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CA   Jan 2014

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Influences:   Chill Step, Trip Hop, Tribal Trap, Deep House, Chillgressive, Chill Hop, Electrostep, Psytrance, Baladi, musical scores, Industrial, EBM, Hard Rock, 90s and 00's Alternative Rock, international sounds, ambient.

A little mad, a little eccentric, and never taking myself too seriously. Artist, poet, philosopher, pagan.

My album is called "Neverything Else" this year, to honour the neverborn and that which is not and cannot be possible in this unfolding universe.

I think I'm going to try using bandcamp this year. Last year that didn't go very far, but at least I tried, haha.

I am going to try using some of my instruments again instead of always a crapella, and probably use a lot of LMMS for my royalty free sound clip discoveries, and Reaper effects!
I've got instruments to sample too, a slide whistle, a djembe, a tambourine, some shakers and maracas, and this neat little balaphon that's kinda like a xylophone only it's little and wooden with bowls under the keys. I may even pull out the washboard, the spoons, crystal glasses, blow into a bottle, whatever it takes.

Constructive criticism is always, always, valued! Help me learn! (I don't have a clue, hehe) ...
Beware the super rough demos 😉

Just for fun! I post my work under creative commons. If you want to collab and are hoping for making something commercial, do please tell me well in advance, so I can tweak my default settings and make that possible.

YES! Always up for a collab, unconditional FAWM love!

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