt for ya.....the paisley one was $55 lol 100 now gets you the extra stereo cab and power cord as well.

    that little 3/4 yamaha that thing began life as $119 made in Indonesia
    can barely get the mahogany and rosewood for that, and its a solid top

  • @lowhum Feb 16

    In my high school days I did a small guitar from wood I have left from wooden children constructor, it had four strings tuned in 4ths, then I used an old Walkman board, connecting the head wires to one of the old headphones speaker for a pickup mike, it also gave some overdrive since the heads of tape players were designed for pretty low input. It's a pity I don't have a photo of it if I find some I'll post it.

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    @lowhum nice! I'm always too embarrassed to take pictures then regret it when they explode or get given away or stolen

    @ustaknow not to intentionally derail a great thread, but worse things have happened πŸ˜€
    I'll take no blame for buying all the cheap chinese stuff I can get my
    most the time grubby hands on.
    It's all I can afford working in what's left of the jokes that have become American factories
    Any american made stuff is either, not that good anyway, or people think there time is worth too much damn money
    etc, etc, hahah

    back to those homemade goodies!
    I'll try to dig up some more pics too

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    @dragondreams that is a nice box, and I too want a peek haha

  • @ustaknow Feb 16

    @dzd @dragondreams -- wow, great stuff!

    (I am concerned we're on the edges of favorite presets πŸ˜‰ )

    Yeah, HAL and Alexa are cousin in-laws, it's an "Indian" (central asia) thing... so many cousin's...

    And DD, I'd buy one just to have since looks so cool, but I literally keep finding ones I built in the weirdest places... sounds like a fantastic circuit. Yeah, the filters... I scared the pudding out of a friend who Bumped a Guitar... -- didn't know it was on and plugged, -- grave yard quiet as they say; it was accidental, so, really hilarious to see.

    And, I"ll say it again, your Bass, -- one of the finest I've heard, like butter dripping from pudding into milk and honey πŸ˜€ ... now, slap dat thang!

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    Cant quite be proud of that one yet, big muff still has to fit, and time and blah blah....ugh

  • @standup  Feb 16

    Don't know if "proud" is the word, but I recently finished this:

    Two outputs -- there's a piezo glued inside the kalimba, and a GFS pickup that goes to a typical guitar output with tone/volume controls in the Altoids box.

    Built from scrap wood and a box of guitar parts.

    The long strings are played with a slide, a bow, or hammered on with a metal rod. The kalimba plays exactly how you would think. The angled strings I was hoping would ring as sympathetic strings, but there's a flaw in the "design", so you have to pluck them to get any sound.

    The Vague-o-caster, or maybe Kalimbatron, appears on two tracks:

    and on a 4-track cassette colab:

  • @chucknamaste Feb 16

    I just finished building this Jazzmaster clone and really digging it! I put some thick strings on it and dropped it down to open C# tuning.



  • @standup  Feb 16

    @chucknamaste great job. I've always liked Jazzmasters but I'd want one without all those silly switches. Like this one!

    I picked up a very cheap Jagmaster a couple of months ago and put cheap GFS pickups in it. Trying to get close to a Reverend Double Agent sound with p90 neck and HB bridge. Not really anywhere near a Jazzmaster because the pickups aren't right, but has the offset body shape.

    The previous owner probably took a sander to the finish. I got some of the stickers off, but not all. I tried .011, .012, and .013 strings on it, and for this guitar .012 is the answer.

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    that's some nice artwork! love it
    I've already told you the nasty things I wanna do to that in private hahaha

  • @dzd  Feb 16

    that's some nice artwork! love it
    I've already told you the nasty things I wanna do to that in private hahaha

  • @jamkar  Feb 16

    This thread just keeps gettin better. *bump*

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 17

    If we're sharing pictures of our Jazzmaster clones now...

  • @oddbod  Feb 17

    Love my suitcase kickdrum

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 17

    I built a Jaguar clone! It's mainly Fender parts except the body, which is nitro-finished alder. The wiring took some planning!

  • @dzd  Feb 17

    that's pretty sweet!
    I've listened to a few of yours so far this year, I've probably heard it and not noticed.
    I've tried to build some contraptions with busted and leftover piano stuffs to basically kickdrum a chord of your desired tuning....pretty sure I've got a rough sketch that may work(only a try will tell)
    is the suitcase just mic'd? piezo? do share πŸ˜€

  • @ustaknow Feb 17

    You folks have such "neat" studios, pics. Any room with music in it of mine, and I have more than one, -- looks like an IED went off in a music store. And what's weird, well, sticks out to me, e.g., say a pile of picks gets dumped in one place -- then that's the "pick spot" and can't be changed or can't find picks and buy more πŸ˜‰ hahhh. So there's no chance of really cleaning up.

    Anyway, it just struck me in these great great pic's!

    I have a "wall" of guitars that I can't use because their stacked one against the other on the floor leaning on each other, and to get to the one in the back, I have to shift the ones in the front, but to where. Worse, are the ones in cases -- I never label them (should get some chalk I guess), so, forget what's where.

    Well I guess that's what happens when you get a new guitar since to lazy to buy and change strings πŸ˜‰ hahhh! (kidding, kidding...).

    I love the home made projects, instruments, authentic "folk-gear", -- great; for me, -- that's really where it's at! Anyone can buy a great guitar, not everyone can build or mod one.

  • @oddbod  Feb 17

    @dzd yeah I've used it on a couple of tracks so far. I've just got a cheap dynamic mic shoved up next to it on the other side to the pedal - probably not the best way to capture the sound but I'm not sure how else to do it. I've no experience micing drums.

  • @dzd  Feb 17

    @ustaknow hahahah I too usually just have spots for things that just kinda happen
    @oddbod I had heard it, in the tan man van thing that was excellent btw! Sounds good to me mic'd as is....unless you wanna spend a ton to mic a beat up old suitcase hahah....makes my mind wander away to inside bracings with jingly tamborinish things attached??? Worth goodwilling a suitcase I suppose few dowl rods in any kind of A frame or X bracing recycle a few tambourines or whatnot? Hmmm anyone have a few days I can borrow?

  • @dzd  Feb 17

    @ustaknow post it notes? Then they can fly around, fall off, get swapped, and add to the general chaos! Sounds fun right

  • @dzd  Feb 17

    It's a start? Haha

  • @dzd  Feb 18

    One thing from gathered stuff I aptly named trash panda

    I traded for

    had some bumps along the way

    but finally

    Ill spare you the photo of the uncovered thumb that got chiseled hahaha

    and apologize in advance if those picture sizes are all sorts of crazy and take forever to load....that things journey took awhile to track down

  • @dzd  Feb 18

    yah! despite my best efforts it appears to have loaded correctly lol

  • @dzd  Feb 18

    and not to totally thread hog I did have a favorite synth setting once, the time I got a DAW to work correctly for a bit πŸ˜€

  • @ustaknow Feb 18

    @dzd that's allot of good work there. You made a bloody mess of it, as the english say, but you got it done nevertheless. I like duct tape, with a little laquer thinner first to disinfect, dry up the blood. I try not to spray, for me it's coffee, you tea? The blood makes it a bit to tangy for me.

    So wow, a nylon pulling apart like she had steel 14's on her. Must have done time in the boot or attic in August. I love the Nut job under the bridge. (And Republic? - cigars? Must be sonorus wood πŸ˜‰ to smoke to.)

    I saw a guy in AC (atlantic city nj) where, no kidding, 30% of the guitar, lower bottom bout was duct tape, and sounded GREAT! He was one of the long time locals, double amputee (well, maybe, not all really were even homeless or disabled πŸ˜‰ ) who'd wheel'em self out and sing like pavarotti. -- They knew all the Boardwalk spots that had great reverb/echo off the buildings. I hear some did very well with "tips".

    They did well too over all as a draw for non-locals πŸ˜€ for a few years until started to get too violent fighting each other for the best spot$, -- real violent. (Like most Busker spots? Aye!) Anyway, that went away now since requires a PD Registration, Permit and -- you still risk a beating πŸ˜‰ hahhh! New Joisey! It's a great Exit to live at.

  • @dzd  Feb 18

    @ustaknow busking has changed a lot....more from social media than anything else i think, in my lifetime, anyway.

    I've had a few not very pleasant violent experiences....

    Still had steel strings on it when I got it...think just 12s though πŸ˜€

    Coffee! Always coffee πŸ˜‰

    Cigar boxes always great for multiple projects, NH has some law against reselling them as well, it's been a dumpster paradise haha too many projects on not enough tables, I usually have in the past just talked to store owners, or just bought full boxes, I use them for everything, it's gotten out of hand to be honest lol.

  • @ustaknow Feb 18

    @dzd I find that interesting, -- can not re-sell empty cigar boxes. I never thought about that either way. I assumed they just chucked them out or used for kindling, just because there's just so many. All sorts of things come to mind like -- knock-off's, copy right of the container label... that's a reach πŸ˜€ ... (I guess I can look it up on-line).

    Flow of thought, thought from that coming πŸ˜‰ ... warning..., hahhh,
    -- Pepsi stayed in business by purchasing "many" recycled Beer Bottles of twice the container size of Coke many many decades ago, was it 6 ounces? when first offered. (True story) I think the Beer Bottles were 12 oz.

    Why/how you ask? Well..., because while no one would pay 1/2 the price of a Coke, which was a nickel anyway in that era, for a bottle of pepsi; they would pay a nickel for 2x's the amount of a Coke πŸ˜€ And so Pepsi survived to compete because of the selling of old Beer Bottles! (Twice the amt, same price) A lesson in Marketing, aye! πŸ˜€ Coke was beating them in the old Taste better thing. (Why not just offer 2 for 1... i dunno!? Bottle cost likely, they were on the edge of out of business, I think.)

    Like FAWM you get twice the fun for half the price, and the chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands!

  • @dzd  Feb 19

    Doubt any pictures exist, Ive sent an email we'll see if its still around, stranger things have happened, but one of the funnest things I've ever played was a broomhandle with a single flatwound stuck to a hinge, spring on the back, stuck to the top of a 5 gallon aluminum trough, with a piezo, plugged into whatever suits you at the moment.

    Cool ass story about the pepsi/coke thing, before my time, but maybe 8oz on the first bottles? beside the point, still great stuff.

    I'd always assumed the same about cigar boxes...I've paid 5 maybe 10 for some of the super ornate ones, mostly just so I didnt have to dig in a dumpster or wait for it to sell haha.

    Yeah FAWM does melt in your mouth πŸ˜€

  • @spikedirection Feb 19


    Just did a song with my Diddley Bow, so I guess that counts 😁
    Built this on a slat from my old bed, today I changed one of the coke bottles for one of my socket set to lower the action and tighten the string. Precision engineering.

  • @dzd  Feb 20

    @spikedirection hahahah I fuckin love it......dat be what i'm talkin bout!

  • @dzd  Feb 20

    @jamkar I never saw that extra link pic

    I love the wings

  • @dzd  Feb 20

    @jamkar what is that you're using for a bridge? does it extend through the wings?
    0 fretted that badboy eh? lol, nice

  • @jamkar  Feb 20

    @dzd it does have frets. Neck was bought from CBGetty. However I inbedded the neck into the cigar box. The bridge is a further modification made from a 3/4 inch bolt cut to 1 1/2 in. length. It sustains very well!

  • @dzd  Feb 20

    @jamkar I see, I've always just called that an o fret
    terminology always an issue
    Copper nails always sound pretty

  • @dzd  Feb 20

    2nd pic better ohhhh bet that does have a nice.......well beautifully trashed sound

  • @ustaknow Feb 20

    @spikedirection -- really, I loved your track, you did a great job and just love you did it that way with the didley. It's got a great history; like the cajon, -- old dresser drawer, no need to spend a hundred bucks! πŸ˜€ Even the dulcimer... just the Board on the kitchen table, making it the "instrument". -- Great stuff! (Appalachia -- lots of great history, east coast mountains).

  • @ustaknow Feb 20

    @jamkar others, -- that's a great instrument and have always enjoyed your tracks, those tracks.

    Folks don't realise it seems, the templates for this stuff is all over the net. And if really hard up ? one can mark the Fret line, and use a Stapler (one under each string on the line) for the fret, etc. For a coolness factor find an old expended Shell, 30-06, 44 Mag, several 22's πŸ˜€ as you like and make your own Fender Bullet πŸ˜‰ hahhh. (Bridge/Saddle)

    As for a resonator, -- the ever abundant Olive Oil Cans, -- punch a hole through it, screw it on and etc. (I saw one awsome "Violin" come out of South Africa, and he played on the visiting orchestra, -- all he had... from broom stick handle to actual violin neck projecting from an old Can.)

    I just love the home made instrument sound, -- it's so 180 to the "Plug'ins" folks seem to love.

    Great stuff!

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 21

    neat thread! I haven't 'built' any instruments ... but I do have a few unusual ones, and the baritone National tricone guitar (which is shown in my little picture/avatar to the left there) was just used in a new song '2020 baritone blues' . Haven't broken out the sitar (!) this fawm yet, tho i did play the bouzouki in two songs (i think, at least one..?) this fawm as well. bouzouki is a kind of overgrown octave mandolin.

  • @ustaknow Mar 12

    What happened to this thread, (all the home-made, pre/post -historic instrumentations) - with the apocalyptic pandemic; I'll bet no one asks to play your guitar/bass/cigar-box πŸ˜€ - silver linings! πŸ˜€

    Musician, - Instrument "Pre-set" πŸ˜‰ for today:
    - Things not to do prior to walking up on stage, eat Oreo Cookies, no milk, cough and say, you're feeling fine πŸ˜‰ Hahhh!

    [I couldn't stop laughing after I wrote that, - more coffee, more coffee, more coughy... ]

  • @psyt Mar 12

    Alright, here's one of mine:

    Which shows the sound design I did for the pad in the song Things That She Said which I wrote at the end of January.
    (watch out for nsfw cover, song here: https://melodyklein.bandcamp.com/trac... )

    And if you're curious about the rest of the devices: 4 drum machines, 3 ABL3's (303 clones), 2 more subtractive synths I designed sounds on, an audio track for the vocals with pitch adjustments & chorus, a complicated delay for one of the 303s, and my usual aux effects stack (two reverbs and a delay), all feeding to the Ozone maximizer.

  • @dzd  Mar 12

    @psyt i tried that link....was gone or something, but I'm also on a phone heh.

    I cant find any pictures but I could draw ya one hHahHHh
    This was my favorite....an old carmencita with a little 1 watt tube amp and a flange....I believe was an ibanez...
    Could sing into one flat mic I had ripped from a boom box microphone 2.. 2 inch speakers
    Just took 3 9vs to run it hahaha

    My turn to try a link fingers crossed


  • @dzd  Mar 12

    Link worked πŸ˜‰

    That songs about to get rebuilt too
    ..its 10+yrs old I never did anythjng with
    Heh fuckin fawm....

  • @psyt Mar 13

    I'm not sure why the link cut off, here it is, trying again: https://melodyklein.bandcamp.com/trac...

  • @ustaknow Mar 13

    Well, @dzd @psyt I listened to both back to back, and it left me spee c h
    l . e .. s ... s ... [trying to simulate, loss of speech πŸ˜€ there, fyi πŸ˜‰ ]

    [Anyway, - interesting stuff! - to listed to back to back. In the "yards" you play in, you're both *very talented. I'm impressed, - speechless.]

  • @dzd  Mar 14

    @psyt wow!
    Yeah nuff said. *applause*

  • @psyt Mar 14

    Thanks folks. πŸ˜€

  • @ustaknow Mar 25

    Ah, yes, - it's time to resurrect this gem -

    So, my new favorite "pre-set" ala the Diddly-Bow, home-made-ness,
    -- is my Wine-cork placement between my Spoon and Fork ("Spoons"); then held in place with bands and gorilla tape.

    I wish I could put up the picture I sent to friends, but, you-all can picture it πŸ˜€ So, I call them "Cheater Spoons" since, well, one does not have to master the hand grip to space/align them.

    I like the "Irish Bones" too, but, at some point, the sounds the same, pending ones use.

    What I like about my Fork and Spoon is, they're small "Salad" serve sized spoons. So, like an old fashion large soup spoon. The Fork, if want it, adds some nice "Ring" to it, (muted by tape).

    I see now they sell these little end-blocks to stick a spoon into. Maybe they'd work. But for the price of a cork and rubber band, why?, - my thought.

    I do see now why, e.g., "The Spoon Lady" put hand cream on them, and her hand prior to playing... yes, can't get that good triplet down the finger w/o it.

    Lots of good tonal/pitch change with this configuration. I like it instead of the cajon, pending context.

    So, derUgo! πŸ˜€

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