Willie Hawkins 9


Lewisburg US   Jan 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   Beatles, Roy Orbison, CCR, Bread, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Old Country

6th year now, been looking forward to FAWM. I have been with Day-Cinn chapter of NASI for about 8 or 9 years now, having fun and learning about songwriting.


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  • @matthew62  Feb 28

    Willie, thanks for listening and commenting on my songs. Much appreciated.

  • @arthurrossi Feb 27

    Willie! Thank you so much for the wonderful, heartfelt song that you made for "An Unfaithful You". The acoustic guitar is so awesome, the melody is so beautiful suiting a sad ballad and your vocal delivery is great and feels absolutely authentic. Thank you so much for having given me this honour again.

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 25

    Thank you for commenting on my collab song "This Time", I appreciate it!

  • @arthurrossi Feb 24

    I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful way how you brought the words "If I never met you" to life. I am always a big fan of your lovely melodies and your guitar play. Such a beautiful, catchy tune! Very nice vocal delivery as well. Willie, may I ask you for the favour of sending me the mp3s for this year (and I guess there are still one or two from the previous years which I do not have yet) on my email address, which is
    ? I always enjoy in listening to them so much. Thank you so much once again...

  • @arthurrossi Feb 19

    Thank you for your comment on "If". Looking very forward to it! 😀

  • @arthurrossi Feb 18

    Thanks so much for the gorgeous blues-song you made of "California-blues"! I always enjoy in your melodies and guitar play… Great feel also in the vocal delivery. I LOVE how it turned out, I feel so appreciative for this, thank you very, very much!

  • @smiley Feb 14

    Thanks for stopping by. I will be on the lookout for more great tunes by you.

  • @willie70hawkins Feb 13

    Hey Arthur, missed you last year. I've been busy this year, just now signing in. I will post some songs soon. I have a couple of yours in mind.

  • @arthurrossi Feb 11

    Hey! I skipped last FAWM and this year I did not hear any songs of yours… How are you? I hope you are fine…