Demos not playing in Firefox

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  • @mikeskliar  Feb 1

    So I use Firefox as my web browser (or whatever its called).. and I noticed that while soundcloud demos play, the 'embedded' demos don't play in Firefox.

    can someone fix that perhaps? using chrome or internet explorer seems to slow down my old computer to a crawl (or is there another browser I should be using on this old windows 7 machine?)

  • @bithprod Feb 1

    Same problem here. Right click "Download mp3" and "Open in new tab". Firefox Developer Edition doesn't work either, by the way. I think it's because the player is based on Java Script, which is unsafe garbage.

  • @vomvorton  Feb 1

    Switching back to Chrome is the only thing that really works for me. I managed to find a way to get the songs playing in Opera by telling it to trust a load of things that it doesn't want to trust but it needs doing every time I start the browser so not really worth it!

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 1

    The fix is the little lego looking icon in the browser bar. You have to adjust your settings to allow playing of Java.

  • @ustaknow Feb 1

    Try Opera -- a more stripped down one. There are others, but the more stripped down, likely won't do much other than compile HTML, text 😀

    If you ever get a chance, have an old clunker PC around and a tech friend, try loading Linux Mint (not necessarily the latest version, -- be aware) and the Open Office stuff that replaces MikrowSoft stuff quite well. Then load Audacity, -- notta problem, and see how you like it.

    Keep your current PC of course, but, just a thought.

    The first time I did that, maybe three years ago, took me, I think it was 2-3 hours and never looked back.

    Again, buy a tech friend a case or beer for AFTER the work and give that a try.

    All, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, et alia run on it. (Wonderful thing about Linux Mint, -- no updates, unless you want to.)

    Well, since you asked 😀 and with full why of it 😀

  • @headfirstonly  Feb 1

    It's usually a result of Firefox not handling the Flash fallback correctly. I've not had the problem since I uninstalled Flash.

  • @nightwing521  Feb 4

    @headfirstonly; I admit to astonishment. I had not expected that to have ANY effect but it did the job perfectly. T1E6!!!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 4

    Yeah, for whatever reason Firefox wants to default to Flash over HTML5 with this current player so removing Flash fixes the problem. Once Flash is fully deprecated and FF won't let us run it at all, the problem will be solved here forever, too.

  • @kable  Feb 4

    I like the "auto-advance" and "play-random-song" features of this site, which simply don't work in Firefox. Even on Microsoft Edge, these features work, so Mozilla's got some ground to make up here.

  • @timfatchen  Feb 4

    I gave up and either downloaded into another tab on Firefox or run through Chrome (thus tightening Googles grip on us all...)

  • @klaus  Feb 4

    It also might be that the demo is streaming from Dropbox. I use Dropbox and demos play perfectly fine in Chrome, but not at all in Firefox, except with "Donwload MP3".

  • @gmcgath  Feb 4

    @jacobeverettwallace That can't be right. Nobody uses browser-side Java anymore. The suggestion by @headfirstonly to ununstall Flash (which is headed the way of browser-side Java) makes more sense to me. I haven't had any trouble playing demos in Firefox.

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 4

    @gmcgath that must have been an outdated browser. LOL. Just tried it on my new install and I don't have any issues at all on FF.

  • @fourzeroes Feb 4

    @jacobeverettwallace Thank you! Clicking the Lego brick fixed my issue 😀

  • @hamiltonpoolhall  Feb 4

    What does one change once in the Lego brick menu?

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