Who do people think you’re like?

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  • @rshakesp  Feb 14

    As a Fawmling I’ve been blown away by how generous people have been with their time and I’ve had a interesting (and far too flattering list of comparisons:

    Joni Mitchell
    Bill Fay
    Francis Dunnery
    The Beatles
    Johnny Marr
    The Who
    And The Kinks

    Clearly I’m some kind of musical genius 😂

    But who are you getting likened to?

  • @wacha  Feb 14

    I get Chrissie Hynde/The Preteders a lot more than I would have thought.

  • @pokerowan  Feb 14

    Lily Allen. My vocal style is apparently very English.

  • @pearlmanhattan  Feb 14

    I get Janice Joplin, Tina Marie, or tanya tucker depending on the genre.

  • @aeye Feb 14

    it's all over the place, but in the past and in this FAWM, we've been compared to Moby, ATB. Massive Attack, Hybrid and some others. It works out in a way because those are some of our influences. So their styles will probably bleed through.

  • @alyxanderjames  Feb 14

    Nick Drake or Elliott Smith are the two I’ve heard most often.

  • @rainchaser  Feb 14

    From 50/90 2016: Ringo Starr (Lyric-wise)
    Psychedelic folk
    Death Cab For Cutie (early) for my song Books

    Fawm 2018:
    Lou Reed
    George Harrison
    Daniel Johnston

  • @dragondreams  Feb 14

    I get Vai, Satriani, Yes, Johnson (Eric), Martin Barre quite often. Sometimes Dream Theatre gets mentioned. 😳

  • @gardeningangel1  Feb 14

    Tom Waits, and I'm still riding the high.

  • @corinnecurcio  Feb 14

    My songs have been called Beatlesque, RIchard Thompsonesque, Chris Isaak-like, my voice compared to Grace Slick, Sandy Denny, and recently, Patsy Cline!

  • @aflinner  Feb 15

    Hard to think offhand, but I remember someone mentioning Coldplay at one point....if you listen to any of my songs, I’d love to hear who you think I sound like. 🙂

  • @metalfoot  Feb 15

    I have gotten a lot of comparisons, but most commonly TMBG. And I can live with that.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 15

    All kinds of people, most of whom I haven't listened to that much.

  • @boyatheart Feb 15

    Several years ago at FAWM I used to receive many comments about my voice sounding like Bono, although that was then. It definitely doesn't sound like that now if it ever did.
    Also in more recent years: Tom Petty quite a bit the Police & Bon Jovi a couple of times and several artists/bands I've never listened to before - a couple I'd never even heard of before.
    Whatever the comparisons I don't mind them.
    I respect every person's opinion about what my music sounds like to them!

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 15

    Long time ago before the days of FAWM, when I was young and high I used to write a lot of folk psychedelia and sing up in my head, I got a lot of Neil Young comparisons then, time and whiskey and cigarettes have played part and now I get a lot of Tom Waits mentions, in between I would get some John Lennon and Peter Gabriel comments.

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 15

    i deliberately try different musical and vocal styles in FAWM so I'm hard to characterize, I'm softer now but used to get Cohen an awful lot.even more live.

  • @stephenwordsmith Feb 15

    I occupy an interesting position as I usually get compared to people who aren't actually songwriters.

    This year, I've had Shakespeare, Dickens, Poe and Edward Gorey

  • @thedutchwidows  Feb 15

    REM. Always REM. But then I think I sound like them too (musically at least, not so much vocally).

  • @cts  Feb 15

    It's usually Prince, Curtis Mayfield and James Brown. I've also been told that I sound like Lenny Kravitz (sometimes) and Ray Parker, Jr.

  • @atitlan  Feb 15

    As a lot of my songs are 80s inspired synthpop I often get Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys or Depeche Mode mentioned. For vocal comparisons I've had Lennon quite a lot (both John and Julian).

    This year has seen one song get a lot of Prince comparisons.

    Lyrically, I'm all over the place but in the past there been a couple of Beatle-esque comparisons. My favourite, though, was for a sci-fi based lyric that got William Gibson comparisons - now that's cool!

    Interestingly I almost never get a comparison that correctly identifies the source of a song when I think I've been really derivative (for which, read totally ripped off)

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 15

    I not only wear my influences on my sleeve, I carry a big f**k-off sign to hit people with if they don't get it.

    I've been working hard on getting 'a sound' together the past 18 months or so, and it's starting to come together now - a (hopefully kind-of unique) blend of Smashing Pumpkins guitars, Devo drums, Cars synths, Nirvana bass and Manic Street Preachers/Divine Comedy lyrics.

    Might still have a long way to go in some people's opinions I guess...

  • @jcooper  Feb 15

    Always Joan Baez

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 15

    I get Debbie Harry a lot, which I don't hear but it's an excellent compliment. Others have included Tegan and Sara, Little Boots, Hi Fashion and Flight of the Conchords.

  • @elainedimasi  Feb 15

    When my "gauzy" track reminded @autoclamp of The Magnetic Fields, that was very cool. Got to go and look them up. Turns out a friend had their 3-disk "69 love songs" set lying around - which is a lot like a FAWM album! - I haven't done much "gauzy" lately. Maybe I can try and see if I still can!

    IIRC, it was around that time that I was comparing @autoclamp 's writing to that of 10,000 Maniacs and The Cranberries.

  • @tcelliott  Feb 15

    @pipewrench67 - I used to get Neil Young a lot, too.
    Lately people have been saying I sound like me. Not sure if that’s a compliment or not.

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 15

    With the stuff I've been doing for the last few years, I've had comparisons to people like Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, Bowie, Thomas Dolby, Boards of Canada, Art of Noise, etc. Apparently I sing a bit like Tony Hadley! All flattering in one way or another but I don't think I'm anywhere close in quality!

  • @the3queens  Feb 15

    Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, Laura Nyro, Aimee Mann is what I've heard...and once in a while Karen Carpenter.

  • @spikedirection Feb 16

    So far this year I've been compared to Iggy Pop, Woody Guthrie and CAN. Bit of a mix to be sure

  • @spacehoers420  Feb 16

    I sometimes get compared to Tangerine Dream. I know nothing about them.... I should probably check them out some time, but I don't know where to start!!

  • @rahkoi Feb 16

    Historically, usually mostly Tim Burton. I don't know what it says that my common reference point is not a musician.

  • @sbs2018 Feb 16

    In the past, I’ve been likened to the artistic style of Prince to David Bowie, to name two. The only comparison I’ve had this FAWM is Kate Bush. As I’m doing more and more EDM, I can see that may be why I’m not getting the comparisons this year.

  • @billwhite51 Feb 16

    Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Robert Johnson, Tom Waits, Leonard cohen, Van Morrison, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Pablo Neruda, Neil Young, John Lennon, The Doors, Old Testament Prophets, David Bowie,

  • @jamkar  Feb 16

    lukas Nelson and promise of the real
    David Bowie
    Tom Waits
    Burt Bacharach
    Jack Bruce
    Johnnie Cash

  • @atitlan  Feb 16

    @rakhoi I would guess that if your getting Tim Burton mentioned, what people really mean is the person who normally scores his movies, i.e. Danny Elfman .

    @spacehoers420 For Tangerine Dream, try Hyperborea ('83) and Rubycon ('75) as decent starting points.

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 16

    @aflinner Had the chance to enjoy a few of your songs this morning and I have to say what I love about them is their variety. Obviously the constant is your smooth vocal style, but even with that I wouldn't be able to say you particularly sound like anyone. And I think that's a good, good thing.

  • @resonut123 Feb 16

    A handful have said I sound like: Lou Reed. A few have said: Bryan Adams. Some others were: Bob Dylan, John Fogerty & Jim Morrison.
    I personally don't think I sound like any of them, but I'll take the compliments!!!

  • @frenchcricket  Feb 16

    Most people think I sing like a guy, which I get, I thought I was one for three decades.

  • @tcelliott  Feb 16

    One of my songs was compared to Townes... which is a stretch, I fear. But an insanely awesome compliment, nonetheless.

  • @bootlegger Feb 17

    A smattering of artists I've been compared to off the top of my head:
    Bright eyes
    Sufjan stevens
    Elliott Smith
    Mike Kinsella
    Tim kasher
    Radical face
    Manchester orchestra
    My bloody valentine
    Bare naked ladies

  • @scottlake Feb 17

    One time someone left a comment on one of my Soundcloud songs that I sounded like David Sylvian. I had to look him up. The comparison didn’t make sense to me. Other than that I don’t get much comparison comments unless I’m intentionally copying someone. I once won kvraudio’s monthly song contest that was an anonymous cover song month where I did Beck’s The Golden Age. I even put some cotton balls in my cheeks to try to get that mumbled sound he has when he sings. Some in the discussion that month accused me of submitting a copy or demo from Beck himself which I took as a mission accomplished! https://rockstarnot.rekkerd.org/songs...

  • @smileymn Feb 17

    I did a Daniel Johnston tribute project a year ago, and I had a lot of people tell me that that music was perfect for my approach/voice.

    With this project I had one friend say it reminded her of Leonard Cohen (high praise!). I think it's because my songs are more verbose this FAWM season though.

  • @tippergore Feb 17

    I haven't appreciated the comparisons that have been made to me at the PMRC.

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 17

    I've gotten a few They Might Be Giants comparisons this year. I don't see it in my output this year, but not a bad group to be compared to. 😀

  • @hammersmith Feb 18

    A couple of recent reviews have made comparisons to The Eagles. I don't hear that at all, but I'll take it.

  • @sailingmagpie  Feb 18

    I get Bowie quite often, probably because we were both born around the same area, so have similar accents!

  • @declan  Feb 18

    I've only had three comments this year...only posted three songs, so that's not the end of the world. But I got ...

    The Moody Blues (for a rap song)


    The Bruce Springsteen of Northern England and WH Auden for a Casiotone song.

    Which make a change from Mark E Smith.

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 19

    I lived in the Bromley/Hayes area for nearly ten years, which might explain why I get Bowie comments a lot (I used to drink in the pub where David and Angie held their wedding reception!)

    When I sing in lower registers, I get Leonard Cohen comparisons instead.

    Extremely flattered by both.

  • @chipwithrow  Feb 19

    @tcelliott - I think it's awesome that someone thinks you sound like you! I've listened to enough of your songs over the years that I would be able to tell it's you. Same with @headfirstonly and several others who have posted in this thread.
    A few commenters on my songs have told me they can tell it's me, and I take it as a compliment. Occasionally I'll get a Jerry Garcia or Grateful Dead reference, which is especially nice when the commenter doesn't already know those are my two main influences.
    I've gotten the Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Neil Young comparisons too, and I think at least some of that is because I'm a guy with an acoustic guitar (except more piano this year).
    When I comment, I usually try to avoid comparing to someone else. I know it's an easy and useful way to comment, and I used to resort to it often when I dabbled in music journalism.

  • @colgoo Feb 19

    The longer I stay here, the fewer artists I am compared to.

    I had two people compare me to Tori Amos this FAWM.
    I think it’s more about the pitches I choose for a song, or the song structure. Because my past comparisons have me all over the map. I listen to an eclectic mix of artists, so it makes sense that my influences would inform how people hear my voice.

  • @atitlan  Feb 19

    @colgoo It's amazing how subtle some cues are that trigger someone to say you sound like an established artist - anything from timbre of voice, to phrasing. to a guitar sound, to a particularly distinctive synth patch.

    I always love seeing those comparisons left by others when I'm writing my own comments for people - it tells you so much about people's musical reference points.

    And, of course, Tori Amos, when she first started was always compared to Kate Bush (piano, high voice, a bit weird). Doesn't happen so much many years and numerous albums on, now it's clear that any likeness was very superficial.

  • @colgoo Feb 19

    I have been compared to Kate Bush, too.
    And a bunch of iconic folk singers like Joan Baez.

    Yeah...I learn so much about people’s musical tastes when these comparisons get made.....so far, no one has compared me to PINK or Queen Latifah.....those would be really big stretches!

  • @kc5 Feb 19

    Ingrid Michaelson (whom I am unfamiliar with), Joan Baez and Kelly Clarkson. Not necessarily from people at FAWM, though.

  • @elainedimasi  Feb 19

    @scottlake re: the cotton balls in cheeks to sound like Beck, that's pretty amusing! I always think Beck sings like somebody with their jaw wired shut. I'm a fan!

  • @ustaknow Feb 20

    Batman. Sometimes Aristotle. Otherwise, just me. I've been called Ashehole a few times, but I don't know who that is. I often see the initials WTF and TLTR but, I've never heard their stuff either. It's all very interesting!

  • @scottlake Feb 20

    @elainedimasi i also tried marbles but it was over the top.

  • @calumcarlyle Feb 20

    Sometimes i get accused of sounding like Nick Lowe, somebody i never actually listen to! (i have heard of him, of course though).

  • @elesimo  Feb 28

    Mountain Goats, who I never heard of before. Listening to him (it's a single guy) now.

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