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Leipzig DE   Jan 2018  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Neil Hannon (best songwriter ever, no joke), Belle & Sebastian, Cole Porter, Pulp and - as a Category of it's own: Songwriting teacher Pat Pattison.

2020 is my 3rd FAWM: Last year I wrote four and a half songs. One of them made it into my program, and I'm gonna record it soonish for my 1st EP.

My musical "career" started pretty late. I play Guitar, sing and write songs since eight years now. When I was a kid I begged my parents for not having to sing in the school choir. - Successfully.

Now I have a wonderful singing teacher who helps me to discover what I've missed. I live in Leipzig/Germany and play on open stages once a week, on song slams once a year and concerts on demand (which means 1ce a month atm). I accompany myself with Guitar and Loopstation and occasionally also with Hammered Dulcimer and Duduk.

How and that I make music at all, I owe to an estival singer/songwriter- workshop I attend for seven years in the north of Germany and it's lovely and thoughtful participants. Best place/time in the world.

I write mostly in German. But if I must I can write English lyrics, which I tend to translate to German later. I also enjoy translating my favorite Jazz (I am very happy with my versions of 'Nature boy', 'Insensatez', 'Whispering' and 'Everything happens to me') or Britpop songs (mostly Divine Comedy and Pulp) to German.


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  • @ustaknow Feb 2020

    Hey great forum topic, re: tricks.

    Leipzig aye... I wish I could find someone near or in Dettelbach that didn't hate Americans 😀 to check on an old family house. Geese, everyone over there seems to hate Americans, and CAN speak English. 😉 hahhh!

    Ahhh, anyway, I saw Leipzig and came to mind.

    I actually thought I had commented on you stuff, -- however, I may not have hit submit! I'll have another look now.

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 2020

    i am glad I could add som inspiration

  • @hummingbear  Jan 2020

    Happy to see you back, have great FAWM!

  • @kristian  Jan 2020

    Hey! Have a great FAWM! Haven’t been on the site until now so I didn’t see your msg in the forums to me.. ops! Anyways, I have 6 PO’s; the problem is using them I agree! I have to make an effort to say I’m just going to limit myself to them, but when I do.. I love the results! But it’s quite hard as it’s more easy to just switch on a synth

  • @tootoobee  Jan 2020

    Hi Torsten, have a great FAWM!
    I can't be active in the Coursera class at the moment 😞 we're moving these days and everything is complete chaos... I hope I get my recording equipment reinstalled by Feb. 1.