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  Apr 2011


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Influences:   Jeff Bridges. Other FAWM musicians. Crap art. Mad poets.

In 2018, I did FAWM Squared, Fourteen 14-track improvised albums. When I completed my 14th, I celebrated with a 15th. Then to help the community hit a song-count milestone, I did two more albums on the last day.

While I have my eye on attempting a 50/90 Squared, I don't think that it will be in 2019.

My 20th release of 2018 was "Mixed Scifi Songs," which used an experimental "ambient acapella" genre. I might explore that more in 2019.

Christmas Day of 2018, I released three more albums. 23 is a nice prime number, though one is an EP and another is a three-sided single.

New Year's Eve, someone on Slack convinced me to release an album, so I released the folk acapella album "Strange New World."

My birthday is in early January, and I didn't want too many days to elapse without another album, so I released my second "ambient acapella" album, and my first album of the year, "The Cusp" -- which was based upon a FAWM 2018 skirmish.

Unfortunately, my only release in 2019 is a 9 track 30 minute EP, and I hate EPs.

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