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  • @fuzzy  Feb 2

    Folks, this is the official Century Club thread!

    We all like to give Comments, don't we?
    Here's the thread where you can gain the undying gratitude of your fellow FAWMers as well as fortune and fame!!! (well, I can't really promise the "fortune" part)

    When you reach a multiple of a hundred comments given I'll update the list.
    Who's gonna be next???

    - @kovbleu
    - @wacha
    - @thelowestbitter
    - @colgoo
    - @cts
    - @sbs2018
    - @mikeb
    - @hummingbear
    - @lvgd09
    - @mdavisto
    - @celineellis
    - @rshakesp
    - @edwardsmusic
    - @kevinemmrich
    - @toms
    - @dreamscuba
    - @russiasaturn
    - @frenchcricket
    - @klaus
    - @howthenightcame
    - @julesbf
    - @kissinginpublic
    - @tiller2
    - @tawny249
    - @quork
    - @johnstaples
    - @andybalham
    - @gm7
    - @barbara
    - @kable
    - @emkaydeebee
    - @robynmackenzie
    - @driftwood1
    - @gardeningangel1
    - @davidbreslin101
    - @sph
    - @sw1n3flu
    - @vivalarayna
    - @sunnymae
    - @dasbinky
    - @sph
    - @jeustan
    - @siebass
    - @boyatheart

    - @jacobeverettwallace
    - @skylermf
    - @cynthiawolff
    - @mikeskliar
    - @musicsongwriter
    - @wolfkier
    - @crisp1
    - @paulh1237
    - @seemanski
    - @karlsburg25
    - @stephenwordsmith
    - @dragondreams
    - @musicsongwriter
    - @bitshred
    - @standup
    - @owl
    - @nancyrost
    - @wobbiewobbit
    - @sailingmagpie

    - @fuzzy
    - @tamsnumber4
    - @ustaknow
    - @theresaj
    - @jwhanberry
    - @mikeb
    - @scubed
    - @candle
    - @pipewrench67
    - @gslade
    - @chipwithrow
    - @andygetch
    - @writeandwrong

    - @heliosonorous
    - @rayboneor
    - @keithcuts
    - @adforperu
    - @oddbod
    - @zecoop
    - @headfirstonly
    - @bradbrubaker
    - @audrey

    - @tseaver
    - @judypie
    - @ayehahmur

    - @ductapeguy

    - @elesimo
    - @coolparadiso
    - @billwhite51
    - @kahlo2013

    - @metalfoot

  • @billwhite51 Feb 2

    I passed 100 comments today.

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 3

    i won't be in your league this time @billwhite51

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 3

    @fuzzy I have hit 100.

  • @gslade Feb 3

    Level up and give 100 Fawmling Comments

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 4

    Just realized I hit 100 comments. So many amazing songs to listen to and so little time.

  • @ductapeguy Feb 4

    Centurion ductapeguy checking in. Just hit 100.

  • @quork  Feb 4

    You guys are impressive!!!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 5


  • @oddbod  Feb 5

    Cento grazie

  • @billwhite51 Feb 6


  • @billwhite51 Feb 6


  • @metalfoot  Feb 6

    I'm well past 100!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 6

    @gslade A noble goal and one which I will attempt to do this year.

  • @metalfoot  Feb 6

    And past 200.

  • @rainchaser  Feb 6

    I've only done 19 comments so far! I need to catch up!! Lol

  • @elesimo  Feb 6

    I'm also past 200. Trying to comment on every song in my watchlist this year.

  • @gslade Feb 6

    Just hit 100 with 23 being FAWMLINGs. I have such a big watchlist after 10+ years though. So many tracks!

  • @kovbleu  Feb 6

    Woo hoo! Hit 100 comments today!!!!

  • @wacha  Feb 6

    Just made it 100!

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 6

    Making the most of having internet fir a couple of days.
    200 here now!

  • @thelowestbitter  Feb 7

    Just hit 100 ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

  • @elesimo  Feb 7

    I just hit my 300 mark... so many great songs!

  • @rayboneor  Feb 7

    Iโ€™m not sure how it happened, but I made the club in week 1. Thatโ€™s never happened to me before (100)

  • @colgoo Feb 8

    Just passed 100. Slow and steady....

  • @andygetch  Feb 8


  • @keithcuts  Feb 8

    Iโ€™m there ๐Ÿ™Š

  • @tseaver  Feb 8

    Not there yet, which is odd for me at this point in FAWM: I plead wretched travel / family issues and promise to amend my ways.

  • @engebretsen  Feb 8

    There was a person the last couple of years that actally put a "poster" on you`re soundbord. Is she/he here this year?

  • @bitshred Feb 8

    I just hit 100. First time doing so. I highly recommend it. Thereโ€™s some nice surprises out there. Going for another this week.

  • @scubed  Feb 8

    I just passed 100. Hope I can keep up this pace through the rest of FAWM!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 8

    Finally got myself on the list, yay!!

  • @judypie  Feb 8


  • @wolfkier Feb 9

    thanks @fuzzy for taking the reins this year.
    Go Centurions, you make FAWM roll!

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 9

    103! WHoohoOOoOOOoOO!

  • @theresaj  Feb 9

    Iโ€™m in the 100+ club! And Iโ€™m behind in listening.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 9

    Just made 103!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 9

    300 club here!

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 9

    Congrats and thank you to my fellow FAWMers for all of your comments and feedback! And thanks Fuzzy for hosting the site this year!
    I am over 200 and have heard and some incredible songs and read amazing lyrics. What a creative group of people!

  • @cts  Feb 9

    Well...I made it. 100 here and I ain't stopping.

  • @ductapeguy Feb 9

    Presenting myself for promotion. 200 and counting.

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 9

    101 for me!!! I made it into the club!!!

  • @kevinemmrich  Feb 9

    I am up to 25 (ha, ha) -- but I got a late start!

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 9

    Just entered the 100 club

  • @tseaver  Feb 9

    W00t! I've made it to 100, which is great, but about half a week behind schedule based on past years' efforts. I've got work to do!

  • @billwhite51 Feb 10


  • @sbs2018 Feb 10

    Just saw this - yeah I passed 100 comments a few days ago.

  • @sbs2018 Feb 10

    Whereโ€™s the delete button for double posting? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @sbs2018 Feb 10

    Congrats @billwhite51 - thatโ€™s pretty awesome!

  • @elesimo  Feb 10

    Just crossed the 400 mark! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @ustaknow Feb 10

    Yup, just sang a C note, -- 100

  • @wobbiewobbit  Feb 10

    wow so impressed with some of these numbers! i am up to 110 comments now so sign me up!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 10

    I just realised I hit 145 last night. And every song a good one!

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 10

    Just rolled over the 100 here!

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 10

    Just hit 100.

  • @adforperu  Feb 10

    112 o'er here! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @seemanski  Feb 10

    I have a 10 a day habit and I've just gotten my last fix.

  • @paulh1237  Feb 10

    I did it! I did it!

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 10

    over 100 comments given....

  • @skylermf Feb 11

    Just hit 100!

  • @stephenwordsmith Feb 11

    Just call me Blink 102, because I blinked and missed that I had left 102 comments.

  • @candle  Feb 11

    A little behind my listening/commenting rate from last year. But just hit 100 comments.

    See You In The Shadowsโ€ฆ

  • @fuzzy  Feb 11

    Forty one people on the lists so far!
    Keep up the good work, folks!!

  • @mikeb Feb 11

    Hit my first 100 this morning!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 11


  • @hummingbear  Feb 11

    Just hit my first 100.

  • @lvgd09  Feb 12


  • @mdavisto  Feb 12

    I should like my keys to the executive pissoir, please.

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 12

    300 here now, slowing down!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 12

    Well, @mdavisto, we don't have the funds for an "executive pissoir" but there's a bucket out on the front lawn if you want to use that.

  • @gslade Feb 12

    Just hit 200...and I really think I've never enjoyed so many as I have this year. I don't know what's in the water. Either I'm better at selecting (which is doubtful) or the quality is just high. (way more likely.)

  • @oddbod  Feb 12

    CC for me

    @mdavisto that's when you reach 500, but you can stop using the bucket now and use the sink

  • @judypie  Feb 13

    207! Didnโ€™t even realise! ๐Ÿ˜

  • @celineellis  Feb 13

    Well I didnโ€™t know how to see this kinda info til I clicked something the other day!! Iโ€™m on 111 and 30 zongs busted. Iโ€™m on a mission to bust more zongs!!

  • @tseaver  Feb 14

    W00t! Just hit 200.

  • @zecoop  Feb 14

    I passed 100 in the last day or so... This is definitely a down year for me. But onward!! As always - tons of great songs. You are all amazing.

  • @chipwithrow  Feb 14

    Made it to 100 just now, and now I'm going to bed.

  • @rshakesp  Feb 14

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Iโ€™m past 100
    Please add me to your list. โค๏ธ

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 14

    200 Club, reporting for duty. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 14

    Over 300 now and wish I had more time to listen and comment! So grateful for all of the new wonderful music I am hearing!

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 14

    I hit 200! Yay!

  • @elesimo  Feb 14


    Still catching up with my watchlist, and also listening to random FAWMers. So much good stuff!

  • @billwhite51 Feb 15


  • @ductapeguy Feb 16

    Dropping by to ring the bell. Just barely keeping a 20 comment per day pace.


  • @edwardsmusic Feb 16

    I've made it to 100!

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 16

    Finally hit 100 even with dodgy WiFi and self imposed lack of phone time out here in Thailand ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 16

    Just spent a really pleasurable couple of hours listening to FAWMsongs and have hit 200!

  • @rayboneor  Feb 16

    Wow, I hit 200! I've never made it to 300 before, but it should be a cakewalk this year. I've heard dozens of songs that would stand with the best there is in the pop music universe. Some astonishingly talented people here

  • @fuzzy  Feb 16

    Just upped myself to the 200 list!

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 16

    Off to a slow start listening and commenting this year because of fun (but non-FAWM) stuff going on, but I'm back at it now. Just hit 100.

  • @keithcuts  Feb 16


  • @coolparadiso  Feb 16

    400 here

  • @kevinemmrich  Feb 16

    Made it to 100 finally!

  • @heliosonorous Feb 16

    Made it past 200 as of today.

  • @toms Feb 17

    101 today. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @metalfoot  Feb 17


  • @adforperu  Feb 17

    into the 200 club, please!

  • @ductapeguy Feb 18

    I listened and commented on 60 songs today. You all are awesome musicians.
    Ringing the Bell for


  • @theresaj  Feb 18

    Iโ€™m over 200 now! I love just grabbing zongs as they show up and listening/reading. Such a great community.

  • @colgoo Feb 18

    Over 200 now.

  • @wacha  Feb 18

    Just hit 200 today!

  • @tseaver  Feb 18

    Just passed 300.

  • @elesimo  Feb 19

    Just hit 600... my watchlist is growing faster than I can listen, and I'm also trying to listen to FAWMlings like @gslade suggested.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 19

    Made 200 today.

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 19

    Phew...just made the ton...
    @elesimo 600!! Wow ...that is amazing.

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 19

    Over 400 now

  • @oddbod  Feb 19

    ...a little too much perhaps?

  • @fuzzy  Feb 19

    That's perfect, @oddbod!
    Not sure what you mean by "made the ton,", @dreamscuba.
    Do I need to update the list for you?
    Excellent excellent work, @elesimo!!

  • @oddbod  Feb 19

    @fuzzy "ton" is a colloquialism/slang for 100 in UK

  • @fuzzy  Feb 19

    @oddbod ; Riiight. I've never heard that one.
    I'll get @dreamscuba on the list, then!

  • @russiasaturn Feb 19

    Just made 100! Last year was my first time making it into the Century Club. Really hoping this year I can get to 200.

  • @sailingmagpie  Feb 19

    Oops, forgot to post when reached 100.

  • @elesimo  Feb 19

    @oddbod but a ton is a *thousand* kilos......... ๐Ÿ˜

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 19

    500 here

  • @oddbod  Feb 19

    @elesimo I never said it made any sense - it's just slang ๐Ÿ˜‰

    my friend Google says "a ton is a measurement of 100 cubic feet of capacity"

  • @billwhite51 Feb 20


  • @dreamscuba  Feb 20

    @oddbod thanks for the explanation... I was thinking of cricket as well...
    @fuzzy thanks for adding me, apologies for the colloquialism. And there are units of weight spelled ton and tonne....so even more confusing...

  • @fuzzy  Feb 20

    No worries, @dreamscuba!
    I learned something new and interesting!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 20

    I guess Iโ€™m in! I have not been commenting enough this year, though I think that I greeted every new fawmling. I will get on it. The songwriting has been smooth and consistent this year, so probably will get a lot more listening in this weekend.

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 20

    In England Australia NZ India and any cricket playing nations a ton is when a player scores 100 runs so in those countries a ton often means 100.

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 20

    Move me on up, please! Made it to 203! Thanks!

  • @billwhite51 Feb 20

    move me up too,, please 500

  • @frenchcricket  Feb 20

    I'm hopelessly busy and distracted this year, but I have just hit 100

  • @zecoop  Feb 20

    I have finally hit 200... Starting to get more listening in and it sounds so good. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @candle  Feb 20

    Well, I've been behind in my listening. Almost caught up. But I just passed the 200 mark. Still lots to go.

    See You In The Shadowsโ€ฆ

  • @skylermf Feb 21


  • @coolparadiso  Feb 21

    i think you missed my 500 thx

  • @spacehoers420  Feb 21

    I just started commenting on whatever zongs I listen to. I think I'm up to 11 now. But I'll get there. ๐Ÿ˜

    On an unrelated note, just clicking on "Songs" and checking out random zongs is really interesting... if you don't do it sometimes, you [CENSORED]ing should, because it's [CENSORED]ing fascinating!!

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 21

    well 20 days in and I finally made 100

  • @klaus  Feb 21

    I just hit 100. It's well below my usual commenting rate but these things happen.

  • @ustaknow Feb 21


  • @judypie  Feb 21

    300! Hit me!

  • @mikeb Feb 21

    200! Haven't had much listening time this past week, so I've been trying to comment on 'lyrics only' posts where people didn't say 'demo coming'.

  • @howthenightcame Feb 21

    @howthenightcame here. I've heard some great music this year, gravitated towards rock and the noisier end of the spectrum. and (even though I'm not sure how, because work has been intense) I've just hit 100 comments...

  • @scubed  Feb 22

    Iโ€™m past 200 now.

  • @fuzzy  Feb 22

    Sorry about that, @coolparadiso!
    Over 500 comments, nice job!!
    Sometimes it's hard to keep track cos there are so many awesome folks giving so many awesome comments!
    I've updated the list for you!

  • @adforperu  Feb 22

    I'm past 300, wahoo!

  • @julesbf Feb 22

    Well it has taken me much longer than usual but past 100 now

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 22

    Just hit 200!!

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 22

    no worries. thank you @fuzzy for running this!

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 22

    Sign me up for the 200 Club!

  • @keithcuts  Feb 22


  • @heliosonorous Feb 22


  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 22

    I just hit 100! Sorry, been another slow listening year for me this year.

  • @tiller2  Feb 23

    Stumbled across the 100 mark, finally!

  • @tawny249  Feb 23

    Heeey look, I got to 100! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @metalfoot  Feb 23

    600 ๐Ÿ˜

  • @tseaver  Feb 24

    Just noticed I crossed the 400 line today.

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 24

    I just hit 200 comments

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 24

    Just hit the 300!

  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 24

    I didn't realize till now that I've given 216 comments. Didn't even think I gave a hundred ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @judypie  Feb 25

    400! I canโ€™t stop listening and have no idea what Iโ€™m gonna do with my time post fawm ๐Ÿ˜

  • @ductapeguy Feb 25

    Slowed down a bit last week, but I've reached 500.

  • @quork  Feb 25

    Just hit 100. Those of you many rungs up the ladder are truly amazing.

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 25

    300. Lots of gold.

  • @wolfkier Feb 25

    BTW: 250-ish zongs out there as of now. If every centurion took just 10-15 minutes (many of them are lyrics) there'd be none.
    Here's the list of zongs in need of a little FAWM love:
    Hoping for another zong-free FAWM this year!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 25

    Has anyone looked at all the members on the list lately?
    Together, we have given thousands of comments!
    Excellent work, folks!

  • @billwhite51 Feb 25


  • @crisp1  Feb 25


  • @andybalham Feb 25

    I made good on my aim to comment on 4 a day and today made it 100 on schedule. Kudos to all those pushing way beyond that.

  • @johnstaples  Feb 25

    Well, kinda ashamed to admit it, but I've only just now hit 100! I'll work on improving this number this week and in March!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 25

    I just gave my 300th comment!

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 25

    Just hit 300!

  • @kable  Feb 25

    Got to the big 1 double 0 today. It's gonna be hard to get to 200, but I'll see what I can do ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @chipwithrow  Feb 26

    Just hit 200 - now off to bed! Goal is 300 for sure - I'll be hanging around well into March!

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 26

    Over 500

  • @barbara  Feb 26

    I have so little time to give to listening this year (writing too), but I finally crossed over into 3 digits this weekend, now at 107.

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 26

    600 here.

  • @gm7 Feb 26

    Just hit 101...i have a long way to go to catch @kahlo2013...

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 26

    Just left my 200th comment. That means I'm very nearly up to a ratio of one comment made for every comment left. Yay!

  • @paulh1237  Feb 26

    200th comment! I demand recognition! *he says only to find a number of people have left more than 400 comments*

  • @rayboneor  Feb 26

    I don't think I've ever come close to 300 before--but I made it this year. So many great song!

  • @keithcuts  Feb 26

    @kahlo2013 thought this thread was for individuals who wrote 100 songs

  • @seemanski  Feb 26

    I'm over the 200 line now.

  • @audrey  Feb 27

    I've given 150 comments now. Guess it's time I got myself in 100 comments given group. Thanks for doing this @fuzzy

  • @emkaydeebee  Feb 27

    Phew, itโ€™s taken me a long time, but Iโ€˜m finally in the century club! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 27

    I have cracked 200 with shed loads to go ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @rayboneor  Feb 27

    I see that paulh1237's demand for recognition was effective. I demand that I be moved up to the 300 group! I can no longer bear to be languishing with the slackers in the 200 group, especially when I'm soaring toward 400 ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you, fuzzy

  • @zecoop  Feb 27

    @fuzzy - I have now entered the 300 floor. I think there are secret handshakes or something now, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @elesimo  Feb 27

    @zecoop you get access to the VIP area of the site: https://fawm.org/vip. It usually shows up as a 404, but if you have 300+ comments you have access to a special lounge area.

  • @zecoop  Feb 27

    @elesimo - Wow... game changer. I totally forgot about this from last year!!! I guess I won't be getting any more work done here at work....
    (relaxes with feet up on the VIP ottoman) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @keithcuts  Feb 27

    ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† lol @elesimo @zecoop you got me

  • @zecoop  Feb 27

    @keithcuts - oh yeah... we got your back. Sorry, we had reset the 300VIP web lock code because @judypie from the 400's was trying to prank us again. It's all set. You should be good now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @judypie  Feb 27

    Oooooh, itโ€™s lovely in here! Everythingโ€™s changed purple and velvet! ๐Ÿ˜ (yes, thatโ€™s my idea of luxury) ๐Ÿ˜› And there are KITTENS everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • @zecoop  Feb 27

    @judypie - We even made sure to pick out only the purple and pink kittens for you. We were just joking about that other thing, but we do have a few items we want to bring up to 400VIP once that opens up. I hear it's a mess right now with the remodel.

  • @keithcuts  Feb 27

    ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† OMG itโ€™s glorious!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 27

    Oh you crazy kids!

  • @stephenwordsmith Feb 27

    They say your first million is the hardest, but I will attest that your first century is definitely the easiest. I've just scraped through my second one - 200 for me.

  • @keithcuts  Feb 27

    the soundtrack is the best part imho

  • @elesimo  Feb 27


    I slowed down a bit because I remembered I also need to write some songs! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @tseaver  Feb 28

    500 today.

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 28

    Just hit 101

  • @ustaknow Feb 28


  • @driftwood1  Feb 28

    Just managed to sneak in before the end of the month ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • @dragondreams  Feb 28

    Sneaked over the two hundred mark earlier.

  • @ductapeguy Feb 28

    Ringing the bell for 600. Averaged just a little over 20/day this year.

  • @andygetch  Feb 29


  • @metalfoot  Feb 29


  • @unpronounceable Feb 29

    Halfway there! <3

  • @gardeningangel1  Feb 29

    100 comments and what a pleasurable endeavor it's been!

  • @davidbreslin101  Feb 29

    Like the speedy tortoise, I have inched over the 100 mark on the final day! Only the second time I've ever managed that.

  • @theresaj  Feb 29

    Over 300! Still behind...

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 29

    Over 600 and still listening to some awesome music and hope to continue for the next few weeks!

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 29

    Over 300 as of today.

  • @sph  Feb 29

    100 - better late than never

  • @judypie  Feb 29

    Hit me up for 500! ๐Ÿ˜ SURELY I get keys to the VIP lounge now???

  • @coolparadiso  Mar 1

    i am over 700 much to my surprise.

  • @heliosonorous Mar 1


  • @audrey  Mar 1

    I'm over 200 now. Whoopee!

  • @ayehahmur  Mar 1

    Topped out at 400, which I think is my record for all my FAWMs. Gonna get some lunch and come back for more later.

  • @fuzzy  Mar 1

    Hey, folks, I'll be updating the Century Club list throughout March, so keep those comments flowing!

  • @sw1n3flu  Mar 1

    I finally went over 100 comments earlier today ... !

  • @mikeb Mar 1

    Been busting some Zongs today to get over 300!

  • @rayboneor  Mar 1

    Okay, I'm ready for 400 level access. I understand that there's a champagne fountain and shiatsu massage chairs

  • @keithcuts  Mar 1


  • @scubed  Mar 1


  • @musicsongwriter  Mar 1


  • @judypie  Mar 1

    @rayboneor Actually.. champagne and massage chairs are only unlocked at level 500.. But youโ€™ll be happy to hear you DO get lemonade and a footstool! ๐Ÿ˜

  • @rayboneor  Mar 1

    @judypie Um, are we talking fresh squeezed lemonade? It's not Crystal Light, is it? ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • @judypie  Mar 1

    Hahaha, Iโ€™m guessing thatโ€™s an American thing? I am unfamiliar with its work ๐Ÿ˜› No man, itโ€™s proper Schweppes! 400 club is major-league! Just gotta get one more notch before you get the champers ๐Ÿ˜

  • @vivalarayna Mar 2

    Hit 100 today. Now back to listening... ๐ŸŽง

  • @headfirstonly  Mar 2

    Just hit 300. Lots more listening to do!

  • @bitshred Mar 2

    I just made 200. yeah i know I'm slacking. I'm still listening and loving it.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 2

    800.(and still rolling)

  • @adforperu  Mar 2

    I'm well into the 400s now!

  • @standup  Mar 2

    I did make it to the mid-200s. Iโ€™d like to clear 300 before I slink off into the sunset.

  • @dasbinky  Mar 2

    Finally hit 100. Still pushing forward!

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 3

    Just passed 200

  • @audrey  Mar 3

    Just hit 300 @fuzzy and still listening and counting.

  • @owl  Mar 3

    Just hit 200!

  • @nancyrost  Mar 3

    Oh yeah, I passed 200 a bit ago - count me in too!

  • @sunnymae  Mar 3

    I made it!

  • @wobbiewobbit  Mar 3

    catching up on returning comments at last, past 200 now

  • @candle  Mar 3

    Passed 300 yesterday. Still trying to catch up on my Watchlist.

    See You In The Shadowsโ€ฆ

  • @sailingmagpie  Mar 4

    I've been so rubbish at remembering to come to this thread! I passed 200 ages ago.

  • @jeustan  Mar 4

    Just crossed the hundo finish line, today! WOOP!

  • @oddbod  Mar 4

    slowed right down in the last week but finally hit 400

  • @sph  Mar 4


  • @zecoop  Mar 4

    I have finally entered the 400 chateau. GREAT music...

  • @boyatheart Mar 4

    Well it took long enough but I broke through 100 comments today.

  • @headfirstonly  Mar 4

    Just hit 400. And I noticed I've busted >100 zongs in the process.

    Still listening, still commenting, still finding amazing music.

  • @bradbrubaker  Mar 4

    400! In good company, it looks like.

  • @rayboneor  Mar 4

    @bradbrubaker The company is good, but there's no champagne. Bring your own hip flask!

  • @bradbrubaker  Mar 4

    @rayboneor, hmm, hip flash. Sooooo NOT this?


  • @rayboneor  Mar 4

    That's the ticket, Brad. That way we can have our hands free to type song comments

  • @pipewrench67  Mar 5

    I've come around the track for the third time joining the 300 club got my booze hat all prepped and ready to go, who wants to play foosball, there is a foosball table, up in here, right? I'll be slowing down on comments for a bit I have a show Friday the 13th and I should, probably, learn how to play all the songs we are doing before then.

  • @billwhite51 Mar 5


  • @siebass  Mar 5

    Just hit 100, with many more comments still to reciprocate and more zongs to bust.

  • @gslade Mar 6

    @billwhite51 >> impressive / Going for 1k???

    @fuzzy >> just hit 300

  • @billwhite51 Mar 6

    @gslade i dont think i will make it to 800. not enough people still here

  • @gslade Mar 6

    @billwhite51 >> I see what you mean. How do you determine if they're hear or not? I got a thread going and people are opting to receive my absurd brand of feedback. It has a few members you may not have hit up yet. You may have, but can't say I checked.

  • @kahlo2013  Mar 6

    Over 700 now. And still a lot more listening I want to do!

  • @billwhite51 Mar 6

    @gslade i check the threads each morning for new posts from people who say they are sticking around. i listen to their songs and comment on the ones i have a response to. then, if i hear back from them, i check out more of their songs. the last couple of days, i am lucky to find five songs to comment on. and that rate will probably decline soon. so it will be hard for me to hit 800. also, im moving this weekend and dont know how long it will take to get internet hooked up i the new pace. so ill lose a few days there. on the bright siden the songs i have been discovering from people i havent known before have been quite good.

  • @siebass  Mar 6

    Usually someone will make a weekly roll call for March, to see who is still here and active, often it's @chipwithrow, but I can start one for this week.

  • @ayehahmur  Mar 7

    500! Think I'll take a break for today, but I'm still finding utter gems in there.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 7


  • @chipwithrow  Mar 8

    Made it to 300, and calling it a night. But I'll be back tomorrow - I'd love to get to 350 as long as folks are hanging around.

  • @audrey  Mar 8

    Just gave my 400th comment in. So much music to enjoy.

  • @andygetch  Mar 8


  • @chipwithrow  Mar 11

    I'm bumping this, and also thanking @fuzzy for keeping track of us.

  • @fuzzy  Mar 11

    You're quite welcome, @chipwithrow! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @boyatheart Mar 11

    I passed 100 a while ago, but wasn't added to the list. I'm gonna do my best to hit 200, which has been my minimum since 2016.

  • @writeandwrong  Mar 11

    Beam me up, @fuzzy! I just hit 300! WhoohoOO! Thanks for managing this! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @chipwithrow  Mar 26

    Made it to 400! (Had to dig a bit to find this thread.)
    I'll keep reciprocating on comments I get, and keep checking the forums. Might as well - lots of computer time lately.

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