Vom Vorton 20


Matlock GB   Jan 2007


Artist Bio

Influences:   Alvvays, The Ballet, Baths, The Beths, Electrelane, Frankie Cosmos, Grandaddy, Hefner, Illuminati Hotties, Jens Lekman, Kraftwerk, Martha, The Microphones, Mogwai, Onsind, Pavement, Pet Shop Boys, The Radio Dept, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Superchunk, The Unicorns.

2020! Lucky 13th FAWM for me.

Hoping to write at least a couple of songs I can play live, because I've got a gig lined up in March for the first time in about six years. Also hoping not to get any February illnesses after a couple of years derailed by nasty colds that stopped me singing.

Vowl Sounds album with @owl coming soon.
Instrumental Vom album from last November: https://vomvorton.bandcamp.com/album/...

*please feel free to sample, cover, borrow, remix my songs in any way you see fit*

Pronouns: He/his


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  • @metalfoot  Mar 7

    Saw your comment on the sph-wordsmith collab and just thought I'd give you my thoughts...

    It was a really weird FAWM, corpse wise. The standard Exquisite Corpses NEVER HAPPENED. Like, at all. Confusing. I guess none of us corpse regulars stepped up to the plate to organize them. (sigh)

    Lesson learned for FAWM 2021! I will be sure to get at least one regular-style corpse rolling.

  • @musicsongwriter  Mar 5

    Thank you so much Tom for your kind comment on Trust. I appreciate it very much.

  • @sph  Mar 4

    Thank you for your words on "something". Those are really nice lyrics. Tried to redo it this evening but somehow those easy chords won't sound right this time:-)

  • @sbs2018 Mar 3

    Thanks so much for your comment on “Lo Fi Hi Tech.” I’ve been seeing a few classes on Lo Fi and I couldn’t resist trying it out.

  • @owl  Mar 1

    I probably did when there was that Songfight ASMR challenge! But I'm glad I didn't have to listen to any more ASMR noises in a song--grateful yours had a different spin on it.

  • @ayehahmur  Mar 1

    I did write a ghost story song last FAWM, well remembered. I had difficulty making it work production wise, but if i can, I'd like to revisit it alongside this year's crop and see if i can fit it into the album.

  • @sapient  Mar 1

    I now have a vision of Raf and Agnes staring at you as you try roaring... 😃
    Thanks so much for listening and for being so nice about me going out on a limb!

  • @porkpincenez Mar 1

    You show great wisdom. The Equestrian Superstore is the virus that will destroy the ego and bring us all into the universal harmony of Pork Pince-nez. Danny thanks you for your support. We have listened to the mighty wall of sound many times. There is, as one commenter said, a covert energy in it. How, we ask, can a piece of music that has no "potential difference" feel so electrically charged? That music became sentient and wrote the lyrics to Odysseus; it is the wire; it is Pork Pince-nez. We should stop waxing pseudo-philosophical and go clean the house, because February is over. Thanks again! PPN and Danny

  • @plushbaby  Mar 1

    Hey Vom, good to see you still around these parts, looking forward to listening to your stuff in March!

  • @judypie  Feb 29

    😂😂 your cuckold’s claw!

  • @scottlake Feb 28

    No worries! Didn’t want to steal the title even though that would be something a quantizer would do!

  • @songoholic Feb 28

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on "Only Future". Hope you're having a great FAWM. Peace!

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 28

    Yeah I'm really hoping the girl hears this and then I will not only let her throw a head of lettuce at my head, but I will let her videotape it, post it on social media, and then we can go out and eat salad together 😀

  • @expendablefriend  Feb 26

    That's freaky.

  • @rayboneor  Feb 26

    Thanks! You know that I free-associated those "lyrics" in my comment on your song, right? Do you read the comments? 😀 (The pronghorn is the sole extant member of the family Antilocapridae.)

  • @famjam Feb 26

    @vomvorton Best I can do is not post any more. I was told that some showcasing in this manner is acceptable. How else will I show people what I am into. I have used some of them to discuss different arrangements and writings. If the admins here want to block me because of these, then let it be so. I will move on knowing this is not a good place for me here. So if you want them off then knock yourself out and get me blocked and that will be that.

  • @famjam Feb 25

    I do have some new tracks to present. They are in the works with other fawm members. I even asked if it was ok to post what I posted to show what I am into. I was told it's fine. I do have some new stuff coming with fawm members. Thanks.

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 24

    Right on!!

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 23

    Hey I sent you a rough mix, if it seems ok feel free to post, or if you want I can send you vocal tracks separately if you want to make something cleaner. LMK!

  • @rayboneor  Feb 22

    Maybe you can wear one of those cones they put on dogs and cats to keep them from licking a wound. That might help!

  • @owl  Feb 20

    You have to go in! What if there's a horse inside and you can feed it a carrot? Imagine all the tack! Currycombs! Bridles! Sturdy, imposing women with pith helmets and utility jackets! Novelty t-shirts with funny slogans about horses!

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 19

    Thanks. Hopefully can make something interesting!

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 19

    Hey! Could I ask you a favor? I don't know why but i can't seem to download the mp3, so could you send the file? lanasolyluna@gmail.com TIA!

  • @kovbleu  Feb 19

    @seemanski 's cool no7 track has vox on it now if you wanted to check it out. https://fawm.org/songs/106542/ Whew. That was fun!

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 19


  • @captainvulpine  Feb 19

    I'm certainly for free-for-alls around here, good sir.

  • @russiasaturn Feb 18

    Awesome! I'll check it out. Glad someone did something with it, I loved the track!

  • @russiasaturn Feb 18

    Are you still open to someone doing lyrics and vocals on Blue Lizards? I'm really digging the track and was surprised to see no one snapped that baby up, unless they have and I missed it. And if so, that's cool! If not, drop a note on my soundboard if you're open to collaborating on it. 😀 no biggie either way! happy FAWMing.

  • @fourzeroes Feb 17

    Cheers! Amended. Usually I check they actually play...

    Glad you enjoyed.

  • @seemanski  Feb 17

    That's really cool and I think you made the right choice using the updated vocals although the soap can version does have something about. I didn't realise that was a thing you could buy, I thought it was a Vom DIY project 😝 I am tempted.

  • @barbara  Feb 17

    I’m so happy to hear you’re a fan of ‘Song of the Sea’ also! I want to watch it again soon. Thank you for your comment!

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 16

    Thanks for your comment. I stole the collaboration method wholesale from @frenchcricket.

  • @katmtl Feb 16

    Hello! Thank you so much for listening! Kristian really made a great synth combo sound for “Naughty”! ❤️❤️

  • @teapot Feb 16

    Thanks for such a well thought out & supportive comment- so kind!

  • @zecoop  Feb 15

    Just following up and wanted to let you know that Tres Paul is now 'Intolerant' with vocals from Seemanski...

  • @marvsmooth  Feb 15

    I've now made the song Follow downloadable - https://fawm.org/songs/104398/

  • @rayboneor  Feb 14

    Hey, do you mind if I post that Odysseus thing? I didn't want to make you mad if you had spent a bunch of time recording harpsichord and seven-chorded lyre. Hope you're feeling better! A FC vocal is enough to lift anyone's spirts

  • @rayboneor  Feb 12

    I hear England's okay, if you like Worcestershire sauce on your ploughman's lunch, and larding your words up with unnecessary letters!

  • @kissinginpublic  Feb 11

    Thanks! Having a pair cheap JLab over-ear Bluetooth headphones that you can set to a flat EQ helped. Did the first mix on earbuds and it was awful played through the iPad speakers.

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 9

    lol light Casio...I refrained.

  • @aesthetic72  Feb 9

    Hey thanks so much for the shoutout for Dreamcycle. That @kristian sure knows a thing or two about production 😀

  • @rayboneor  Feb 9

    Wall of sound? That's the only sound I know, really, and an excellent place to bury that vocal 😀 Looking forward to it!!

  • @rayboneor  Feb 9

    I have made the track downloadable. It's 98 bpm. I guess you were able to figure out the chords, both of them 😀 Any way you want to approach this would make me really happy. I found a copy of DCOM on my old computer. There's some amazing guitar in there!

  • @rayboneor  Feb 9

    You are so nice to play around with that! What would be easiest/best for you?

  • @frenchcricket  Feb 9

    I had no idea midi beat packs are a thing

  • @rayboneor  Feb 8

    Whoa, my voice is shredded--and shaky at best. He's the essence of the song. I thinks it's cool, and could be way cooler. If you like it enough to work on it, we can talk about what you would need. Thanks for taking a listen. That would be a build to whatever outro you want at the end

  • @darcistrutt  Feb 8

    Hopefully the cowbell will entice you to play together more! 😀

  • @expendablefriend  Feb 8

    Like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVllk...
    That could NEVER get old...

  • @rayboneor  Feb 8

    So, I hesitate to throw this out there, but I have an Idea, a really easy way to get one more song on the scoreboard (though I have no doubt you've got a lot of lushly produced masterpieces in the pipeline). I deem this Idea good, and I would give you something really clean to play over. It's just two chords and you would need to play whatever pops into your head to spice things up: dumbass guitar, synthesizer, whatever. Someone of your caliber could do it fast. Or, since my song ends with a question, you could pick it up and provide your retort. I'll crank out a scratch track when my lazy family gets out of bed. I know you're probably too busy to be slumming with the FSY these days, but I thought I'd offer right of first refusal to this masterpiece 😀

  • @rshakesp  Feb 8

    Thanks for listening- appreciate the comments.

  • @slosilver Feb 7

    Amazing comments much appreciate. Let’s see what happens. Happy fawming!

  • @drivelmonk  Feb 7

    Yep! The very same Wheat! Supremely under-appreciated, -loved, and -known.

  • @chriddof Feb 7

    Cheers for the most recent comment, Vom!

  • @seemanski  Feb 7

    I'm intrigued to hear your roundabout song, it's like something is driving us both mad. Sorry, couldn't resist a bad pun.

  • @rayboneor  Feb 6

    You've got me dead to rights concerning Ratboys. I knew within the first couple of seconds of "I Go Out at Night" that this was my jam...twee as f#ck! I need some music to listen to. I've had Destroyer's The Raven on repeat, pretty much. I do like ironically named bands, too...like freshspotlessyouth

  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 5

    Thank you so much Tom for your kind comment on Blackbird.

  • @chriddof Feb 4

    Thanks for the comment, Vom. Maybe I should note down "play during a gale" as being the ideal listening conditions in the liner notes of the album, should this ever get officially released...

  • @mattoxic  Feb 3

    Thanks for listening and commenting @vomvorton, appreciated.

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 3

    @vomvorton LOL "I'm not a Casiologist, but.." Yeah those labels are fine and dandy, why not? 😀 Thanks for listening. Going to get some listening time in tomorrow Tokyo time.

  • @degausser  Feb 3

    Hey dude, hope you're well. Thanks for the comment. It certainly is an e-bow. I bought it a few years back and has probably been the best musical item that I've ever invested in. I've basically used it in some way or other in every song I've done since them. You'll certainly not be disappointed!

  • @leah0k  Feb 2

    Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, simple is the way to go when you’re not sure if your voice will cooperate or not haha.

  • @balancelost  Feb 2

    If your mastery of puns isn't something to celebrate I don't know what is.

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2

    Happy FAMING dude. And jeez i finaly turn on PC here in thailand and youre on 2!! CANNOT WAIT

  • @caterwauler  Feb 1

    I don't have a clue what "twangling" means, but if it's twangling, then yes, it's probably guitar. 😁

  • @balancelost  Feb 1

    If there's one thing I hate it's being told what to do by guys in suits, I mean guys in suits who don't speak english, I mean guys in suits who don't speak english as a first language. But if you want white shit then why don't you just adopt some pidgeons? I parked my car under a tree once and...you get where this is going.

  • @rollasoc  Feb 1

    Sent you an email...

  • @loveonamixtape  Jan 2020

    Glad to see you back! Can't wait to hear your tunes again this year -- happy FAWMing!

  • @seemanski  Jan 2020

    Just seen you have a gig lined, are you advertising it's date and whereabouts?

  • @seemanski  Jan 2020

    Hello there, glad your back. Looking forward to hearing your musings.

  • @looprication  Jan 2020

    Hooray you're back! And I love the new pic!

  • @sailingmagpie  Jan 2020

    The people have spoken and they demand catcore. Don't disappoint them now! Have a great FAWM, squire!

  • @zecoop  Jan 2020

    Can't wait to hear some of my favorite FAWMusic (and hopefully get a collab in!) 😀

  • @rayboneor  Jan 2020

    I'm going to see The Beths in April at a small venue. The tickets are $14. How do they make any money? I paid $54 to see John Waters do his self-indulgent one-man "Christmas" show

  • @kristian  Jan 2020

    Ooo gig!! Playing live is just another way of saying «recording all the synths and hitting play on the laptop».. gift us with your catchy tunes, you talented person you

  • @w1n  Jan 2020

    Hi Tom, hope you'll have a nice FAWM, looking forward to hearing some new tunes by you.

  • @rayboneor  Jan 2020

    I will be hanging on your every word and note, as always 😀

  • @expendablefriend  Jan 2020

    Happy FAWMing! Are you planning to do more gigs in future, or is it a one-off?

  • @max  Jan 2020

  • @tsunamidaily  Jan 2020

    have the best FAWM this year!

  • @adforperu  Jan 2020

    Get his ass