zedisdead 4


Lille FR   Feb 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   my favorite bands and artists are, it may miss names on this list ..... Led Zeppelin, the Doors, Genesis, Muse, Placebo, dEus, Pink Floyd, Serge Gainsbourg, New Order, Daft Punk, Jean Michel Jarre, Moby............

Hi everybody
first of all, sorry for my english ....
I'm Zed, a French amateur musician and composer ..... I play tuba, sousaphone and bass guitar. I composed several tracks for pop rock band some with lyricss, others without. As well as some instrumental titles to illustrate pictures ...I'm currently working on more electro compositions
. Your opinions are welcome
See you soon.


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  • @tosm Feb 28

    Thank you for taking time to comment on my songs. Catch you on Soundcloud!

  • @aneil Feb 26

    The demo for Sarahโ€™s Song is up! My album is also out https://open.spotify.com/album/3nzwsM...
    Have a listen if you have time. Thanks for your input on Fawm

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 11

    That is fine with me. I think @pearlmanhatten was also going to try to mesh the words to her backing track as well. So as long as it is okay with her too, that is fine with me! Thanks for asking!

  • @chandra83  Feb 6

    Thank-you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @chandra83  Feb 6

    Hi, Zed!
    Sure, let's hear it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @aneil Feb 1

    Thx for comment on Sarahs song I have no direction musically at present it got this far and then stopped. Luckily I posted it on her FB page as I lost the hard copy and electronic version I had. enjoy Fawm any ideas welcome !