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Denver USA   Feb 2016  

Artist Bio

My Name is Nat Lort-Nelson. I am from Colorado USA. I'm part of the band Vatican Vamps.
This is us...

This year on FAWM my desire is to really branch out and write things outside the formula of my "norm". This year I also went on a writing pilgrimage to NYC. I decided to get away from Denver CO and write my 14 in a fresh inspirational environment in Brooklyn.

All the instruments you hear on my demos are played by me. Although some drums may be electronic as I don't have a kit with me this year.

My family is also on FAWM:
@jonmeta - My Dad
@hazzard -- my cousin Tirzah.
@nickhogben -- my brother-in-law Nick.
@joeblomberg -- my uncle Joe.

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