Any Bluegrass/Americana/Old-Timey Fawmers??

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  • @dani312  8 weeks

    Would love to connect with others in my genre on here, but there doesn't seem to be many.... hmmm.... REVEAL YOURSELF 😀

  • @unkept 8 weeks

    You might like @johnstaples stuff. 😀

  • @dani312  8 weeks

    @unkept already following him! 😀

  • @coolparadiso  8 weeks

    i do 1 or 2 each fawm. I have one done already but not yet posted.

  • @chipwithrow  8 weeks

    Indeed - I'm a banjo and mandolin picker, but my chops are rusty. Not much picking since the 50/90 challenge.
    Lots of the kind of music you describe here:

    This FAWM, I'm mainly doing piano/vocal - last FAWM was almost all guitar/vocal so I want a new challenge. But I'm sure I'll do a few guitar songs in your genres, and I'd be tempted to pick along with others' songs.
    Oh, and check out @sjbatavia.

  • @valeriecox  8 weeks

    If @kevinemmrich is writing this year, you'll find some great Americana with him.

  • @sjbatavia  7 weeks

    I play mostly bluegrass and Americana music. Haven't posted anything yet, but I have several songs in process. I'm always open to co-writing, so if that's of interest, let me know.

  • @fuzzy  7 weeks

    Check out @tjod.
    I'm not sure if he is still active here, but he used to do quirky banjo bluegrassy kinda stuff.

  • @pipewrench67  7 weeks

    I lean towards "americana" in my writing in general (you wouldn't know it by the song I've posted or the one I'm working on).

  • @whispermouse  7 weeks

    I play guitar/mando/clawhammer banjo in a couple bluegrass and americana bands.

    I think we did a banjo/fiddle collab two years ago, @dani312 ?

  • @johnstaples  7 weeks

    Hey @dani312 ! Check out my friend @grayland. He has already posted a sweet bluegrass/folk/Americana tune here

  • @complexissimple  7 weeks

    I was unaware until now that "old-timey" was the actual name of a genre of music. I shall look into it. It certainly seems to be the right era (I'm a steampunk, so anything that was in around the Victorian era/turn of the century is relevant to my interests and will probably influence my songwriting). A lot of my songs are not written with any particular genre in mind, but I bet I've got some that don't have instrumentation yet (which is most of them) that could be retrofitted into this genre. Or some insane hybrid of it - looking up "electrified fiddle with distortion" now. . . .

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    I belong to a local Americana music organization and I lean towards the singer-songwriter edge of Americana more than anything else so there may be more of an overlap than a solid connection. I'm not really bluegrass or old-timey, although I am old LOL. When I play out it is basically straight-up (possibly a bit of reverb) me and a guitar. Here at FAWM I do some guy-with-guitar and a fair bit of experimenting with other instruments and effects so you may want to listen to others moreso than I.

  • @andygetch  7 weeks

    @dani312 I suggest that you check out @unknownbecky

  • @songwriter  7 weeks

    I think so!

  • @dani312  7 weeks

    wow, thanks guys! Some really awesome suggestions here! I'm enjoying going through all these!! 😀 <3

  • @dani312  7 weeks

    @complexissimple its so funny you say that because I've had this conversation with other old timey friends and they ALL started as punk musicians!

  • @tsunamidaily  7 weeks

    i write americana, myself, but it tends toward blues and older country, but not quite old-timey, though i have written a couple like that. and that's not all i do, either.

  • @tan482 7 weeks

    Me!! 😉

  • @jamkar  7 weeks

    I usually do one. Expecting to this year as well.

  • @kludge 7 weeks

    I think I'm writing mostly country/Americana this year. It's just where my head is at, and it's definitely the roots of my guitar playing and sense of song structure.

  • @scubed  7 weeks

    A fair amount of what I write falls into the Americana category. Íll probably write at lest a couple of song on clawhammer banjo, and maybe on mandolin.

  • @mikedebenham  7 weeks

    @philnorman does good American Americana.
    @oldlostjohn does good Swedish Americana.

  • @kropka 7 weeks

    @scubed nice idea, good luck

  • @dani312  7 weeks

    Cool! Glad I’ve got some more people to follow on here!! 😀

  • @dani312  7 weeks

    @mikedebenham nice suggestions! Loving it!! 😀

  • @bronnyd  6 weeks

    HEY just saw this yay I play old time fiddle, guitar, some upright bass and some banjo. no bluegrass.
    my fave tune at moment is Gary Harrison's Ol' Bob 😀

  • @tseaver  6 weeks

    I'd call most of what I do "Americana," in some sense -- I draw from classic acoustic blues, classic country, "hillbilly" records, jugbands, etc. (not too much pure bluegrass, but I do love Western Swing). I've posted one song this year using frailing banjo as the main instrument: "Husband of Age,"

  • @whispermouse  5 weeks

    Check me on this melody:

    I THINK it's original, but it's hard to tell if I unconsciously just re-played some other tune I know. Does anyone recognize it? I'd hate to play it with a band at some point thinking it's original when it's not 😁

  • @spinhead 5 weeks

    My stuff usually falls in the Americana/folk realm. I don't do any picking, so I don't use the term bluegrass 'cause folks usually expect Earl Scruggs or Marty Stuart, which I ain't.

  • @whispermouse  5 weeks

    @spinhead I appreciate that. I'm not a purist, and I think bluegrass can (and should) be a big tent, but there are a LOT of people out there using the word "bluegrass" for things that aren't even remotely related, and it really muddies the waters!

  • @spinhead 5 weeks

    @whispermouse I don't know every song in the universe, but I ain't never heard that one before.

    I am reminded of a story Will Ackerman tells about a song, I forget which, from his first album. Once it was recorded, he realized he'd lifted the tune almost entirely from a John Fahey tune. So naturally he got on a play, went to Fahey's house, and played it for him.

    Fahey listened, and when Ackerman was done Fahey drawled "You can have it."

    Probably funnier to hear him tell it. Unless it was Leo Kottke, in which case it'd be even funnier. I'm sick and my memory isn't what I used to think it used to be.

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