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4217 PH   Feb 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   Mostly old blues guys and the guys that emulated them. I try to write a little of everything.

Have a shack up in the Adirondacks of New York, but live overseas in exile at the moment. Mostly a lyric writer but I can bang out very very rudimentary tunes with persistence. Hoping to collaborate.


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  • @redlady8029  Mar 2

    Thank you for reading all my lyrics and liking them. I love hearing they touched you in some way.

  • @pvk2020  Feb 22

    Thanks @yewnorker and true. I put some in there but actually created this in 4 hours. The lyrics are on @filklore

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 21

    try this link for that song you couldn't get to play (tenor banjo orange disaster) http://files.fawmers.org/FAWM_2020/mi...

  • @tiller2  Feb 17

    Thanks for your insightful comments on "Jacob's Ladder." The first stanza is straight from an old hymn using the original melody; then I will use a compatible but more relaxed melody for the rest of the song. If it all seems to work; I'll let you know when it's posted 😀 Cheers.

  • @cherok40  Feb 17

    Thanks a lot for listening! Really appreciated!

  • @ceilidh  Feb 16

    Thank you for the feedback on I Still Love You 'Til the End. Maybe I'll send a link to the local Alzheimer's Assn. 😀

  • @ceilidh  Feb 15

    The music for I Still Love You...is now posted 😀

  • @ceilidh  Feb 15

    Thank you for your kind words on I Still Love You 'Til the End. I sang it for my husband for Valentine's Day, and will try to get the music up soon.

  • @mikeb Feb 13

    Thanks for the listens and comments on my songs!

  • @mychellemusic  Feb 11

    I appreciate your comments. All the best!

  • @maccadaisy Feb 9

    Many thanks for such a meaningful comment. I absolutely adore your writing, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  • @treble Feb 5

    Oops I meant to write thanks for your comments on Through the Fog, not Go. Think I may still have a little brain fog left.

  • @treble Feb 5

    Thanks so much for your comments on my song Go. I did think about George Harrison as I wrote it. I loved his final album.

  • @visiblydistorted Feb 2

    Thank you! Have a most excellent FAWM 😁