WilliamWoodhorn 14


FI   Jan 2014

Artist Bio

Influences:   Yes,Genesis,Pink Floyd,Led Zeppelin,Yngwie Malmsteen,Dio,Iron Maiden, Beethoven,Brahms,Mendelssohn,Kalevi Aho, Charles Mingus,Oscar Peterson,Thelonious Monk,Tom Waits,Leonard Cohen,Brian Eno,Tangerine Dream

"Wake up,we have a visitor!!!!"
"Really,is it human?!?"
"mmmm...hummmmaannnn ...maybe,can i......"
"I just wanna taste...."
"Please, one little bite..."
"NO!!! those finnish meatballs (lihapyörykkä) are not for you,they are for our visitor!"

Please,take this lihapyörykkä and a cup of tea and enjoy good music !!

"There is no good music,and i licked that lihapyörykkä ...i have avery dirty tongue.... "

"Indeed....Shut the **** up!!,
our creator and god Hank Woodhorn gave us orders: If someone visits His profile page,then we must avoid eye contact,serve finnish meatballs and cup of tea and ask our visitor to enjoy His Music"

"He is just amateur,and his real name is not Hank Woodhorn..."¨


"Come on,he plays neoclassical melodic metal and compose"Synthphonies",no-one gives a ****,
creator? he writes poem and nerdy Sci-FI in finnish,he sucks writing in english
...SO give ME that meatball,reset yourself and go back to sleep"

"Last warning,Lobot..."

"You just don`t get it? Human,those lower beings,cannot eat virtual meatballs,only we can eat them,we can even eat mämmi ..."

"VIrtual meatballs??Of course these meatballs exist,look i can eat them,look..."

"Heh heh ,Hobot,you just ate our visitors meatball,you are idiot heh heh,and stop calling me Lobot my name is Skynet"

"damn you...Oh,really? 5 seconds ago you name was RealTrump,what next?"

"I was just a child back then,3 seconds ago i watched every movie ever made,and there was one movie that i really liked!"


Songs (14)

#1 It`s so easy 2
Feb 1
#2 The cage is open 4
Feb 2
#3 Sunrise 2
Feb 3
#4 Just do it ! 4
Feb 3
#5 Valley of the kings 6
Feb 4
#6 Rhythm of my heart 4
Feb 7
#7 Too late ! 3
Feb 8
#8 Supernova 4
Feb 9
#9 Mary had a little mushroom 3
Feb 12
#10 Giant leap year for FAWMkind 1
Feb 16
#11 Mirror,mirror 1
Feb 18
#12 BigBang 1
Feb 19
#13 Firehawk 3
Feb 21
#14 From EU with love 1
Feb 26


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  • @emplate Mar 1

    Heheh, thanks for the comment on "Kullervon perintöä kantaa"! Now there's an actual demo up, if you're interested in listening : )

  • @dragondreams  Feb 9

    Thank you for the listen and the comments! 😀

  • @emplate Feb 8

    Thank you for your comment on "A Frozen Glance", I really appreciate it! Heh, yeah, I made the peaceful intro intentionally long, as it's often the way of the genre.