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02143 US   Jan 2011

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Influences:   Sound. The books, Magical Mistakes, that one song by Flourescien (Cathy's on crank), and probably you.

Theres a deep need to be writing songs in me and I can’t wait for FAWM to kick my butt into making that happen. I’m also working on my thesis, so prepare for some interesting, potentially venty, potentially silly, APA-style, double-spaced, annotated bibliography type songs! Perhaps my brain will break under the pressure. I’m thinking the resulting songs will be runAway hits. Quick! Get to know me before I get wildly famous! 😝

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  • @metalfootlings 2 days

    The middle footling is for sure ready and raring to create stuff-- he's been creating random songs on the fly lately...

  • @yam655 2 days

    I'm excited to see what you make this year! πŸ˜€

  • @tamsnumber4  3 days

    GIRL!! Check in and so happy to see you!!!!

  • @steffan  3 days

    In it to win it! Let's kill it this year!

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  3 days

    Thesis plus FAWM!!!! Brutal! But also awesome!

    A song in APA (or about it) would be awesome. πŸ˜€

  • @writeandwrong  3 days

    Hi, some would argue that I'm human but I'm glad you think so! πŸ˜ƒ Best wishes to you on a successful FAWM 2020!

  • @sapient  3 days

    Yaaaaaas! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

  • @tcelliott  4 days

    Heya! Thanks for the note. It's good to see you here. I'm looking forward to Fawm!

  • @adforperu  4 days

    Hey, and you! Ooo aye, that's a possibility indeed! I'm coming into this FAWM a total clean slate so who knows what will happen..

  • @metalfoot  4 days

    *waves hello*

  • @nancyrost  4 days

    Earworm is a type of parasite....

  • @johncrossman  4 days

    A song in footnotes would be awe-inspiring and broken-brain songs tend to be fill of gooey goodness.(1) Do it! (2)(3)

    (1) according to sources too numerous to cite.
    (2) Have a great FAWM!
    (3) See you here! Ibid. FAWM.

  • @weakness 1 week

    DUDE yes we do! Let's definitely collab!

  • @dasbinky  1 week

    In truth, we can pronounce you, but not contain you. You are uncontainable.

    This has been my TedTalk.