Holly 12


New York, US   2 weeks


Artist Bio

Influences:   Recently, Rook (https://rooksfeather.bandcamp.com/) In general: bits of folk punk, country, folk, emo-ish things.

Formerly known as @wen, fawmer since '14. every year I think I can't possibly do FAWM and yet somehow, I manage. If you're in New York city, you can catch the show I'm in right after FAWM: https://www.ajijaak.com/2019-tour/
Part of Existential Despondency.


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  • @mikeskliar  11 hours

    thanks for the message- it may work out- may do the gathering this coming saturday from afternoon to early evening, etc, i"ll keep you posted! and congrats on getting close to 14! I have to check out some of the new ones!

  • @sunnymae  5 days

    I'm so glad you enjoyed hearing "I Can Love you Today" Thank you for your sentiments. I've been enjoying your highly unique expressions as well 😮)

  • @monplaisir 6 days

    Rook is the best, glad to see another fan of her on FAWM 😉

  • @cherok40 6 days

    Thank you for listening and for your nice comments! Much appreciated!

  • @jorh 6 days

    Thank you for your lovely comments on 'I fly' - I'll be sure to check out your songs when i am somewhere quieter to listen 😀

  • @mikeskliar  1 week

    quick hi again, and enjoying your songs on here! not sure if you saw, but after reading some of the 'pronouns' thread i wrote a song about the subject, thought you might perhaps get a kick out of it- (see link at end) anyway, best, and I'll let ya know if we can figure out a NYC FAWM meet up sometime- guessing with the project you're in (which looks neat!) that near the end of Feb might be a busy time for you tho? https://fawm.org/songs/91251/

  • @nicholastozier 2 weeks

    Congrats on getting the first song down! Pleased ta meet'cha Wr3n.

  • @mikeskliar  2 weeks

    hey, welcome back !!!