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Middle Of Now Here US   Jan 2014


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ok, i should explain my madcap strategy toward collaboration. i love it. i am trying to demo all of my songs as i hear them, eventually. so, if you hear a song that you want to realize, just ask me. i will chart it if it hasn't been already, and get my first impressions, and then leave you to your own interpretation-- i just want to chart it out in my own head before i hear your version. . music is meant to be viral. i just ask that you hit me up if you see something, before you do it. if it's identified as a favorite, chords are written and maybe rough mp3 field recordings made. so maybe that makes it even easier because i already have my impressions together. i might put up a version later in the month on a favorite, but i am still open to collaboration. i will never demo all of the lyrics i usually generate....

7th FAWM

Songs (6)

#1 tried hard, try harder 2
Feb 2
#2 seeing 2020 4
Feb 4
#3 breadth 2
Feb 10
#4 Seeing 2020 @quork  8
Feb 27
#5 placesaver ZONG
Feb 28
#6 Plane in the Sky @gregthehero ZONG
Mar 1


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  • @quork  Mar 1

    No worries. I hear you about the energy thing. Between work and FAWM it all caught up to me the last 10 days. I'm happy we connected before the weekend so I could work on this and post it.

  • @quork  Feb 27

    Shared again.

  • @quork  Feb 26

    I sent it to your Gmail address on Dropbox. Let me know if you can’t access it. Pretty rough (off key), but you’ll get a sense of what I was hearing.

  • @quork  Feb 24

    Sent you my rough cut thoughts. It’s all good, right? 😀

  • @quork  Feb 24

    And yes, fully agreed to the rights arrangement you laid out.

  • @quork  Feb 23

    Thanks for being open to it. I’ll try to work up a rough sketch tonight and sen you something.

  • @gregthehero Feb 2

    hi! what's the best way to chat about cello-things (re my forum post)? thanks