Nat Lort-Nelson 4


Denver US   Feb 2016  

Artist Bio

My name is Nat
Denver CO USA. Happy FAWMing everyone.

My family is also on FAWM:
@jonmeta - My Dad
@hazzard -- my cousin Tirzah.
@nickhogben -- my brother-in-law Nick.
@joeblomberg -- my uncle Joe.


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  • @beat  Feb 15

    Here’s something I wanted to ask but always forget, once this whole thing is over and the clubs are opening again and you and your band tour again, please let me know should you play the Arena again here. I’d really like to come by and have two earful. Jon knows me mail address.

  • @beat  Feb 14

    After all them years we're doing this together now, at last one track per FAWM, Jon and me do have a lot of respect for each other and a Feb. without having some north/south fun wouldn’t be as cool...
    Thx for listening.

  • @miga  Feb 7

    @vaticanvamps14 thanks for listening and for your kind comments!!

  • @beat  Feb 7

    Likewise, thx for your uplifting comments. I’ll keep on listening on your site here.

  • @vaticanvamps14  Feb 4

    @jonmeta yes indeed. I am writing as much as possible, probably post a few on the weekends.
    And yeah I figured it was long over due for me to support

  • @jonmeta  Feb 3

    You active this year? I see you’ve got your Rock Hands.