vegansongs 14


Seattle US   Jan 2017  

Artist Bio

Influences:   The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Billie Holiday

Songwriting for years. This is my Fifth FAWM.
On collaborating- If I am inspired it will work well. I do both music and lyrics- phrasing for melodies and trying to find the hook!
I usually play rhythm guitar to write but also a keyboard arranger that I really love using for one touch production and recording! Listen to past FAWM and other songs of mine on the soundcloud link.

*update 2 28 21
Thank you all! Our world needs more inspiration and kindness. FAWM delivers.

*update 3 4 21
I put together a playlist set to private on soundcloud of the songs I hope to get rerecorded
for a FAWM album.
Also added a few from past 50/90
Fawm songs from 2017 to present.


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  • @pipewrench67  23 hours

    You have your location as Seattle the zoom is Noon CST so it would start @ 10 am Seattle time

  • @kathym  2 days

    Thank you for stopping by to comment on my song "Asking For A Friend". It was a fun skirmish for sure. Your thoughts are all important to me and as I go back over my songs to develop them, I will keep all comments handy. I really appreciate your time and support, vs!

  • @andygetch  1 week

    Hey Laurie, I got a laugh out of this and thought you might too. I was looking at the random title generator to get the link for someone asking about how to generate a skirmish prompt and this was one of them:
    'the vegan in astronomy' πŸ˜€

  • @davidtaro  1 week

    Thanks for the listen and kind comment πŸ‘

  • @kahlo2013 1 week

    Sure - link to email on my profile page and I will send you 3 back -

  • @kahlo2013 1 week

    We could - or you suggest a few, I pick one for us both to write to... so we write to the same title.

  • @kahlo2013 1 week

    That sounds good! I like the idea of reciprocal song title - do you want to throw out a few options and then I’ll choose the one we should go with?

  • @kahlo2013 2 weeks

    Hi, we are paired to provide each other with a challenge. Do you have a preference how we do this? I pick anything for you and you pick anything for me or we both do a similar or complementary challenge? Have you ever been to Wisconsin?

  • @gb9  2 weeks

    @vegansongs thank you for the appreciation and kind comments on 'Winning Streak' I envy you. I never have a tune or melody running in my mind, so my songs can never really be songs, i guess... But thanks for the appreciation πŸ˜€

  • @guatecoop  2 weeks

    Either that or send it to me and I will mix it. I like doing that kind of stuff anyway. Thanks!

  • @guatecoop  2 weeks

    For sure! Just keep in mind that I don’t mind multiple versions, so if you’re not into that, no worries. Thanks for checking it out!

  • @jwhanberry  2 weeks

    Thanks for your comments on "Not Ready for Steady". It's not a ticking clock. A couple of nondescript samples from a collection of household sounds run through a bit crusher plugin.

  • @gb9  2 weeks

    Thank you for your kind comments on 'Ready, Steady, Go' The first chorus in it is a narration of what happened precisely!! πŸ˜€

  • @hakk  2 weeks

    Thank you for your comments on my "Ready to Go"! It cheered me up after a weeks pause in FAWM!

  • @gb9  2 weeks

    Thank you for the appreciation and kind comments on 'Don't Put It Off' πŸ˜€

  • @daveyboy103  2 weeks

    Thanks for your kind comments on My Old Town.

    They are talented boys (men) indeed,

  • @rayboneor  2 weeks

    Thanks for the kind words! I’m dealing with a power outage inPortland, so my FAWM has ground to a halt

  • @blueone  3 weeks

    Hey thanks for the kind words! 😊

    I'm not sure I've got the ability to write a pop punk song, but if I find the time I might give it a go? If you find someone else whilst waiting for me then that's cool!

  • @ajna1960  3 weeks

    Thank you for the new demo - I love it.

  • @aflinner  3 weeks

    Thanks for the listen and comments!

  • @metalfoot  3 weeks

    hey-- not seeing the email but will check and see if it got hit by the spam filter or something! πŸ˜€

  • @ajna1960  3 weeks

    Thank you for letting me know !

  • @cindyrella  3 weeks

    I love Double Crossed! A classic and if you see anymore of my lyrics you want to try, go for it.

  • @metalfoot  3 weeks

    I guess we're paired for the random collab? πŸ˜€

  • @mikeb 4 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on my skirmish song!

  • @pearlmanhattan  4 weeks

    Yes, you can post collabs to soundcloud and set it to private, then copy the link it posts before you close the upload screen. Then enter that link into the link space in the FAWM upload screen - only people who follow the link can listen to your song and it will not show up to the public. Hope that helps!

  • @ajna1960  4 weeks

    Yes, email is probably best. It is on the top of my profile. Thank you !

  • @ajna1960  4 weeks

    Hi there ! You asked if you could musicate my song lyric 'Without You'. The answer is yes πŸ˜€ I will add you as a collab person.
    Just a quick question: someone else also asked, but after you, so unless you are happy for there to be more than one FAWM version, I will decline the other request. Please let me know asap ! Thank you and stay safe, Amanda

  • @metalfoot  4 weeks

    *waves hello*

  • @cindyrella  4 weeks

    I emailed you back

  • @cindyrella  4 weeks

    Sure, go for it!

  • @nahlej381  4 weeks

    I appreciate your kind words! Thank you kindly

  • @billwhite51 5 weeks

    im still alive. lets get this party started.

  • @tjeff  5 weeks

    Hi Laurie, hope ya have a great FAWM! I enjoyed our collab last 50/90!

  • @andygetch  5 weeks

    Hey Laurie, great to see you here again!