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Matlock UK   Jan 2007


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Influences:   2021 faves: lily konigsberg, lucy dacus, illuminati hotties, origami angel, quivers - all-timers: grandaddy, jens lekman, radio dept, magnetic fields, hefner

15th year for me. haven't been too inspired lately but hopefully FAWM will get me back in the groove.

Vowl Sounds album with @owl:

*please feel free to sample, cover, borrow, remix my songs in any way you see fit*

pronouns: he/his

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  • @judypie 1 hour

    *waves from o’er the A61*

  • @rayboneor  5 hours

    I just remembered that I also wrote music for "If I found a furnace." That was a great, and very dark, lyric. So many songs down the memory hole--especially after my wife spilled water on my old computer. The world's loss, I guess :)

  • @downburst  7 hours

    Hi Tom (it's obviously a tom).

  • @rayboneor  8 hours

    No one takes you up on your offer?! That's a strong statement. I mean, who could forget Here Come the Wolves? (Actually, I've pretty much forgotten...except for that cool synth motif.)

  • @spirulence 23 hours

    Hey Vom! Great to see you here this year. I was recently listening to some of our collabs from years past - those were fun and evocative for me and I hope there are more in the bag.

  • @doeeyes  1 day

    *Marked safe from my first Howard/how would pun in 20 years*

  • @thelowestbitter 1 day

    Vomit Vortonit! Looking forward to another great year of fuzzy synthy vommyness

  • @mosley  1 day

    Happy FAWM! Looking forward to hearing your tunes again this year!

  • @fuzzy  2 days

    You're right; looking at our avatar I think it's a tom.
    Gosh, I might have to remix one of your tunes this FAWM, since you're inviting that.

  • @fuzzy  2 days

    Hello to a fellow snare drum avatar haver! (is "haver" even a real word??)

  • @loveonamixtape  2 days

    Hey VV! Thank you for the cable help. May all of my trashy synth dreams now become a reality! Looking forward to hearing your stuff as always and hopefully I can peer pressure you into a collab or two again. ;)

  • @doeeyes  3 days

    *raises dark glasses* Hey it's me Howard

  • @beat  3 days

    Hi, enjoy being. Rock‘n‘Rule.

  • @shortdan  3 days

    I like that idea!

  • @sailingmagpie  4 days

    Don't I know you from somewhere?

  • @shortdan  4 days

    A fellow drum man! :-)

  • @adforperu  4 days

    here he is, look

  • @stephenwordsmith  4 days

    Looking forward to some more of that va-va-vom!

  • @w1n  4 days

    Hi T
    Hope you’ll have a great FAWM, looking forward to hearing new tunes from you.

  • @balancelost  4 days

    Yo Vomit! looking forward to your hums, drums and puns

  • @rayboneor  5 days

    I will borrow, reverse-bowdlerize, and desecrate as I see fit. Thanks for the invitation. I look forward to your customary excellence