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Dearborn USA   Jan 2015  

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Pretty darn excited about songwriting. Shaking out the dusty paradox of life, one word at a time.


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  • @dianaviney Mar 1

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my song. I looked up Margo Timmins....of course! Cowboy Junkies one of my fav voices over the years. What a compliment! Thanks for being so supportive, this Fawm has done wonders for my confidence. I am 47 and just read the about page on your web site and am feeling inspired by you. Cant wait to listen to more of your stuff. Bye for now.

  • @sayda Mar 1

    thanks for the comments! yes it's definitely incomplete, but I appreciate the feedback! I should repeat that line πŸ˜€

  • @resonut123 Feb 29

    Drawback to placeholders is (I think?) no other Fawmer can access it. But, in March you can edit it (like adding music perhaps) and then make it public again and then go to the forums... there usually is an updated demo thread and put your song Link in there. The FAWM action does die down quite a bit in March and April though.

  • @resonut123 Feb 29

    To make placeholders: go to the song lyric... hit the edit button... then go to status and make private available only to you... & save it!

  • @resonut123 Feb 29

    Good work Robin, congrats on the Win!

    You could change your lyrics to place holders and update them with music later... if you so desire.

    Only issue with that I think... is everybody is locked out and can't read the lyric. I think???

  • @adnama17  Feb 29

    Glad you are better! I think we still have an unfinished song from last 50.90, don't we??? One of these days we should finish it. πŸ˜€

  • @johnstaples  Feb 28

    Thanks for listening to Who'll Get The Dog! I loved "recklessly sad"! That describes way more than half my songs!! For me, the dog represented the very tip of that sad, sad iceberg but one very visible and obvious. Thanks again!

  • @bobskyyoung Feb 28

    Congrats on completing FAWM 2020!!!!

  • @rayboneor  Feb 28

    Ha...we will call it a draw. I was thinking about how warm your guitar sounded, and how scratchy mine is. If you want to know my secret for vocal treatment, here it is: Garageband "classic" vocal preset

  • @rayboneor  Feb 28

    Hey, I'm done with fawm! Don't make me write another song!! I'm busy with my idiotic non-songs at the moment πŸ˜€

  • @adnama17  Feb 28

    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you???

  • @sheslin Feb 17

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on Alive! I do love DADGAD and recently got a Baby Taylor guitar - mainly for travel - but it just sings in alternative tunings!!

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 10

    Thank you for listning and commenting

  • @mishykatz  Feb 7

    Thank you for the listen, nice comment and the watch! I will make time to listen to some of your music soon! I am super excited about songwriting too, awesome to FAWM with you!!

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 7

    Thank you for the kind words on my on the road of life lyrics

  • @guatecoop  Feb 6

    Yeah I like that album too. Thanks for the nice comment!

  • @stuartbenbow Feb 6

    Hey Robin, glad you're back at it, and on track for a good FAWM so far.

  • @andrewjtaylor  Feb 6

    Wow. Thanks so much for the compliments on Is-Ness. When I saw the preface to your comment on my text notification, and that you prefaced it with "I don't mean this to be trite" I fully expected a "but this SUCKS." πŸ˜€ The song was fun regardless, so I wouldn't be too affected. Did not expect such a positive review! Thanks again for the time and thoughtfulness!

  • @wingandwaltz  Feb 6

    @zecoop it’s MEEEE 😁 it’s YOU it’s UZZZZZ πŸ‘πŸŽΆ

  • @zecoop  Feb 6

    Woot woot.... Look who's here! Yay

  • @wingandwaltz  Feb 5

    we are!

  • @downburst  Jan 17

    We doin this?