Vaughan Ray Daniel 9


Nashville US   Jan 2011  

Artist Bio


I'm a BMI songwriter with fifteen independent artist cuts and songs placed in movies and television:, Always willing to collaborate with other artists!!


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  • @mctown Feb 4

    Hey, V

  • @sbs2018  Feb 3

    Lol! I was thinking “all my hotties have gone to potties.” Okay, not that good. Maybe I’ll stick with thinking they’re still hot. 😀

  • @deena  Feb 2

    Hi Vaughan! So great to see you here!

  • @mctown Feb 2

    Idea is to write an album during FEB....rough recordings usually... some here aren't rough.. Some quality writers here and potential collaborators.

  • @mctown Feb 2

    V: whatever you write record it and link it up on soundcloud or something...and share the link and info here to and for the song... We'll have to fire one up. DG

  • @mctown Jan 30

    Hey, Vaughan...David