the #randomized-samples challenge

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  • @sci Feb 5

    I've gotten a lot of feedback on my gimmick for this year, so I'd like to share it for anyone who's interested

    the premise: a script will randomly select some samples for you, and you have to stick to those samples when writing your song.

    the requirements: this script was designed for windows. sorry, mac and linux users. ive only tried it on win7.
    also, the folder where you plan to put your pack must already exist and be empty!

    every other step should be covered on this page:

    if you have any questions, ask in here.
    if you make something from a randomized pack, tag it with #randomized-samples and give a description of what you were forced to work with!

  • @nateger  Feb 5

    This seems so fun and curses! I have a MAC but I would totally play otherwise

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