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91910 FI   Feb 4

Artist Bio

Influences:   Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Pink Floyd etc.

Synthfreak and selftaught keyboardplayer from Northern Finland. First synth Casio VL-1 bought in summer of 1982, first real synth was Roland Juno-6, bought autumn 1986. Found in youtube with my own name:)


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  • @vmr67 Feb 20

    Thank you very much:) It was a challenge to made 14 songs, but a good one;)

  • @rkeeling75 Feb 19

    From one FAWMling to another, I'm jealous. You've got your songs in already. Awesome job!

  • @zecoop  Feb 11

    Just a FAWM quirky fact for you... For whatever reason, if you reply in a song the people that you are replying to won't see your post, even if you tag them (unless they come back to that song and look). The tags don't work for some reason in songs and FAWM doesn't send any kind of notification. So... if you want to reply to someone, really the only way to guarantee they see it is to go to their profile page and leave a reply there. It's a bummer, but that's the way this website is. Sure would be nice if it wasn't, lol. Anyway - enjoyed the tune and I came back to check and saw your reply. 😀

  • @vmr67 Feb 4

    Thanks Ile:) I wish you have enough time to make music in this forum.

  • @eighteenisnine  Feb 4

    Welcome to FAWM! Let's see if I manage to publish anything this year. You have obviously already started!