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Born in Germany, grew up in Pittsburgh, back in Germany and teaching kids math and science.

My sweetheart @ryuu explained FAWM to me on our first date, so I caught the bug for FAWM 2015, where I surprised myself by composing a slew of children's songs. The best part? Meeting (online) all the sweet FAWMers who were so supportive -- thanks, y'all!

After FAWM 2015, I had a highway of good intentions to practice my lyric writing and composing over the past year. But my teaching job keeps me crazy busy, even in the vacations. But I'm going to try to write at least a few songs this FAWM!

I took up the guitar for the first time on my birthday this year (October), so I might try to play some pieces. Otherwise I play tenor recorder, piano and mayyyyyyybe I'll dare to record myself singing. I love singing and I've been doing it all my life: my family used to sing together on car-trips, I sang in the church choir and in college. But I've never had any vocal training and I'm super-shy about my solo voice. Oh, and I have no recording equipment, so that's a hurdle. But let's be optimistic!

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  • @karan  Feb 12

    I bet you are busy, but it would be SO nice if you could grace us with your presence ... 😀