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Fredericksburg, Virginia US   Jan 2018


Artist Bio

Influences:   Jugbands, outlaw country, Piedmont blues, rockabilly, jazz of all eras.

I've been playing for what seems forever, and writing more seriously for ten years. Acoustic guitar is my primary instrument, but I play frailing banjo, mandolin/mandola, and bass as well. I wish I retained more of the piano I took as a kid.


Criticism / comments:

I'm pretty thick skinned, and I care a lot about trying to make my songs better. If something occurs to you while listening to one of my songs, whether a thing which bothers you or an idea to make it better, please feel free to incorporate it in whatever comment you make.
As a listener myself: I love listening to and commenting on songs here at FAWM. Unless you explicitly say so, or we have some prior history, I will *not* add that kind of criticism to my comments here. I know how precious is the flow of creativity that FAWM sets free, and I would be loth to dam up any of that flow for any of you.


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  • @jsini  Mar 6

    Thank you for all your great comments

  • @timfatchen  Mar 6

    I've hardly looked in since day 1! Rectifying that.

  • @emilyc Mar 6

    Hey, Tres! Thanks for all of the kind words. I look forward to lingering here on the FAWM site and catching up on your stuff.

  • @feb21sundari Mar 5

    Merci pour ton commentaire sur Grand Coeur 😀

  • @tamsnumber4  Mar 5

    Thanks for listening to my song "He Changed His Stripes" and collab song with crisp1, "Where I want you / By My Side", really appreciate it!!

  • @kathym  Mar 4

    I'm finally catching up on all of the overdue thank you notes for having stopped to consider my song Sweet Louise. I take all comments to heart and truly appreciate everyone's comments. All the love.

  • @jeff9  Mar 4

    Thanks, man, for the kind words on Heartache Town! And sorry for the late getback.

  • @feb21sundari Mar 3

    Thank you for your comments on Das Tofutier. 😉

  • @lizbrinker  Mar 3

    Thanks, @tseaver , for sharing your work with me!

  • @grenzgaengerin Mar 3

    Thank you very much for the constructive criticism of "Troll-Trap" - Next year I'll try to put a little less reverb on the instruments and my voice. This is also a bit too much for me... thank you very much <3
    (it´s a tuba 😉 )

  • @lizbrinker  Mar 3

    Hi, @tseaver even a chord sheet would be great. How is your voice today?

  • @scubed  Mar 2

    Thanks so much for your kind words and congrats on a terrific FAWM!

  • @rdopart  Feb 28

    Thanks for listening and congrats on a great month!

  • @vuduluv Feb 19

    thx for the kind words re my track! having a lot of fun with my first FAWM. my goal is to get a handful more up in the next 2 weeks! see u on the inter-FAWMs!

  • @vuduluv Feb 16


  • @katmtl Feb 16

    Hey there! Thank you for listening to Aquarius! I loved working on that solo! Very trippy!❤️

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 15

    Thx for comment yes i posted yesterday but there was a fault i couldn't fix so i re posted!

  • @aesthetic72  Feb 15

    Thanks for your kind comments on my stuff!

  • @crisp1  Feb 15

    Thank you for your comments on my collabs with Jeustan and Tammy!

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 15

    Thank you, @tseaver ! He is exactly that, a beloved partner, though I have to remind myself of that from time to time. Thanks for listening to Bliss, Nothing But Bliss!

  • @didib Feb 14

    Thank you for your kind comment on Cyril's millions 😊 glad you like it!

  • @feb21sundari Feb 14

    Thank you for your comments, This words came to me at a happy day I met a relative for the first time in my life... its about plants and humans. I m happy that the english translation semms to be not that bad 😉

  • @sheslin  Feb 14

    What a lovely comment - you have a very nice way with words. Thanks so much!

  • @pipewrench67  Feb 12

    Your new music genre post made me think of this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsBNnyvYTo8

  • @scubed  Feb 11

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on “Mary Patten”!

  • @aflinner  Feb 11

    Thanks for the listen and comments!

  • @feb21sundari Feb 10

    Thank you for mentioning my instrument. I hadn't seen that forum at all...

  • @prsongsmith  Feb 10

    Thanks for listening to "Frog Sex Party!!" -- so glad you enjoyed it!

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 10

    @tseaver Ferrous wheel? Best comment yet! Thanks for listening to Smooth It Out☺️

  • @emilybrookeward Feb 10

    Thanks for listening to Get a Grip and Jezebel and the feedback! I really love your music so it means a lot to me 🙂

  • @yarimurray  Feb 10

    Thank you for listening and commenting on My Old Hippie Bus. Volkswagen means the people's car so moving people seemed apropos. And I recall (mostly) lots of mind altering experiences associated with that car so . . .

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 10

    @tseaver thanks for your comment on 23andThee! I like both those adjectives ☺️

  • @schmex Feb 9

    Thanks for your comments! I too, am a Jugband lover. I'm working on a song for Jugband. I play mandolin and banjo in a Jugband here in Louisville, the home of the Jugband. We're probably the only Jugband in town without a jug player.

  • @daveyboy103  Feb 9

    Thanks you for your kind words. Theresa did a great job on the vocals

  • @caseewilson  Feb 8

    Thank you for your kind remarks on Soul in Motion 😀 I hope you are enjoying FAWM!

  • @jennakole  Feb 8

    Hey Tres! Good to see/hear you here! I'm super new to this and am trying to get in the swing -- it's very intense to try to keep this up!

  • @oaksnprairie  Feb 7

    Thanks for the clarification. Not sure I’m inviting that singer back—she’s a bit of a diva.

  • @nicolascage Feb 7

    It would be my absolute honor. Not that I'll have much of anything tangible to contribute, but if my presence inspires you to create then my presence was not for nothing, as it were.

  • @jessicagraae  Feb 6

    Thanks for your kind comments. I forgot you live near DC (where I grew up.) We used to go to Rockville, where my cousins lived. Back then, the DC suburbs were much less cosmopolitan than they are now.

  • @oaksnprairie  Feb 6

    Thanks for listening to my songs. I don’t know what you mean by BGVs. I need to know as you called them “great” so I obviously want to do it again.

  • @rdopart  Feb 6

    Thank you for stopping by to listen!

  • @grenzgaengerin Feb 6

    Thank you very much for comment on "Melancholic moments"
    I adore and like to play Bartok. Maybe I'm inspired 😉 In addition, the violin always makes me feel good. My dearest ex-husband plays the violin and I really miss making music together.

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 6

    Thank you @tseaver ! Who is Tom’s daughter?

  • @themelgoexperience  Feb 6

    Many thanks for your comment on my song "Marion". Cheers!

  • @mandolinda  Feb 5

    I had no trouble uploading my song today, thanks for (leave out the spaces) in the title for easier uploading comment. I am really enjoying my first FAWM, and listening to the wide variety of song styles.

  • @dutch1967  Feb 5

    Thanks for that tag suggestion. #cowcore

  • @gm7  Feb 5

    Thx for kind words..i need more practice.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 5

    Thank you! I appreciate your support. Yeah the sounds that I had to use for that song are not ideal, but I am definitely in the #no-apologies camp, or trying to commit to that. That is the price to pay for committing to using old tube amps exclusively for the sounds that I want. Thanks again for your comment

  • @emilybrookeward Feb 5

    I love the title!! The mandolin and percussion sound amazing. The background effects like the bottle popping are so cool. Again, I could hear this on mainstream country radio in a bro country style being a massive hit. I’m such a fan of your lyrics.

  • @erucaesounds  Feb 5

    Thanks for your kind comments on The Man Who Would Be King!

  • @jeff9  Feb 5

    Much obliged for the nice comment on "Julian"!

  • @wrenarcher  Feb 5

    Hi Tres! Thanks for the positive comments on my “ukulele Identity” song, especially since it was a lyrics only entry. I really appreciate it.

    So, I wanted to let you know I got a demo recorded and posted for those lyrics. Stop by if you have time to take a listen.

    Take care.

  • @tjeff  Feb 5

    Thx for the listen and comments on Cheyenne. I hear ya on the fade idea - I was torn between the vocal fade and a straight ending!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 4

    Hey there, thank you for your very kind words. I appreciate it!

  • @elenaduff Feb 4

    thanks for the listen on my sea shanty! Yar!

  • @sbs2018  Feb 4

    I know - EDM seems to have crossed over into every genre, lucky for me cuz I love it! Thanks for stopping by! Your comments are appreciated!

  • @mandolinda  Feb 4

    Thank you for tips on uploading my songs. I will try titles without spaces next time. Tech things confuse me. I admire FAWMers who create a symphony at their kitchen table.

  • @jeff9  Feb 4

    Thanks, man, for listening to "Never Enough" and leaving the kind note.

  • @jasperlewis Feb 4

    Thanks for leaving a note! I definitely think that song could have used a bridge, but I just wasn't up to writing it today.. FAWM is harsh sometimes! you have to burn bridges!

  • @djevans53 Feb 4


  • @dutch1967  Feb 4

    pressed the speak button twice, didnt I?

  • @dutch1967  Feb 4

    And thanks for commenting on Billy! too. I posted take 7 because I kept having to slow down for certain phrases. Imagine the frantic tempo on take 1.

  • @dutch1967  Feb 4

    Thanks for listening and commenting on Choose. I feel blessed I have a choice. But don't necessarily need to decide.
    Though the decision to at least not let the bottle prevail was made long ago and never regretted.

  • @tukayandryan  Feb 4

    So glad you like the song. Thank you for the kind word 😊

  • @ayehahmur  Feb 4

    Hi! Thanks so much as always for your comments. I'm really glad the story came across clearly (you're never sure, are you?).

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 4

    Hey @tseaver ! Thanks for noticing the modulation! It had to be done.

  • @prsongsmith  Feb 4

    Thanks for the kind words on my second FAWM song ever, Drum Me A Dance -- and thanks for flagging that I needed to correct the levels on the demo; I've uploaded a boosted version now... THanks again!

  • @modmiranda  Feb 4

    Thank you so much for the encouragement! (And you really should get into some orchestral instruments. It’s crazy fun. I do everything on my iPhone which is still like a miracle to me). 😊

  • @coolparadiso  Feb 4

    it was actually a harmonica no effects

  • @gm7  Feb 4

    "It's All Right"

    Thx for kind words. Your musical knowledge is only out done by your word imagery!

  • @sph  Feb 3

    Thanks for listening to my first tune. Will your mandola also make an appearance?

  • @apolez3 Feb 3

    Thanks .. Gotcha!

  • @apolez3 Feb 3

    @tseaver Hello, I have a quick question for you,*if you don't mind.. . where I put [Chorus2] in the lyrical piece entitled: "love the moment" is that a chorus or a bridge do you think? Or something else? https://fawm.org/songs/110953/
    You know I think I got it,, I had maybe a Pre-chorus then that is the chorus hmm? is that right

  • @kathym  Feb 3

    Hey, TS - thanks for the comment on Sweet Louise. The couple in the story have a simple, happy relationship, which we don't see much of these days. I was happy to find something positive to write about to get things going. I look forward to your songs.

  • @scubed  Feb 3

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on “It’s a New Day”!

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 3

    @tseaver thank you, a tough one to get on paper, but now it’s out, whew

  • @kirjis Feb 3

    Thanks for the welcome from me too! Have a good one!

  • @saucyjack85 Feb 2

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Took a listen to some of your Soundcloud tracks, nice eclectic mix of stuff, especially dug 'Two Hearted'.

  • @crutherford  Feb 2

    Thank you! Happy Fawming to you as well! 😀

  • @themelgoexperience  Feb 2

    Thanks so much for welcoming me!

  • @bethdesombre  Feb 2

    I'm so glad you could tell Marguerite was about the 1918 flu; I intentionally didn't say anything in the liner notes or tags because I wanted to figure out whether it would come through. And I'm sorry about your great-grandmother!

  • @povosos  Feb 2

    Thank you for welcoming me 😀
    Happy Fawming to you too

  • @ustaknow Feb 2

    Hahhh, yes, thanks for that for her, - yes, the difference is so interesting. When I heard it, I was like, "yeah, great"... do it.

  • @skyezor  Feb 2

    Thanks for the kind comments, good luck on your FAWM!

  • @shallowcarrot Feb 2

    @tseaver Thank you for welcoming me to FAWM 😁

  • @sheslin  Feb 2

    Thanks so much for listening and your your lovely comment!

  • @scubed  Feb 2

    Thanks very much for your kind comment on “Fall Gently”!

  • @sunnysays  Feb 2

    Thanks for reaching out best of luck on your Journey!

  • @haim  Feb 1

    Happy fawm!

  • @mmcafee Feb 1

    @tseaver Thank you for the welcome

  • @apolez3 Feb 1

    @tseaver that sounds sweet!.. have a sip for me.

  • @mightyq  Feb 1

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  • @shiveringgold Feb 1

    Thank you for the welcome! And happy FAWMing to you too!

  • @tuneslayer  Feb 1

    Thanks for the comment! Yeah I have parchment paper and a comb, maybe I can find a style for Band In A Box that features a piano with a mandolin bar to give it that rollockin' feel. But getting it posted is better than getting it perfect, at least for now.

  • @poedevie Feb 1

    Thanks for the welcome, @tseaver! Excited to be part of this community 😀

  • @hbusse  Feb 1

    Thanks for listening and commenting on Flutter! Encouraging to have people listening just a few hours after it was posted. Keeping an eye out for your first song... 😀

  • @gwyn1234  Feb 1

    Many thanks for the kind words...much appreciated!

  • @kenloveschopin Feb 1

    I would love to try the mandola! I write on the piano, guitar, uke, mandolin, guitar, or banjo. Picking my singing key range is the first thing I do!

  • @bradbrubaker  Feb 1

    Looking forward to this marimba tune you said you're working on.

  • @jacksonmarmalade Feb 1

    thank you for the welcome brother <3 good luck this month