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48124 US   Jan 2015

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Pretty darned excited about songwriting. Maybe obsessed. Shaking out the dusty paradox of life, one word at a time.
2021 constitutes my second real attempt at FAWM, with 2020 being the fist year I met either any of the goals of FAWM or my own personal landmarks. I had hoped to have a little half arse studio set up by this year, but again, that hasn’t happened. But, I am here. I will be happy to share my crappy phone demos and so happy listen to your songs and to experience all the ways you inspire and challenge me!
Hey, Robin Monterosso Music on Fb, like it if ya like.
And, I’m Robin Monterosso in general.

Songs (14)

#1 Light Years 3
Feb 4
#2 Emberly 8
Feb 4
#3 Winter Wonderland 11
Feb 6
#4 It’s the Grouting That Gets You 8
Feb 7
#5 Sunset On Jerusalem Road 7
Feb 7
#6 You Were Wrong 3
Feb 11
#7 Fight for Love 1
Feb 16
#8 Your Heart is a Song 2
Feb 16
#9 Wildflower Winter 3
Feb 17
#10 Will I Ever Know 1
Feb 23
#11 Wild and Free 2
Feb 23
#12 The Phone Number Song 2
Feb 23
#13 Diggin’ Up Memories 1
Feb 27
#14 Listening to John Prine 1
Feb 28


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  • @lizbrinker  Mar 4

    @wingandwaltz , if you have any of those lemon or pecan bars left, I'll be right over. Thank you for understanding my plight. All the best to you and your beautiful work.

  • @amelea Mar 1

    Ha, and I was smiling my face off while I read your comment 😉 It wasn't until right as I was exporting the song and listening that final time that I started laughing out loud at the lyrics

  • @richaaaay  Mar 1

    My comment about teasing was just that I like watching people play their instruments. Not so much to know the chords but to see little details, like maybe how you are plucking strings or choosing to finger chords or embellishments. If there's video, I like to see those details. You played your guitar nicely...

  • @metalfoot  Mar 1

    You can list a bunch of private songs and unlock them as you finish them, yes. You can also make them restricted so only logged-in FAWMers can see them.

  • @metalfoot  Mar 1

    Oh bless you! Thanks for the kind words and I will go back and take a listen here and there... starting tomorrow. Tonight I'm just kind of chilling out and going "how on earth did I do all this again?!"

  • @kellyizzoshapiro Feb 28

    Thanks for the comment! I’ve been battling with it so maybe I will try bringing it back around and see what feels right 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • @daveyboy103  Feb 27

    Predictable is a great song by Erin, I just sprinkled a bit of fairy dust on it.

    he voice is solid gold.

  • @aneil Feb 19

    @wingandwaltz thx for your comment on thumbs up! Yes peopling has become higher priority now nearly a year into lockdown in SA. Looks like you well on your way.

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 18

    Robin! @wingandwaltz ! I loved your beautifully-crafted comment on Bliss, Nothing But Bliss. Thank you for listening!

  • @mishykatz  Feb 8

    Love your profile very cool and poetic. Thanks for the feedback on my Remarkable Voyage song! I am gonna have a listen to yours soon!! <3 Much appreciated and so good to see you!

  • @improvyssey  Feb 8

    I like the way the Roland sounds; it was modelled on a grand piano, and while the Roland is definitely a digital piano, it has a nice tone. The signature Yamaha tone is a little different. It's best, if possible, to try them both out one after the other to see which one clicks with you.

  • @nahlej381  Feb 7

    Thank you so much for saying those nice things!

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 7

    @wingandwaltz thanks so much, Robin☺️

  • @improvyssey  Feb 7

    Thanks for the lovely comment on "At the Window, Dreaming." To answer your question: no, this is an older model Roland (from around 2000), not a Yamaha Clavinova. It's over 20 years old and still going strong.

  • @rayboneor  Feb 6

    Hey, thanks! No one has ever called me the "P" word before

  • @bobskyyoung Feb 5

    Hey there - looking forward to your contributions as well. Hopefully we can both roll out a few demos this year, too. 😀

  • @resonut123 Feb 5

    Thanks Robin for the nice comment on my blues song: Take Me Down.
    I will check back later to listen to your tunes when you add music and your lovely voice to them.

  • @kingwoodkowboy  Feb 4

    Robin, Thanks for your review of "Across The Western Prairie."

  • @psyt Feb 4

    Thank you for the comment. 😀 btw, when are your demos coming? I wanted to repay the comment with one of my own, and it seems there will be demos, but not yet?

  • @persaab Feb 4

    Thank you for your comment.

  • @b4rkst4les Feb 3

    Hi Robin, I have been working on learning how to play guitar during this lock down. Without gigs, gotta do something right. I am about to upload my first song.

  • @resonut123 Jan 30

    Hope you are waltzing and winging it this year!

  • @kellylog99 Jan 18

    heyo Robin!
    So excited about FAWM 2021 and can't wait to hear your stuff!