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ok, i should explain my madcap strategy toward collaboration. i love it. i am trying to demo all of my songs as i hear them, eventually. so, if you hear a song that you want to realize, just ask me. i will chart it if it hasn't been already, and get my first impressions, and then leave you to your own interpretation-- i just want to chart it out in my own head before i hear your version. . music is meant to be viral. i just ask that you hit me up if you see something, before you do it. if it's identified as a favorite, chords are written and maybe rough mp3 field recordings made. so maybe that makes it even easier because i already have my impressions together. i might put up a version later in the month on a favorite, but i am still open to collaboration. i will never demo all of the lyrics i usually generate....


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  • @andybalham 4 weeks

    No worries. I am away until Sunday, so I won't be able to work on it until then anyway.

  • @andybalham 4 weeks

    How about '13 Secrets' as a song title? I read in my QI book of 1,423 facts that the average person has 13 secrets and the title jumped out at me. Let me know if this sparks something. If not, I have others.

  • @andybalham 4 weeks

    Hi there. We have been paired together in Round 3 of the random collab challenge. How would you like to proceed? Do you want to suggest something you already have or do you want to write something specifically for the challenge. If the latter then you can send the lyrics and/or demo/chords to andybalham at hotmail dot com. I look forward to collaborating!

  • @acousticmaddie  4 weeks

    Sorry I read it was us you were paired with someone. I'll still do one with you if you like though

  • @acousticmaddie  4 weeks

    Alright cool let's use" Midnight is calling"

  • @acousticmaddie  4 weeks

    Hi! I saw we where paired. What do you want to do?lyrics or music.
    If lyrics I will not be able to do music until Sunday due to a travels.

  • @dutch1967 5 weeks

    Timothy, Bad Apples is demoed and posted to my songwhatchacallit. Two guitars, two vocals. I'm getting an accordeon-vibe. Maybe I'll ask my bud to play his Hohner on it, for now... on to the next one.

  • @keithcuts 5 weeks

    Keith@horizondj.com I am ready for the lyrics!

  • @keithcuts 5 weeks

    Tsunami, fee free to send those lyrics whenever you are ready. We are on the random collab

  • @dutch1967 6 weeks

    Thanks Tim! I'll be recording Bad Apples at the start of next week.

  • @mikeskliar  7 weeks

    welcome back!

  • @nuj4x 8 weeks

  • @petra777 8 weeks


  • @kc5 Jan 15

    Hey there!

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 15