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  Jan 2015  

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Influences:   Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Emperor, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Arcana, Dead Can Dance, sci-fi and futuristic movies

A musician and software developer from Finnish Lapland, living in Southern Finland. Been playing guitar since 1997 and writing music since 2000.

For FAWM 2019, I'm planning to do a bit more electronic-influenced stuff, but still with plenty of guitars and experimentation 😀 Trying to come up with a couple of hard-hitting club hit thingies with some nasty twists 😀

All my FAWM songs (2015 - 2018) are available on Youtube with a simple video for each:

I have been fortunate enough to never have run into a writer's block, which is quite nice for this kind of a thing 😀 For my main band, I have written 100+ published songs (including the almost-ready new album), and about 20 more that are unpublished outtakes. Songwriting has always been my passion and it's always just as exciting to surprise even oneself!


2015 - My first year in FAWM, where I created 14 songs of crazy genre combinations and some songs in genres I've never tried before. I've been lucky to have 965 plays of the songs to date! Thanks all!

2016 - A bit more traditional and many of the songs ended up on the 8th full length Vortech album (still unreleased as of Feb 2018, but next in schedule!). There were also some different styles of songs here and there. 319 views on Youtube, where they were added a month after that FAWM ended. I guess the real count is around 1000.

2017 - I did a special themed FAWM where each song was written as a dystopian scifi "series" where each song followed the previous one in the theme and was very much a concept album. So far, a cool 1049 views!

2018 - Already my fourth time around - cool! Got my win and did mostly straightforward industrial metal, with the aim for the songs to be included in my future Vortech album. Also did a bunch of experimental things, like a futuristic film noir piece and some ambient/electronic stuff.

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