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McKinney USA   Jan 2012


Artist Bio

Influences:   SJ Tucker, Heather Alexander & Alexander James Adams, Vixy & Tony, Randy Keener, Ani Difranco, Melissa Etheridge.

Herein you will find a varying mixture of my voice, digital GarageBand instrumentation, and acoustic classical guitar. Expect mythology, magic, and fantasy to be the main themes; I am especially fond of ancient Egyptian and Celtic lore!

If you are kind enough to leave me any feedback, THANK YOU! Please do be gentle and encouraging (but honestly so!); as an amateur, I am still a fragile wee thing and cannot stand up under helpful-but-hardcore critiquing. 😀 However, any positive comments really, truly elate me and go a long way in inspiring me to make more music (and thus learn more, and improve more, and eventually get experienced enough to take real criticisms well!)

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